Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An argument against libertarianism

From "Trainspotter," a commenter at Occidental Dissent:
As I’ve previously mentioned on Occidental Dissent, I come from a libertarian background myself. I was very active in libertarianism during my college days. Very active.

Now, looking back on it all, I realize that I was in essence diverted from the real issues confronting our people into the false radicalism of libertarianism. Libertarianism is nothing more than a harmless safety valve, of no real threat to the system at all. These people (myself included, at one time) really thought that we were “against the system.” But, in truth, we didn’t challenge any of the most fundamental premises upon which the system is based, upon which the system draws its strength and power. In a sense, the libertarian movement is just a false flag operation.

Libertarianism has no beef with most of the fundamental forces that are destroying us. Miscegenation? That’s just great. Anti-miscegenation laws? Biggest horror since the Holocaust. MTV? Private, so fine and dandy. An anti-white media and academia, where the bastards work as a TEAM? Crickets chirping. Jewish perfidy? You’re a Nazithatwantstokillsixmillionjews! Massive Third World immigration? That’s great! Preservation of whites as a people? Kook! Protection of the white working class? No way, Jose.

Replacing entire peoples is perfectly justified if, at a particular moment in time, it makes economic sense to import mud serfs. The libertarian would have no problem wiping out a thousand year old culture if it meant greater profits for a few months. I am not engaging in hyperbole here.

I’ve known lots of these people, and that’s how they think. I also had a brief, but interesting, conversation with Ron Paul years ago. I’ll relate it at some point, and it will further demonstrate that these people simply can’t be trusted on immigration issues or racial preservation. And keep in mind, Paul is on the “right” of the libertarian spectrum. Can’t even depend on that segment, the segment of libertarianism far more favorable to us than most.

These people are utterly useless, and many of their positions are borderline insane. Of course, some of them would quibble with the above, perhaps pointing out “Well, at least you’d have freedom of association!”

To which I say, no you won’t! Can anyone seriously believe that a Third World Amerikwa is going to have freedom of association? And that’s one of the many contradictions of libertarianism: with no sense of the irony involved, they can’t even promote policies that would make libertarianism more likely. They are perfectly content to allow hordes of Third Worlders to come in, knowing full well that the muds are not libertarians, and are in fact far less libertarian than the white people they are replacing/displacing!

For example, Southern California used to be a hotbed of libertarianism. No more! The white libertarians who used to live there have been largely displaced by non-whites. And these non-whites are overwhelmingly in favor of fully funded taxpayer programs.

In other words, libertarianism isn’t even a sound enough organizing principle to preserve itself. If a purist libertarian state ever came into being (highly unlikely) it wouldn’t last a fortnight. The morons would allow unlimited immigration of non-white, non-libertarian immigrants. In their wacked out view, they would have no right to stop them. Besides, the non-whites would be great for the economy and there would be all sorts of “cultural enrichment” (libertarians don’t seem to consider their white daughters being raped to be a particularly pressing problem. Never once heard a libertarian address that point. Nope, diversity is our strength!

“But at least there wouldn’t be government welfare!” the libertarian proudly retorts. Yeah, Sparky, that’s great. We can then go to 95 percent non-white in three months instead of two. Great accomplishment, that. You guys are real fighters for liberty!

The brain dead libertarian founders would soon be submerged in a brown sea, and the new denizens would quickly reinstitute massive government programs.

Again, some libertarians would quibble with what I’ve written, but what I’ve described above is in fact the heart and soul of libertarianism.

And, EVEN IF freedom of association were reinstituted in a Third World Amerikwa (not gonna happen), it would still suck. Great, I get to have “freedom of association” as a tiny, marginalized minority in Brazil North. I won’t have a nation or a culture, my people will have no future, but I’ll be able to go to a whites only Ruritan Club once in awhile, where a few of the vanishingly small number of remaining whites occasionally hang out. That is, before they die out entirely.

That’s worth figthing for? You gotta be kidding me.
TabuLa Raza responds with this:
The Libertarian Case for Free Trade And Restricted Immigration
By Hans-Herman Hoppe
May 2001

“It is frequently maintained that “free trade” belongs to “free immigration” as “protectionism” does to “restricted immigration.” That is, the claim is made that while it is not impossible that someone might combine protectionism with free immigration, or free trade with restricted immigration, these positions are intellectually inconsistent, and thus erroneous. Hence, insofar as people seek to avoid errors, they should be the exception rather than the rule. The facts, to the extent that they have a bearing on the issue, appear to be consistent with this claim. As the 1996 Republican presidential primaries indicated, for instance, most professed free traders are advocates of relatively (even if not totally) free and non-discriminatory immigration policies, while most protectionists are proponents of highly restrictive and selective immigration policies.

Appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, I will argue that this thesis and its implicit claim are fundamentally mistaken. In particular, I will demonstrate that free trade and restricted immigration are not only perfectly consistent, but even mutually reinforcing policies. That is, it is not the advocates of free trade and restricted immigration who are wrong, but rather the proponents of free trade and free immigration. In thus taking the “intellectual guilt” out of the free-trade-and-restricted-immigration position and putting it where it actually belongs, I hope to promote a change in the present state of public opinion and facilitate substantial political realignment.”

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ancestry Research Websites

A member of a Scottish clan sent these links and notes along:
This free site supported by Do not use the search box at the top of the page, it is an ad that will take you to the non-free part of

The GenWeb Project

Also check out genealogical and historical societies, libraries, and universities; more and more documentation is coming online.

Former frontman of Jewish bank mafia

Alan Greenspan recommends nationalization of U.S. banks:
It may be necessary to temporarily nationalise some banks in order to facilitate a swift and orderly restructuring,” he said. “I understand that once in a hundred years this is what you do. ... Speaking to the FT ahead of a speech to the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday, Mr Greenspan said that “in some cases, the least bad solution is for the government to take temporary control” of troubled banks either through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or some other mechanism.
He is supported by a leading Republican:
“We should be focusing on what works,” Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator from South Carolina, told the FT. “We cannot keep pouring good money after bad.” He added, “If nationalisation is what works, then we should do it.”
Don't worry, we're in experienced hands.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Denglisch: When Languages Collide

Denglisch is the combination of Deutsch + Englisch. There are different varieties of Denglisch, as well as a mix called Dinglish. Hyde Flippo gives einen interessanten Bericht at about the humor and frustration of mixing these two languages.

Friday, December 7, 2012

An encouraging thought

"I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened."

"So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil. Bilbo was meant to find the Ring, in which case you also were meant to have it. And that is an encouraging thought."

Dum spiro, spero.
Dum, adv. of time : while, as long as.
spiro, spirare, spiravi, spiratum : I breath.
spero, sperare, speravi, speratum : I hope.

Why the schools are so awful

The schools are not bad because the good teachers have left, as too many armchair "conservatives" have proclaimed, as they soaked up their hourly dose of FauxNews propaganda and joined the cry for more spelunkers to crowd into the hollow depths of my bank account. No, the real cause-and-effect relation is: the good teachers have left because the schools are bad.

It is not poor teachers, poor buildings, poor execution of the edu-fad-of-the-month, or whatever the political hacks are telling us this semester in order to con more new tax and bond money out of us. It is the system itself that is rotten. It has been designed this way by liberal social engineers masquerading as "educators," working with government bureaucrats looking to grow their empires, aided and abetted by teachers and unions seeking power, and financed by billionaires greedy for ever greater profits, no matter the social cost. (See John Taylor Gatto's book, Underground History of Education, free online).

Our schooling system receives its legitimacy and emotional and voting support from the mushy brains of a public which holds the mob-mentality belief that the purpose of school is to make everyone the same. Id est, the problem is equalitarianism, the disastrously incorrect and easily disprovable belief that everyone should be equal, not merely in opportunity, but in all things, regardless of each person's true abilities or inclinations.

Richard Mitchell was at ground zero, as an English teacher at Glasboro State College, when the madness took hold, and has humorously reported his experiences with the wretched progeny of this New Deal cum Great Society experiment in his Underground Grammarian newsletters and in his wonderful books, Less Than Words Can Say, The Graves of Academe, The Leaning Tower of Babel, and The Gift of Fire, all available free online here.

Taki's Mag gives us an update on how this Progressive Marxist project (currently known as "No Child Left Behind") is progressing, Dumb is the New Smart -- The Perversion of Modern American Education.

The schools would improve if liberalism were destroyed. They would be even better if control were recovered from Washington, D.C and returned entirely to local school boards where they belong.

But thanks to a deeply held religious belief of most Westerners, designed by To Ponerov himself, neither of these things are likely to happen soon. To the few noble men and women out there: If you want any changes, you're going to have to make them yourself. Homeschool now, ask me how.

Sacha Baron Cohen stalks Ron Paul

A sick, twisted, typically anti-White, anti-American Hollywood Jew in action. Thanks to many decades of Jewish control of all Western media (and an army of Jewish propagandist hackers), Cohen will not only not be censured for this, he will be handsomely rewarded by the millions of retards who have grown used to this type of "cutting edge" humor.

The Germans burned thousands of books filled with this type of Jewish filth during their fight against the Bolshevik and bankster takeover, prior to WWII. I understand completely and sympathize. If only my fellow Americans had as much sense.

I finally saw Valkyrie last night

the 2008 movie with Tom Cruise. Not bad. As the producers may or may not have intended, I felt sorry for everyone in the film. What a tragedy the movie portrayed.

I felt sorry for Cruise's character and for his family. I felt sorry for all of the conspirators, not just because they were caught and executed, but because they believed that the Allies would show them mercy if they surrendered. Poor souls. They could not have known that the forces driving the East and the West had the German people marked for total destruction long ago, regardless.

I also felt sorry for those who were caught in the middle during the coup, not knowing on which side to come down. They couldn't have know that, even if they did survive the war, they would quickly fall under the merciless hand of the same parasitic bankster tribe they had just freed themselves from only a few years before. They couldn't have known -- as is so plain to us today -- that the Tribe would hound and disparage them and their descendants to the end of time, no matter their motives, guilt, or innocence.

I felt sorry for den Fuehrer, who -- in the final days of a losing battle against the rabid Communists in the east and their spiritual twin, the globo-capitalists of America and GB in the west -- looked so tired and worn out with worry over saving the Fatherland from the German's thoughtless, barbaric cousins.

I felt sorry for the millions of German people, trapped in a battle for their and their children's lives, in a situation they did not create, did not fully understand, and were powerless to change.

The Germans -- the last European tribes to holdout against decadent modernism; the creators and refiners of the highest culture the world had ever seen -- lost the war. And now as a direct consequence, all of Western Europe has fallen under the iron boot of Communism/Global Capitalism and is being covered by a thick, Mordor-like darkness and is being gassed by a race-destroying multicultural stench of third-world proportions, de-generated by that eternally God-damned tribe.

Anyone who understands the full meaning of it all (id est, anyone who has broken free from the dumb-downed, Talmud-vision version of Western history) cannot help but cry for Germany, to cry over the rape of Europa and all that has been plundered and destroyed. What has been unfolding is a tradegy of Homeric and Aeneid-ic proportions. No, it is worse. It is worse because it is happening to us now.

But there is always hope. A candle burns yet. Russia has managed to evict most of the "Russian oligarchs" and is busy cleansing itself of the mountains of filth they left behind. Perhaps we can do the same some day soon.

With that hope in mind, I raise my horn to traditional Germany and give this toast, this prayer: may she be born again and lead Europe and faithful Europeans everywhere to a new beginning, based on re-discovered truth, honor, family, and tradition. Prost. Gruesse.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Lady of Shallott

by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
On either side the river lie
Long fields of barley and of rye,
That clothe the wold and meet the sky;
And thro' the field the road runs by
To many-tower'd Camelot;
And up and down the people go,
Gazing where the lilies blow
Round an island there below,
The island of Shalott. more >>
Not really one for poetry, but this one really grabs me.

Judaic Paganism

No one can distort eternal beauty and truth more spectacularly than the faithful followers of the King of Lies. No one can resurrect ancient death, ugliness and insanity better.

If you have wondered how deep the depravity of Man can become when severed from the natural world and love of reality, look at the growing fascination with organized evil in our culture factories, some of which has been chronicled at Vigilant Citizen. Read especially all of the articles about Lady Gaga and the Music industry. You must see all of these videos. As a normal person, if you watch only one or two you will probably be so stunned and turned off by the weirdness of it all that you will dismiss it as merely kooky or odd and miss the patterns, and completely miss the big picture.

The issue here is not random, shocking images meant to sell CD's and DVD's and commercials. I am drawing your attention to deliberate, organized, institutionalized evil with a sinister global agenda, coming from the main engine of popular culture.

As you watch, think about how many children are being exposed to this every day. Remember that our children are searching these kinds of videos for meaning regularly. Remember that to these newly arrived people with little experience and poor judgement, This is normal, this is the behavior and belief system to emulate, this is what it's all about.

Then look at the "Sinister Sites" article about the Cathedral of St. John the Devine, a relatively new temple of darkness in America wherein the globalist religion thrives and its spores waft out into the popular culture.

If you're not upset by the growing evil in our popular culture, you're simply not understanding what you are seeing. You are so immersed in filth that you do not see it. You are like the poor fish which does not notice the water in which he lives. Step back. Do a thorough and honest comparison of TV and radio in the 1950's and 1960's compared to that of today. What a shocking difference from what was normal then to normal now, all in less than one lifetime.

Personally, I had always thought that some of the scenes meant to illustrate evil in Das Buch were outlandish. People could never become that twisted, I thought in my proud ignorance. I thought in smirking silence to my Sunday school teachers, That's crazy. Those stupid monks must have gotten the translations wrong.

And I had always been told that there exists evil so unbelievably shocking and hideous that I could not imagine it. Pshaw, ri-i-ight, I thought. I've got a great imagination, no way you're gonna freak me out, bring it on. I was wrong. The more I look into the entertainment industry and the history of education and religion (which are the histories of power itself), the more I realize that there are many influential people with even "better" imaginations, much darker and more messed up than I ever could have dreamed. Worse, they are in total control of the popular culture and they are actively pushing this ancient disease on my children and on my people.

Evil is real. When you pray to be delivered from To Ponayro, be sure to include the article. If you use the English or the Latin, be sure to capitalize the word. Know that it exists, that it is real, not just metaphoric, not just another adjective. Once again, Sauron's power is growing and is now taking physical form, but this time in the West. When you see paintings of knights of old standing in front of a fire-breathing dragon -- just standing there, ready to die to defeat it -- realize the eternal truth and real-world heroism this image represents.

Question for you: Are you still paying several hundreds dollars a year to have this bilge pumped into your home?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Left's next move

Liberals are always running verbals circles around conservatives. After the entire RedTeam Faithful had been trained by "conservative" talk show hosts to chant, "We have no objection to them coming here; we just want them to be legal," they should've realized they had been tricked. But no.

They were genuinely surprised when the traitors in Congress and the White House (led by G.W. Bush and his neo-cons) subsequently tried to pass amnesty and open borders legislation. I cannot forgive anyone who deliberately tries to destroy my country from within, but it is easy for me to see how many congressmen received the initial impression that amnesty was indeed what voters wanted.

As to amnesty, although our government and international business lobbyists were stopped by voters in fact, they won in practice: almost all of the foreigners in question are still here, still enjoying free everything at American expense, still voting, still multiplying like rats, and millions more are still pouring in. Whites -- the people who built this country and were a 95% majority up just a few years ago -- will now be a minority in the U.S. by 2020. Mexicans are likely to be the majority by mid-century. Racial miscegenation is exploding, especially in the big cities. Whites have already lost the war for majority status; it's a done deal, thanks to leaders of open borders.

The biggest problem Whites have is that they don't even know they've been in a war, that they've been conquered numerically, without a military shot being fired.

Now, the Left's next trick will be to admit that multiculturalism hasn't worked. Conservatives, good-hearted simpletons that they are, will fall for this one, too, and starved for any victory at all will tell one another, "Aha! Those silly liberals finally get it! We've won! See, Honey? The truth always wins out in the end, the pendulum always swings back, blah, blah, blah."

But the Left's true meaning will be that multiculturalism doesn't work because peoples and different cultures still remain largely intact, separated from one another. Karl Marx's dream of a nationless, borderless world without real families has not yet been completely realized. Multiculturalism has done its job and will be abandoned in favor of a better meme with which to break down Whites' resistance assimilation.

And business is still inefficient, having to make so many options for the different ethnicities. The "conservatives" on talk radio and TV will continue to demand less regulation and still more international trade, and will make economic arguments in favor of trading our national assets on the open world market.

These globalists will increase their race-mixing pressure, just as they are doing now, only more forcefully and openly. Innocent Whites will increasingly be convicted for "racism," "anti-Semitism," and "Holocaust(TM) denial." As the non-Whites advance, they will become bolder. Witness Rhodesia and South Africa.

The Left will re-define "White" to include light-skinned Asians and Hispanics. Most conservatives, always looking for a fairy tale and ready to roll over lest they be seen as rude or socially unacceptable to their friends, will ignore their children and their ancestors and will remain silent and accept this new definition. Radio talk shows, Christian preachers, and most other business people will begin using the new definition straight away.

But racially-conscious Whites will retreat and regroup, saying little, but filling with rage. We might once more see the "poor, innocent chosen ones, eternally persecuted for no reason at all," ejected from still yet another country, on a growing list of countries. For no reason at all, natürlich.

The "Hate Crimes" bill

Kevin MacDonald explains the tribe behind it and its motivations. Dozens of good links in the article, perfect for sending out to your unawakened friends and relatives.

Monday, December 3, 2012

About those fake bars

allegedly with crispy tungsten centers, wrapped in soft golden shells. Comments from Alex Stanczyk of Rapid Trends is also skeptical.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

On Alphas, Betas, and "Game"

Somone had asked me about this a few days ago. I knew nothing about it, but it seemed like such an immature, shallow way of looking at the world, not worthy of serious attention, that I placed it at the bottom of my stack. I misjudged its appeal -- it seems to be very popular. The Liberal rot is much deeper than I had suspected.

Fortunately, Larry Auster and pals have taken time to investigate and expose this schoolyard, Roissy libertinism for what it is: the natural outcome of Liberalism run amok. Here is an excellent post from a reader in this thread:
In a preceding post, "Bio-cons versus social cons," you (Larry Auster) wrote:
This is the way liberals argue who seek to make any conservatism disappear; and the bio-cons at In Mala Fide, by showing total contempt for social conservatism, show that they, too, want conservatism to disappear and thus they show what side they're really on. The Roissy-ites accept the total rule of liberalism, including rampant female promiscuity, and seek to operate within it, rather than offer a countervision of man and society.
It seems very likely to me that the whole package displayed here--the contempt for social conservatives, the obsession with "game" and female psychology, the insistence on seeing rampant female promiscuity as the ultimate cause, not a proximate manifestation, of our woes--is a coward's excuse for avoiding the fight that matters, which is always and everywhere a fight among men for the civilizational ethos that will prevail. Thus the feverish clinging to the belief that they are nothing more than helpless victims of female choice. But women are followers, not leaders, even in feminized societies like ours--they tend to adopt what they perceive to be the approved views of the ruling men. It's ironic that some self-described "biological realists," at least those who appear to have some spark of social interest beyond getting laid, seem to be waiting around for the ladies to start using their inherent female leadership abilities, ha, to turn things around. Women do not make or dictate culture in any ultimate sense. Sure, they choose--but they choose after men have settled the order of things amongst themselves.

Easier to sit around trading tips on how to get one over on, get back at (and how deeply feminized is that attitude?) some confused, de-cultured young woman in a bar somewhere. Organizing and fighting those actual "alpha males" further up the food chain, who benefit from PC, AA, feminism, etc., who are selling out our country, our future, our civilization from under us--now that's dangerous and frightening, with a terrible probability of defeat. And as you suggest, they do not really want to fight "liberalism," despite all their posturing, because they share the flaccid libertarian dependence on cultural junk food. They exist in an impotent state of wanting conservatism and "wanting conservatism to disappear". They adamantly defend their right to perpetual habitation in the '60s funhouse, yet expect women to "lead the way" and behave themselves: the castrate's cry for mommy. But these harem eunuchs, who fancy themselves such hard-eyed realists--and who defensively respond by accusing you of being some fluffy idealist who can't handle the tough truths they revel in--have long since conceded the fight. The "Roissy-ites" flatter themselves that they are "taking back their manhood" in reaction to a feminized, degenerate society. But in reality they are its polished, finished product.
The manly way to save women, family, and society is for men to be real Western men, not to "get back at" liberal women, and not to exploit and degrade them further than Liberalism already has.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Harrisburg, PA Tea Party

Video of demonstration held on March 7th. Blog entry at Politeia (Cassandra).

Montana's Sound Money Bill

by Karen de Coster.

Here is Secessionist Paper No. 19.

Just say "No" to the Federal Government. It is time to give all our time and our money to our families, communities and Church, counties, and states -- in that order. Be of good cheer when you realize that revolution against big government is American patriotism in action. Let's have fun taking this monster apart. And let us remember one of the main things we demand is the right to free association -- no more multicult, busing, or forced integration of any kind.

The Church Fathers on Talmudic Judaism

by Jay Dyer:
Cowardly academic Christians, Novus Ordo Talmudists and phony evangelicals email me all the time and are horrified at what they perceive as my “hateful” attitude towards “Jews,” who are supposedly still God’s chosen and the equivalent of King David and Moses. Nothing could be further from the truth. Modern Judaism is not the ”religion of the Old Testament,” but a false, superstitious, Talmudic sham that has tremendous influence and power and must be opposed by any who call themselves honsetly a Christian. This is part of the reason I am all but done with the papacy and the Novus Ordo’s worship of Talmudism. And don’t believe the hype – according to Rabbi Jacob Neusner, Talmudism is normative and authoritative for Orthodox Judaism, even more so than the Torah. So if you want to know what I believe, I believe ...
more >>

Jew worshippers especially should also read:
What Does the Talmud Say About Christ & Christians?, by Elizabeth Dilling

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

John McAmnesty

... is also a gun-grabber, De-Lux. How bad is he? He received an F minus on his Gun Owners of America report card in 2004, 2006, and 2007.

More from

Yah, he's a real Maverick, alright.

McAmnesty is just as bad as Obama Hussein; there is no significant difference between them at all, there is no lesser of two weevils here. Stop listening to the RedTeam-BlueTeam liars and fools in the MSM. Both prez. candidates are big-government Marxists. Biden is just another liberal political hack and Palin is a feminist in way over her head.

Your Congress -- Republicrats and Dempublicans both -- voted for the banker bailout, for amnesty (all the illegals are still here with full citizenship privileges), and for more and more government, despite your angry protests. They are not "out of touch"; they know what Middle America thinks, they simply do not care. Worse, in the case of the hard-line Marxists, which seems to be at least 50% of them, they actively hate us.

America, change will not come through politics. People tend to get the government they deserve. You will first have to change yourselves, your family, and your community at the most basic (spiritual and moral)level. You must pull away from the current system: cut off your TV subscriptions, start bartering among friends and neighbors, homeschool your children, educate yourself, become more involved with your family. We are leaderless, it's up to us, each and every one.

Remembering Israel's Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty

Articles at The Ugly Truth.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who is Jane Harman

the spy posing as merely another slimy, traitorous Democratic representative from California, and was caught conspiring with the ultra-powerful foreign government spy agency AIPAC against America? Surprise.

And what will happen to her? Nichts, natuerlich. The Steins, the Goldmans, the Silvers, and the Cohens will intervene and explain to us unsophisticates in "fly-over country" that it was all some great big misunderstanding. Should any of us stupid goyim object (an unlikely contingency, one surmises, given the spineless propensities of our so-called leaders), they will ask rhetorically but firmly, "What are youse guys, anyways, a bunch of anti-Semites?"

(Sigh.) S.O.S., same old lies from the same old twisted tribe of control freaks. (yawn)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Priceless Memorabilia

Banksters Greenspan, Rubin, and Summers pose for a mug shot in 1999:

And this is a shame, too: A share of Jew York Times stock (NYT) is less than the price of its Sunday newspaper. Hee, hee.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Great dates to celebrate

From the Asatru Folk Assembly Update, sent out monthly to all members:

October 8 - Day of Remembrance for Erik the Red. Erik was the stouthearted father of Leif Erikson, and a dedicated follower of Thor. Hot-headed and clever, Erik made his mark on history by organizing the Viking settlement of Greenland. Raise a toast to this rascal, or read from his saga, in honor of his intrepid spirit.

October 9 - Leif Erikson Day. This holiday was first officially proclaimed by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965. Remind your friends of the Norse colonization of North America more than a thousand years ago!

October 11 - Winter Nights. This is the time we honor the Disir, conceived of as the female ancestors of our family lines. The Disir look on from the Otherworld, with loving concern for us, their descendants. Pour them a libation on the chilling autumn earth, and think on the wise and powerful women whose blood flows in your veins.
You can read most of the AFA Update online here. I could not find the Calendar there, though.

British Prime Minister hails Ramadan

No wonder Great Britain is being taken over, with "leaders" like Gordon Brown flinging the gates wide open.

They shoot traitors, don't they? In any case, shooting would be too good for this piece of human garbage.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lessons From The Wizard Of Oz

from The Web of Debt, by Ellen Hodgson Brown, Chapter One at News From the West. I think this paragraph from William Jennings Bryant is crucial to understanding his position about gold and government money, and his famous "cross of gold" statement:
We say in our platform that we believe that the right to coin money and issue money is a function of government. . . . Those who are opposed to this proposition tell us that the issue of paper money is a function of the bank and that the government ought to go out of the banking business. I stand with Jefferson . . . and tell them, as he did, that the issue of money is a function of the government and that the banks should go out of the governing business. . . . [W]hen we have restored the money of the Constitution, all other necessary reforms will be possible, and . . . until that is done there is no reform that can be accomplished.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Dear European Man, have no doubt that your imagined crimes will ever be forgotten -- much less forgiven -- by the ultra-powerful Tribe. Just as they did to 10's of millions of innocent Christians in the former USSR, so they fantasize doing to you.

Vladimir Putin has not forgotten these eternal hate-mongers, as his purge of the "Russian oligarchs" seems to show. But the Tribe of Satan's Sons will never voluntarily let go a host until every drop of blood has been sucked from him and his lifeless body has been thoroughly desecrated; they still lust for revenge of the Bolshevik type.

The bankster bailout is not over, not by a long shot. They have most of the power and most all the loot, but they will want more; they always do. Therefore a new offensive move -- a coordinated move by East & West -- will be required to remove these vicious parasites from European lands -- once and for all.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Watch out for the Judge

Here come the Judge -- Andy Napolitano, that is. I've been hearing him on the airwaves alot recently, pushing his latest book. If his promos are indication it is simply more anti-White Quatsch, packed to the margins with lies, half-truths, and one-sided arguments, all designed to produce even more undeserved White guilt and induce Whites to capitulate even further to "minority" demands that they ignore and give up their entire heritage, their very beings, to the savages and mix blindly and unconditionally with them.

And he does it all in the name of fighting egalitarianism. How patriotic.

What a difference an article would make

On the Edge with Max Keiser, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Prosecute the banksters, yes. But, "human rights" abuses? Is that really necessary?

When you watch these videos, think about this: The Fed, Goldman Sachs, et alia, are "the" market now. But what if they were only "a" market? What if these entities had to compete fairly within THE Market, meaning the free exchange of goods and services of truly free peoples? Just a hypothetical.

Max's hypnotist idea is a good one. He should, however, recommend that we instead remove the existing hypnotist from the Americans' minds: mass TV and radio broadcasts.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The government

is going bankrupt at light speed, our school test scores are falling and our drop-out rates are Mexicannily high. Schools more and more follow the whims of Marxist-leaning bureaucrats hundreds of miles away in the District of Criminals instead of making their own local decisions about curricula, libraries, fund-rasing, spending, and daily activities.

In response to this escalating crisis, Congress has helpfully sprung into action once more. In a move sure to surprise grassroots activitists around the country, it has announced it is increasing regulation and spending. The Eagle Reporter has the astonishing story about the latest brilliant addition to George Bush's successful No Child Left Behind program.

Obviously, the government wants everyone to homeschool.

On the plus side, more of us -- perhaps twice as many as 10 years ago -- are studying Latin and sitting for national exams.

Here is how homeschoolers do on standardized tests. Optime!

Happy Thanksgiving from me and from that lovable Incog Man.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Debunking the Holocaust cult

Speak On, Bishop Williamson, by Michael Hoffman :
There is a rather startling hue and cry for the head of Bishop Richard Williamson, the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) bishop who doubts the existence of execution gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau, and whose excommunication, along with that of his three brother bishops, has been lifted by Pope Benedict XVI.

Extraordinary misrepresentations amounting to false witness have been made against this bishop and World War II revisionists in general. Ignorant persons who have never read a revisionist text have concocted wild fantasies about the character of revisionists and what they believe. more >>
Related: Germar Rudolf, Lectures on the Holocaust.

Hatefacts of the Hollowcost, from SpiritWaterBlood.

Jewish Studies :

Judaism Discovered, by Michael Hoffman.

The Culture of Critique, by Kevin MacDonald, and MacDonald's weblog with book excerpts and articles.

Kinism is traditionalism

From Protestantism, Immanence, and the Equality Project, at Against the Robots weblog:
Race is both biological and historical, and the Church's recent rejection of race has been its rejection also, therefore, of history. In this it is both a party to the creation and a sufferer of the unforeseen fruit of political radicalism, and democratic egalitarianism –fruit that is not sprung from the logical necessities of Protestant dogma per se, but the enslavement of those precepts to the political presuppositions of the age. Kinism is conceived, therefore, as a counterrevolutionary movement, which rejects the god of the National Convention for the God of Scripture, in whose leaves are inscribed the laws of freedom, for a lawless liberty is but the tyranny of the many over the few, if they exercise real power, and the few over the many, if they are oppressed by a mental serfdom.

Monday, October 8, 2012

An excellent ghost story.

El Orphanato (The Orphanage).

Greek Test

ἔστι δὲ καὶ Ἀρταξέρξου βασίλεια ἐν Κελαιναῖς ἐρυμνὰ ἐπὶ ταῖς πηγαῖς τοῦ Μαρσύου ποταμοῦ · ῥεῖ δὲ καὶ οὗτος διὰ Κελαινῶν.
ένταῦθα μένει Κῦρος ἡμέρας τριάκοντα · καὶ ἧκε Κλέαρχος ἔχων ὀπλίτας χιλίους καὶ πελταστὰς καὶ τοξότας. ἅμα δὲ καὶ Σοφαίνετος παρ-ῆν ἔχων ὁπλίτας χιλίους. καὶ ἐνταῦθα Κῦρος ἀριθμὸν τῶν Ἑλληνικῶν στρατιωτῶν ἐποίησεν ἐν τῷ παραδείσῳ, καὶ ἦσαν ὁπλῖται μὲν μύριοι καὶ χίλιοι, πελτασταὶ δὲ δισχίλιοι.

I think you need the Palatino Linotype font on your machine to see this. Do you see all Greek characters, or something else?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

TSA destroys great pianist's piano

because it -- and I'm not making this up -- it "smelled funny." America has, without a doubt, some of the meanest and stupidest people on the planet in charge of "security." Kyrstian Zimerman, the great Polish pianist and owner of the piano WMD, told an audience at Walt Disney Concert Hall what he thought about America's idiotic, barbaric government.

I think I'm going to buy a couple of his CD's.

Credibility and fighting the mysterious "they"

Eric Hufschmid makes an important point about fighting crime and the New World Order -- namely, we must become more specific about who did what specific crime:
The point I'm trying to make is that when somebody tells you that the New World Order is responsible for these crimes, he's telling you nothing. When I tell you that the Zionists are responsible, I'm identifying real people, with names and addresses.

In order to hold onto some credibility, the 9/11 researchers, such as the Scholars For 9/11 Truth and Alex Jones, have been pressured into identifying some of the people who control the mysterious New World Order. They usually select David Rockefeller, who is currently 92 years old, as well as George Bush and Dick Cheney. ... We're not going to improve the world by arresting David Rockefeller or Dick Cheney. ... This organization is collecting money to stop this North American Union. [The John Birch Society's] goal is to pass out a million copies of their magazine to influential people in order to educate them about this corruption. But how can you educate somebody when you refer to the people behind a crime as "technocrats" or "elites"?
Very good point. And EF condemns Alex Jones, Rense, the JBS and others who promote the idea that the illuminati, the elites, Freemasonry, or Skull and Bones -type groups are responsible for the New World Order. To help prove his case that Jones and Rense are not serious about the truth he also cites their continued support for UFO discussion.

I don't think that that is the entire picture but what he says here makes sense. I mean, why would someone do something so weird and irrevelant unless his entire operation was at best an upgraded, serious version of Weekly World News (an Onion predecessor), at worst a misinformation site covering for a real criminal network? So far I understand EF.

But then he does something very strange. He inserts his belief that the Apollo moon landings were faked. Now, even if they were, 99+% of the people on the planet believe they were real. And any road, who cares? Odd, indeed. EF surely knows that this completely irrevelant issue does to his credibility what UFO and chemtrail articles do for Rense and Jones. So, why bring it up at all? Does he want the conversation to go like this:
Me: Eric Hufschmid says that Jews were responsible for 9-11.
My (soon-to-be-ex) friend: Oh, Eric Hufschmid? Isn't he the guy that says the moon landings were faked?
Me: Ah, ya, well, uh, never mind that. EF says that 9-11 was ...
My friend, quickly jerking up his wrist and dropping his head: Oh, my, is that the time? I've got to see my bank manager at 4:00. Tickety tog, good luck, take care. Let me know if you see any Jewish UFO's.
I really don't know. I will still give him the benefit of the doubt, for nobody is perfect; all of us have blind spots. Perhaps he simply doesn't understand how big his is. Or perhaps he doesn't want to, just as Larry Auster exempts his own tribe from his "Laws of Majority-Minority Relations."

The "Russian" oligarchs

Incogman has a most interesting exposé, here.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Libertarian" Mike Whitney

advises more regulation, government agencies, and suggests the federal government come up with a plan for public education (a.k.a., propaganda) to avoid panic :
The markets need to be re-regulated now to restore credibility. But the Fed should looking for ways to create an emergency National Bank, which operates like a public utility, so that credit can be made available to businesses and consumers who need it now and pass drug test. The Treasury should also be working with Congress on a plan for public education to forestall a panic as well as recommendations for stimulus to soften the economic hard landing just ahead.
The "trickle down" Voodoo economic model was destined to fail because it was built on a fiction. Prosperity is not possible without the equitable distribution of wealth and fair worker compensation. As the financial crisis continues to ripple through the global economy through 2009 and 2010; the focus should be on creating a system that is sustainable, which means that the needs of workers should precede those of Wall Street and sell detox kits.
How innovative. Pass a urine drug test or other test. Whitney seems about as libertarian as our talk-show hosts are conservative.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Caius Sallustius Crispus

classed as one of the Neoplatonists, On the Gods and the World:
It is impious to suppose that the divine is affected for good or ill by human things. The Gods are always good and always do good and never harm, being always in the same state and like themselves. The truth simply is that, when we are good, we are joined to the Gods by our likeness to live according to virtue we cling to the Gods, and when we become evil we make the Gods our enemies - not because they are angered against us, but because our sins prevent the light of the Gods from shining upon us, and put us in communion with spirits of punishment. And if by prayers and sacrifices we find forgiveness of sins, we do not appease or change the Gods, but by what we do and by our turning toward the divine we heal our own badness and so enjoy again the goodness of the Gods. To say that god turns away from the evil is like saying that the sun hides himself from the blind.
One can see clearly that the Gods of Sallustius are coldly impersonal, indistinguishable from universal forces such as gravity. This squares with the charge I have often heard about the Neoplatonists: that they are concerned only with reason and dialectic, and are dismissive of -- even hostile to -- faith, feeling, rhetoric, and mythology. They seem to be unaware that facts do not constitute the whole truth. It's no wonder that Sallustius was of little help to Julian in restoring worship of the old Gods.

I have been unable to locate the original text.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The walls are crumbling fast now

James Edwards' most recent seven or eight stories about gays and country music are ausgezeichnet -- excellent, that is, if you are ready to see how fast your civilization is disintegrating.

And Alan Keyes, certified RedTeam psycho, warns of a terrorist attack by the BlueTeam. Wait a minute. The RedTeam told us only a few months ago that talk like that was completely crazy and proved that we need the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security (sic) to protect Americans from those kooky Ron Paul Constitutionalists and other extremists.

I gotta tell you, Mensch, I'm scratching here. These can't be our leaders. They just can't be.

Jacob: This isn't happening.

Doctor: What *is* happening?

Jacob: Get me out of here.

Doctor: There is no out of here. You put the Jews in charge, began worshipping diversity, the economy, and Israel ueber alles, set up Homeland Security and gave the Executive full and complete dictatorial powers. Don't you remember?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Security cells

explained by John Lee Barnes. If you are aware of how rapidly the Marxist, anti-Western, anti-White forces are growing you will readily appreciate his advice.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

John Dewey, modern schooling, and Adler's Great Books

An interview with Mortimer Adler on the Dick Cavett show here. Adler was the second editor of the Great Books of the Western World (GBWW) set of books. (The first editor was Robert Maynard Hutchins.) In this interview -- part one is a real snoozer, by the way -- Adler suggests that John Dewey, one of the fathers of modern schooling, was a crank. Disappointing me, he does not explain why.

John Taylor Gatto is also critical of Dewey but he, too, in his book, The Underground History of Education, fails to give Dewey the thrashing he deserves. Gatto, being an egalitarian, instead lays the blame for the disaster that is modern schooling primarily on the Puritans, the Prussians, and the 19th century industrialists.

Refreshingly, English professor Richard Mitchell explains Dewey's warped view of the mind and chronicles the results in his amusing books about learning, schooling, and education. Richard Weaver also explains what was wrong with Dewey's methods in his insightful book, Visions of Order, in the chapter, Gnostics of Education.

Here are reading assignments from the Adler GBWW set, spread over only 10 years, along with many other related links.

Adler says that philosophy, unlike medicine, law, or engineering, should be everybody's business. He advises the self-taught man :
My second bit of advice to autodidacts is short and sweet. To the question: what should autodidacts do? The answer is: Read and discuss. Not just read, for reading without discussion with others who have read the same book is not nearly as profitable as it should be for the mind and its effort to understand what has been read. (Solitary reading is as horrible as solitary drinking.)

As reading without discussion can fail to yield the full measure of understanding that should be sought, discussion without the substance for discussion that good and great books afford, is likely to degenerate into dinner-party chit-chat or little more than an exchange of opinions and personal prejudices.

Autodidacts who read, year after year, the great books of history, philosophy, and poetry, and discuss them with their peers, are on the road to becoming generally educated persons before they die, and to have lives that are enriched by a lifetime of learning.
Bene dictum, sed caveat emptor. Some of the Great Books programs, such as the famous one at St. John's College, are more effective at deconstructing the West rather than learning from it or nurturing it. Even Adler himself, like Socrates, insists that, Nothing that is capable of being discussed should be out of the schools. Adler was blinded by his love of learning to the truth that Socrates was guilty as charged and received his just reward.

Many lovers of great books, such as Mortimer Adler and Allan Bloom should be avoided. Adler was, whether he intended to be or not, a Western deconstructionist. His favorite tactic was to provoke people by being a Marxist apologist and then denying that he was one. Bloom is a neo-platonist, a favorite of the neo-cons and similar leftists who love to hate the West. Leaning on the understanding of men such as these is like depending on Dr. Kevorkian to fill your doctor's prescription.

Tampering with a text is bad enough (Reader's Digest regularly alters great works of literature) but readers, especially young and unguided readers, must be careful not to ingest the poison contained in the introductions and footnotes to these great works such as are to be found in the Penguin and Loebs series of classical reprints. To be on the safe side (and save hours of valuable time), just skip over the introductions and get right to the original text.

Why Jews support Black causes

Brother Nathan interviews Kevin MacDonald, here

I highly recommend ordering the book cited in the article, The Culture of Critique.   It is a scholarly and well-documented treatment of the history of Jewish movements and how they have worked systematically, indefatigably, and implacably over the last several decades to "deconstruct" Christendom and destroy all nations.  As a testament to the work's truthfulness and accuracy, the best rebuttal by dozens of Jewish hate groups has been to call MacDonald an "anti-Semite" and try to silence him.

In short, the book gives specifics on how the eternal merchant class -- a.k.a., the international money changers -- rose to power and how they keep its host Western nations weak, using occultism, mysticism, and racial tension, all the while guaranteeing obscene profits for its members. In other words, MacDonald shows the tactics and strategies in the eternal story of war and conquest as played out in modern times.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Minority Whites

meet your new masters. Who will rule when Whites are the minority in a few short years in our own country? The same tribe as rules now, only more so:
To a very great extent, Jews and other non-Russians ruled over the Russian people, with disastrous consequences for the Russians and other ethnic groups that were not able to become part of the power structure. Jews formed a hostile elite within this power structure — as they will in the future white-minority America; Jews were “Stalin’s willing executioners.”
The difference from the Soviet Union may well be that in white-minority America it will not be workers and Israelites who are favored, but non-whites and Israelites. Whites may dream that they are entering the post-racial utopia imagined by their erstwhile intellectual superiors. But it is quite possible that they are entering into a racial dystopia of unimaginable cruelty in which whites will be systematically excluded in favor of the new elites recruited from the soon-to-be majority. It's happened before. more >>

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The First Day of Yuletide

From the Asatru Folk Assembly:
The holy season begins. The big challenge is to stop the commercial
feeding frenzy, and to feed our souls instead.

Try to break the cultural (anti-cultural?) trance today. Remember who
you are: a person connected to the ancestors…to kin…to descendants…to
the Holy Powers…to the natural world.

Light a candle tonight, for the practice of Industriousness.

But you've been industrious.

Right now it is time to do something else, to reap the rewards of your industriousness. Stop the action. Take a break. Go look at the stars or listen to the rain fall or feel the warmth of the fire or touch someone.

Thus begins this Yuletide.

Happy Mother's Night,
Steve and Sheila

I am a true conservative

not a wimpy White liberal who goes out of his way to elect black, brown, yellow, and Jewish leadership as cover against charges of "racism." (Here is a great example of what that gutless stance will get you, RNC Chairman Praises ACORN).

I therefore will do what most of the rest of the "conservative" blogosphere will not. I will pass this along from James Edwards, Another Spy for Israel Arrested:
A leading US scientist who has worked for the White House and NASA made a first appearance in court Tuesday charged with attempting to spy for Israel, which could earn him a sentence of life in prison.

Stewart Nozette, 52, was arrested Monday after a sting operation involving an undercover FBI agent posing as an Israeli agent, the Department of Justice said, adding that there was no wrongdoing by Israel. more >>
Any American who would not report on this and not condemn these spies nor condemn the outrageous power of the Jewish/Israeli lobby in America is a coward and a traitor, pure and simple. Either you believe that Whites -- your own children and grandchildren -- should be able to rule themselves in their own nation without outside interference, just as you allow for every other race, or you are a bed-wetting, Marxist, liberal piece of multi-culti globotrash. There is no middle ground.

You who will not fight back against the invading foreigners, who want to buy peace at any cost, who knowlingly send your children to the Marxist indoctrination centers called schools, who will not unplug your children from the degraded filth on the Talmudvision, who "love immigrants but just want them to be legal," who send your children to die for Israel, who are afraid to be called "racists" or "anti-Semites" for any reason at all -- it is you who are bringing about our destruction. You are unthinking fools if you believe that being nice to the aggressors means they will be nice to you once you are in the minority. That fantasy never was in history, nor will it be. Only liberal Whites could delude themselves into believing it.

You cowards who dodge and bend the truth because you are afraid of argument or conflict are the enemies of real conservatism. You will have no protectors after you have finally given away everything our ancestors built and fought for. Even your own children whom you have forsaken will not be able to protect you. And they may not want to. For you loved your liberal abstractions of Marxist, materialist, global harmony more than you loved the truth and your own children. You purposely denied them what you gave so pompously and self-righteously to the Other.

I am endeavoring to conserve what I inherited (pre-Jew 1960's takeover). I am endeavoring to conserve my family, my nation, my country, and our way of life, just as I was taught to do by my elders. But you feckless, phony conservatives fight me and my merry band of true conservatives at every turn.

Who and what are the Jews?

Why are they so liberal, destructive, corrosive and revolutionary?  Is the Jewish notion of descent from Moses true?  What's wrong with Judeo-Christianity?  Why do pornography, abortion clinics and other anti-family activities blossom wherever Jews are allowed to run amuck?  The December 30 UglyTruth podcast gives answers to these hot topics and many more.  Includes a couple of predictions devoutly to be wished.  Highly recommended.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Study of a money-changer

Listen here to Bernard L. Madoff feeding financial lies and mumbo-jumbo to a gullible audience of admirers. He claims that there is too much financial regulation, and that this is something the [stupid goyim] "just don't understand." Id est, "Trust us." Watch how confident he is spinning his web and how easily the lies come to him. Amazing at first, but understandable once one considers his culture.

In this clip of the same conference, Madoff says, "I'm very close with the regulators -- as a matter of fact, my niece just married one!" Ironically, his sycophants sympathize with him.

Despite many, many alerts and obvious signs of fraud, to include very detailed documentation from an insider, regulators never found any irregularities. These would be the same regulators who see no problem with handing over trillions to Paulson and his tribe of quick-change artists, no questions answered, but intensely grill our auto industry execs over a relatively measly $17 billion (less than 1%).

And the sacking of the Treasury by this perfidious tribe continues, with approval from both the RedTeam and the BlueTeam cheerleaders and the foreign-controlled MSM.

Sarkozy, Merkel praise Obama's G20 role

"Everybody Loves Barack"? What a crock of steaming, putrid excrement from Tom Bemis and MarketWatch.
LONDON (MarketWatch) -- They may have frustrated his plans for boosting global stimulus spending, but both French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were careful to praise President Barack Obama's role in Thursday's economic summit.
Both credited the new U.S. president with helping to break a banking-secrecy logjam over tax havens and the release of a blacklist of non-compliant jurisdictions.
Oh, ya, Mr. O-Token-Banana -- Mr. Bailout Trillion$, the Stalin wannabe, Commander of General Motors, Mr. anti-White, Hector Camacho, Black-Liberation-Theology his own bad self -- is really breaking the choke-hold the big banks have us in. Damn straight, you betcha, he's fighting for the taxpayer, really breaking the secrecy of where all the money is going. Not. Tom, all that really means is that the banks are going to cooperate with each other in locating more loot to steal. Idiot.
"President Obama really found the consensus," Sarkozy told reporters after the meeting. "He didn't focus exclusively on stimulus ... In fact it was he who managed to help me persuade [Chinese] President Hu Jintao to agree to the reference to the ... publication of a list of tax havens, and I wish to thank him for that."
Of course, Bemus, you butthead -- hundreds of dollars of bailout money are going to Europe and China. There's the consensus: stick it to the American Whites. Stupid commie bastard.
In her news conference, Merkel noted that "the American president also put his hand into this."
I'll bet he did, you dirty ho.
French and German reluctance ultimately prevailed, and the summit produced only limited promises to do "whatever is necessary," in terms of fiscal stimulus.
Ya, "There's your blank check, Merkel and Sarkozy, Comrades, we'll be bending over the American middle class even more for you!"
Release of the tax haven list is expected to help pressure those nations to cooperate with other nations' tax authorities.
Translation: we Jew-rimmers will cooperate with each other more than ever to milk every last dime out of the stupid goyim.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Twelfth Day of Yuletide

From the Asatru Folk Assembly:
By now, hopefully, you have taken stock of the year past and thought about what you want to accomplish in the one to come and that brings up the question of oaths, or at least resolutions, for the new year. I list the two separately because they are very different things.

In ancient times, our people swore oaths on the Yule boar as he was led around the hall. Today, we may use only a loaf of bread baked in the shape of a boar, but the oath is no less binding than if a live, snorting, squealing boar had been brought into your dining room! And oaths, as you know, must be taken very seriously. I have noted that in modern times, many swear oaths when they would gain better
reputation by staying silent.

Resolutions are the common fare in American culture, and they are much less binding than oaths. This does NOT mean that they are to be taken casually or halfheartedly, but there is relatively little loss of spiritual might if one fails to attain them. They can be a useful tool for developing the will and making progress toward the high level of attainment that should be the long-term goal of all of us.

When you make your choice, you don't want to be lacking in wisdom!

Light a candle for Wisdom as you wrap up this Yule season, and turn your face toward the new year!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The road to truth

“Love of the good is higher than love of one’s own, but there is only one road to truth and it leads through love of one’s own.” -- Werner Dannhauser, quoted in Monday's most entertaining post at Spirit, Water, Blood.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Joy Behar - “A lot of home schooled kids are demented”

From the blog of James Edwards:
Joy Behar, who claims to be “Italian”, is one of the hosts of the popular talk show for (mostly non-white) women, The View. On the program recently she said that “a lot of homeschooled kids are demented.”

Go to the 7:00 mark.

Privately tutored children are demented? What breathtaking ignorance, what typical chutzpah! Let's compare the mental health of children in government schools -- schools that have been using them as psychological lab rats for decades -- against that of children schooled in a healthy environment of loving and hard-working parents and other family members. No contest.

Gardening and composting

My fall/winter garden is doing splendidly. We live in Zone 9, so we can expect our little crops to do well up 'til Christmas or later. The things growing best are cucumbers, green beans, peas, several different kinds of lettuce, sage, bell peppers, japaleno peppers, banana peppers, and onions. The asparagas is growing but is still too young (2 jahre alt) to produce edible stalks.

Grapes, strawberries, lemons, and blackberries are finished producing fruit for the year. We have all the grapes and strawberries in and we'll be harvesting the rest of the lemons and oranges over the next few weeks. I found that my spinach and dill did not sprout because they need more warmth. I planted corn in amongst the beans to see if it would sprout. It did and is about three feet high. It'll be interesting to see if the ears will set and if they do set, will they beat the frost. I planted a couple dozen young blueberry plants in a well-drained bit of peat and compost and most are putting on new leaves.

We are using non-hybrid seeds so we can collect the seeds from those plants which do best in our soil.

For new gardeners: If you want to make compost, here's how. You need equal weight grass and leaves. Collect lots of leaves in the fall and mix in fresh cut grass during the summer. Mix into piles on the ground, inside garbage cans, or inside bins -- it doesn't matter. Keep the compost moist and turn it every couple of weeks or months. The little bugs need volume to hold in the heat they generate, so one big pile is better than several litle piles. It's ready to use after it turns black, which can take from 6 weeks for a thick, well-tended pile, to several months for a thin or neglected one. That's all there is to it, very simple and easy.

You may bury table scraps in your compost, excepting meat or bones, in order to add more nutrients. Wood chips are good material to add but take a little longer than leaves to decompose. If you add sawdust or ashes, do so only sparingly and be sure to mix well. You need no fertilizer or "compost starter."

For sticks and giant leaves, cut them up and stack them into a separate, tightly-packed pile which will decompose on its own over the years. The soil in that spot of the yard will eventually become quite fertile.

A garden is supposed to help you stay healthy. To protect your back, don't work your pile for more than 1/2 to 1 hour per day, use good posture, keep your stomach and butt muscles tight, and wear a back support if you think you might need it. You don't have to mix or turn with a pitchfork or shovel, you can gently rake it around with a leaf rake.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bald kommt der Weihnachtsmann!

O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
Wie grün sind deine Blätter!
Du grünst nicht nur zur Sommerzeit,
Nein auch im Winter, wenn es schneit.
O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
Wie grün sind deine Blätter!

O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
Du kannst mir sehr gefallen!
Wie oft hat schon zur Winterszeit
Ein Baum von dir mich hoch erfreut!
O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
Du kannst mir sehr gefallen!

O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
Dein Kleid will mich was lehren:
Die Hoffnung und Beständigkeit
Gibt Mut und Kraft zu jeder Zeit!
O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
Dein Kleid will mich was lehren!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Madoff connection to Washington,

District of Criminals. Lobbyists, Congress and the Ponzi Scheme, by Pam Martens.
Here is what the SEC’s memo of November 21, 2007 said following its investigation:

“The staff found no evidence of fraud…All files have been prepared for closing…Termination letters have been sent to Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, Bernard L. Madoff, and Fairfield Greenwich Group. The staff has no objection to the eventual destruction of the files and has no knowledge of any impediment to such a disposition.”

Let me run that by you again. Mr. Markopolos, a private citizen, uses his personal time and energy over a seven year period to document a fraud occurring under the nose of the SEC that could impact the international reputation of the United States along with the financial well being of pensioners, university endowments, foundations and private investors. After losing track of the case for five years, the SEC finally gets around to investigating using taxpayers’ monies. They come up with nothing despite being given a perfect path to follow to the fraud. And their final suggestion for dealing with the investigation is to destroy the files! With regulators like these, who needs Ponzi artists?
Not mere incompetence:
Naturally, the Madoff money trail of special favors and exceptions leads straight to Washington. From 1998 through 2008, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities paid $590,000 lobbying Congress and the SEC, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. His lobby firm for most of those years was Lent, Scrivner & Roth, with Norman F. Lent III signing the disclosure documents in the House and Senate. One of Madoff’s hot button issues during those years according to the disclosure documents was getting a single regulator. That meant, for starters, merging those prying eyes over at the New York Stock Exchange into the clubby pool of self-regulators at the National Association of Securities Dealers where the Madoff family held numerous seats of power. That wish came true when ... more >>
And before you shed a tear for the poor "victims," you might want to review who are the richest, most powerful people in the world, as reported by the Jerusalem Post and Vanity Fair.

Harry Reid: paying taxes is completely voluntary

Looks like this video interview of Nevada Senator Harry Reid is making the email circuits again. Now that Harry and his ilk are in total control of the Legislature, it's good timing. Reid is a perfect example of the mindset of our ruling class. Notice how forceful and how condescending he is. Sic semper tyrannis.

Look at one example of where your "voluntary" tax money is going: for free health care for everyone, including -- or maybe that should be especially -- illegals (italics mine) :
For the past year and a half, millions of families continued to lack the health care their children needed. Today, the United States Senate will do its part to redeem one of many mistakes of the Bush Administration by passing the Children's Health Insurance bill, moving us closer to the promise that every American child has the right to grow up strong and healthy.
The day the President signs this legislation – giving more children like Adrian Sanchez access to the care they deserve – will be a signature accomplishment of this Congress and the new Administration." more >>
The honorable gentlemen from Nevada understands that responsibilities and rights go together. We have the responsibility to pay -- voluntarily, of course -- and he has the right to buy votes with it.

Calling all real men

VFR continues the discussion of Roissyism and has the traditionalist Rx for correcting the power inbalance between men and women caused by modern Liberalism.   In short, when men begin acting like men again, most of their females will feel comfortable reassuming their natural roles as girls, wives, mothers, ladies, and wise, responsible matriarchs.

Just a reminder: The AshkeNazis, acting with malice aforethought, led the West into this societal morass, using Marxism, the 1960's "civil rights" revolution, feminazism, et al. They are still in power and nothing will change for the better until they are dethroned. Which means that, as they hold all the most powerful positions, this revolution will have to come from the ground up, from the menfolk.

Only the best men of our Volk can raise up new, truly aristocratic leaders to overthrow the lizard invaders and their false gods of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, and popular Democracy. You want your normal society back, Boys? Well, so do your women and your children. They will give you the support you need only after you have proven you are worthy of it.

So butch up, you Beta puds -- especially you Jew-DayO!-Christian wussies -- it's your turn at bat.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tradition and its people

The other day I was listening to the radio and heard a segment about the traditions of William and Mary, the second oldest college in America. An East Indian with a thick accent was being interviewed about how "we" loved to celebrate these traditions, and he went on to describe one or two of them.

Now, what could be more absurd than this? A person who is foreign to me in every way -- race, history, language, religion -- is telling me how "we" ought to celebrate "our" tradition. It's preposterous. The traditions of William and Mary do not belong to him. He has no right to assume they do. They are less his than some "tradition" created by Burger King or Walmart.

A tradition is meaningless when it has been separated from the people who created it. Foreigners who lead and participate in American and European traditions effectively destroy them.

Up until a couple of decades ago, America was a real country with a real nation, filled almost exclusively (90%+) with European people, people who shared a common heritage. It is fast becoming merely a "propositional nation," which is to say it is becoming a collection of competing races and religions, each with its own heritage, language and worldview.

There's going to be serious trouble in the West; there always is multiculti countries. We must eject the foreigners now -- there is no other way to have domestic tranquility.

If we let this usurpation continue, there will be nothing left of our heritage for our children, civil wars or no. We will have preserved nothing handed to us by our ancestors. If liberals continue to "break the color barrier," then even we, the peoples of Europe, will cease to exist completely and forever.

Until that revolution, here is a practical solution at the working level. Whites should get over the guilt of "inclusion" which has been beaten into us by the universalists. We are no more obliged to include the Other in our European group and family activities than the Other is obliged to include us in his.

Only a small change is required of you: simply stop feeling guilty for not including the Other. Be nice, be polite, be considerate of others' feelings. Whenever you build a list for any gathering, appreciate that your guests feel the same way, id est, they would rather be with people like themselves. Stop and think, What's more important? Pleasing and helping my friends and relatives, or adhering to some impossibly abstract, family and nation-destroying principle of universal inclusion?

Think of your guests, don't be a liberal. It's no big deal, no extra bother, no extra cost. Don't be rude, exclude.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Books to understand American schooling

If you've ever wondered how our "education" system resists all efforts at reform, you should read these books:

The Underground History of American Education, by John Taylor Gatto.

The Graves of Academe, by Richard Mitchell.

The Gift of Fire, by Richard Mitchell.

Less Than Words Can Say, by Richard Mitchell.

The War Against Grammar, by David Mulroy.

Who Killed Homer? by Victor Davis Hanson.

Education's Smoking Gun: How Teachers' Colleges Have Destroyed Education in America, by Reginald Damerell.

Well-meaning but ignorant American voters believe that the schools simply need more money. They therefore gladly vote taxes higher and higher every year. If they would take the time to read these books, they would stop this self-destructive behavior. They would understand that American schools are not failing at all, far from it -- they are wildly successful.

The truth about Serbia

Matthew Raphael Johnson corrects a few misunderstandings in The Virtual Empire: The Case of Serbia and the Murder of Milosevic.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Die, Democracy, Die

You are an evil whore of a goddess, the destroyer of families, nations, and community. You were feared by every right-thinking person up until very recently in history. Your law is mob rule -- the rule by the stomachs of the low over the spirits of the high. You are a destroyer of all good distinctions and discriminations in society, culture, government, politics, and the arts. You encourage worship of the base and the stupid, for their own sakes.

You insist not only that, "everyone is entitled to their opinions," no matter how selfish, uninformed, and destructive, but that those opinions be given equal weight "in the arena of ideas," ut demagogi dicant. In your relentless drive for absolute equality, you who are the sociopathic offspring of Liberalism and the nemesis of Liberty raise money-changers, aliens, youth, and irrational women to the same level as experienced, brave and responsible men. Doch! Make that: you forcibly lower these men to the same level as their inferiors. You are not only the murderer of virtus but the strangler of the love of it.

Die, Democracy, die! And take your diseased worshippers with you back into the chaotic darkness whence you came.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ancient Greek and Latin news you can use

I just received the Fall 2009 Classical Outlook journal from the American Classical League, and I must say it is a rare issue among classical journals. Particularly exciting contents:

* Several modern pop songs turned into Greek, complete with clever new English lyrics next to the Ancient Greek, as well as five or six pages of discussion and notes about turning Greek verse.
* A mathematical method to help students understand and remember Greek letter combinations
* Ten pages about the new College Greek Exam -- development of the test, test questions, scores and other stats, vocabulary lists, and an example exam.
* The grading of the 2009 Latin AP exams, with actual questions, student responses, answers, scores, and helpful commentary

Unusually useful stuff. (If you've ever taken time to thumb through professional journals -- especially classical ones -- in your city or university library, you'll understand why I chose this adverb.)

There are also poems in English and Latin; a review of new elementary curriculum, The Great Latin Adventure; news on the Dickinson Summer Latin Workshop; a review of Lloyd Gerson's Ancient Epistemology; and a few other things.

I received this journal because of my membership in the American Classical League.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Oligarch" banksters continue

plundering the treasuries of the goyim. High praise for Alan Grayson, Democratic Congressman in Florida’s 8th congressional district, one of only two men openly questioning the "banksters" (or "oligarchs" or "neo-cons" or "neo-Jacobins" or "orcs" or whatever euphemism we are using these days). The other is Ron Paul, firm Constitutionalist and nemesis of the RedTeam-BlueTeam faithful. Here's Alan Grayson being as direct, open, and honest as it is possible to be:

Wow, what a breath of fresh air. This is what everyone representing us is doing now, which is to say, we don't have any other representation. If a political leader, to include grassroots activists, is not doing, at a minimum, what Grayson is doing here, then he is on the side of the enemy, simple as that.

We call for the money-changers to be kicked out of yet one more country: the U.S.A. Pronto. They are to leave every dime of their trillions of stolen loot here, but they should take all their Marxist lies, porn, homopromo, race-mixing, anti-European attitudes, and other filth with them. This will totally empty academia, most of the upper spaces of the Federal government, newspapers, radio, and television executive suites -- and it will be worth it. Oh, and they should take their worshippers with them.

Perhaps they are going to buy some primo real estate with all that booty.

The new ban on children's books

is taking political correctness and censorship to a whole new level. Gary North comments on a new federal law which bans the sale of all children's books printed before 1985, right here in the United States. Small book shops will be ruined and a black market in books is emerging already. Samizdat, the Russians called it in the USSR. One bookshop owner said,
“I was willing to resist the censorship of 1984 and the Fire Department of Fahrenheit 451 long before I became a bookseller, so I’d love to run a black market in quality children’s books—but at the same time it’s not like the CPSC has never destroyed a small, harmless company before.”
A reader of wrote,
My daughter works in a used bookstore. TODAY they pulled all the books from the children's section that had any kind of metal or plastic or toy-like attachment, spiral bindings, balls or things attached, board books, anything that might be targeted under this law, and they very quietly trashed them all. I say "very quietly" because the bookstore had a meeting with employees and told them to be careful not to start a panic. If anyone asked what they were doing they were told to say that they were "rearranging their inventory." No one was allowed to tell anyone about the new law, and no one was allowed to take any of the doomed-for-destruction books home or give them away.
That's the federal government for you. The "conservative" Republicrats were all for it: the CPSIA passed the House with a single dissenting vote, from the only real American in Congress, Ron Paul. And the Dempublicans promise to be even worse now that they have an Obamanation in the White (sic) House.
A further question is what to do about public libraries, which daily expose children under 12 to pre-1985 editions of Anne of Green Gables, Beatrix Potter, Baden-Powell’s scouting guides, and other deadly hazards.
Of course, the Jew York Times likes the new law. You'd better buy 1985, Brave New World, and Fahrenheit 451, before they're banned, too.