Friday, November 2, 2012


Dear European Man, have no doubt that your imagined crimes will ever be forgotten -- much less forgiven -- by the ultra-powerful Tribe. Just as they did to 10's of millions of innocent Christians in the former USSR, so they fantasize doing to you.

Vladimir Putin has not forgotten these eternal hate-mongers, as his purge of the "Russian oligarchs" seems to show. But the Tribe of Satan's Sons will never voluntarily let go a host until every drop of blood has been sucked from him and his lifeless body has been thoroughly desecrated; they still lust for revenge of the Bolshevik type.

The bankster bailout is not over, not by a long shot. They have most of the power and most all the loot, but they will want more; they always do. Therefore a new offensive move -- a coordinated move by East & West -- will be required to remove these vicious parasites from European lands -- once and for all.

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