Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who is Jane Harman

the spy posing as merely another slimy, traitorous Democratic representative from California, and was caught conspiring with the ultra-powerful foreign government spy agency AIPAC against America? Surprise.

And what will happen to her? Nichts, natuerlich. The Steins, the Goldmans, the Silvers, and the Cohens will intervene and explain to us unsophisticates in "fly-over country" that it was all some great big misunderstanding. Should any of us stupid goyim object (an unlikely contingency, one surmises, given the spineless propensities of our so-called leaders), they will ask rhetorically but firmly, "What are youse guys, anyways, a bunch of anti-Semites?"

(Sigh.) S.O.S., same old lies from the same old twisted tribe of control freaks. (yawn)

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