Sunday, August 12, 2012

Books to understand American schooling

If you've ever wondered how our "education" system resists all efforts at reform, you should read these books:

The Underground History of American Education, by John Taylor Gatto.

The Graves of Academe, by Richard Mitchell.

The Gift of Fire, by Richard Mitchell.

Less Than Words Can Say, by Richard Mitchell.

The War Against Grammar, by David Mulroy.

Who Killed Homer? by Victor Davis Hanson.

Education's Smoking Gun: How Teachers' Colleges Have Destroyed Education in America, by Reginald Damerell.

Well-meaning but ignorant American voters believe that the schools simply need more money. They therefore gladly vote taxes higher and higher every year. If they would take the time to read these books, they would stop this self-destructive behavior. They would understand that American schools are not failing at all, far from it -- they are wildly successful.

The truth about Serbia

Matthew Raphael Johnson corrects a few misunderstandings in The Virtual Empire: The Case of Serbia and the Murder of Milosevic.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Die, Democracy, Die

You are an evil whore of a goddess, the destroyer of families, nations, and community. You were feared by every right-thinking person up until very recently in history. Your law is mob rule -- the rule by the stomachs of the low over the spirits of the high. You are a destroyer of all good distinctions and discriminations in society, culture, government, politics, and the arts. You encourage worship of the base and the stupid, for their own sakes.

You insist not only that, "everyone is entitled to their opinions," no matter how selfish, uninformed, and destructive, but that those opinions be given equal weight "in the arena of ideas," ut demagogi dicant. In your relentless drive for absolute equality, you who are the sociopathic offspring of Liberalism and the nemesis of Liberty raise money-changers, aliens, youth, and irrational women to the same level as experienced, brave and responsible men. Doch! Make that: you forcibly lower these men to the same level as their inferiors. You are not only the murderer of virtus but the strangler of the love of it.

Die, Democracy, die! And take your diseased worshippers with you back into the chaotic darkness whence you came.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ancient Greek and Latin news you can use

I just received the Fall 2009 Classical Outlook journal from the American Classical League, and I must say it is a rare issue among classical journals. Particularly exciting contents:

* Several modern pop songs turned into Greek, complete with clever new English lyrics next to the Ancient Greek, as well as five or six pages of discussion and notes about turning Greek verse.
* A mathematical method to help students understand and remember Greek letter combinations
* Ten pages about the new College Greek Exam -- development of the test, test questions, scores and other stats, vocabulary lists, and an example exam.
* The grading of the 2009 Latin AP exams, with actual questions, student responses, answers, scores, and helpful commentary

Unusually useful stuff. (If you've ever taken time to thumb through professional journals -- especially classical ones -- in your city or university library, you'll understand why I chose this adverb.)

There are also poems in English and Latin; a review of new elementary curriculum, The Great Latin Adventure; news on the Dickinson Summer Latin Workshop; a review of Lloyd Gerson's Ancient Epistemology; and a few other things.

I received this journal because of my membership in the American Classical League.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Oligarch" banksters continue

plundering the treasuries of the goyim. High praise for Alan Grayson, Democratic Congressman in Florida’s 8th congressional district, one of only two men openly questioning the "banksters" (or "oligarchs" or "neo-cons" or "neo-Jacobins" or "orcs" or whatever euphemism we are using these days). The other is Ron Paul, firm Constitutionalist and nemesis of the RedTeam-BlueTeam faithful. Here's Alan Grayson being as direct, open, and honest as it is possible to be:

Wow, what a breath of fresh air. This is what everyone representing us is doing now, which is to say, we don't have any other representation. If a political leader, to include grassroots activists, is not doing, at a minimum, what Grayson is doing here, then he is on the side of the enemy, simple as that.

We call for the money-changers to be kicked out of yet one more country: the U.S.A. Pronto. They are to leave every dime of their trillions of stolen loot here, but they should take all their Marxist lies, porn, homopromo, race-mixing, anti-European attitudes, and other filth with them. This will totally empty academia, most of the upper spaces of the Federal government, newspapers, radio, and television executive suites -- and it will be worth it. Oh, and they should take their worshippers with them.

Perhaps they are going to buy some primo real estate with all that booty.

The new ban on children's books

is taking political correctness and censorship to a whole new level. Gary North comments on a new federal law which bans the sale of all children's books printed before 1985, right here in the United States. Small book shops will be ruined and a black market in books is emerging already. Samizdat, the Russians called it in the USSR. One bookshop owner said,
“I was willing to resist the censorship of 1984 and the Fire Department of Fahrenheit 451 long before I became a bookseller, so I’d love to run a black market in quality children’s books—but at the same time it’s not like the CPSC has never destroyed a small, harmless company before.”
A reader of wrote,
My daughter works in a used bookstore. TODAY they pulled all the books from the children's section that had any kind of metal or plastic or toy-like attachment, spiral bindings, balls or things attached, board books, anything that might be targeted under this law, and they very quietly trashed them all. I say "very quietly" because the bookstore had a meeting with employees and told them to be careful not to start a panic. If anyone asked what they were doing they were told to say that they were "rearranging their inventory." No one was allowed to tell anyone about the new law, and no one was allowed to take any of the doomed-for-destruction books home or give them away.
That's the federal government for you. The "conservative" Republicrats were all for it: the CPSIA passed the House with a single dissenting vote, from the only real American in Congress, Ron Paul. And the Dempublicans promise to be even worse now that they have an Obamanation in the White (sic) House.
A further question is what to do about public libraries, which daily expose children under 12 to pre-1985 editions of Anne of Green Gables, Beatrix Potter, Baden-Powell’s scouting guides, and other deadly hazards.
Of course, the Jew York Times likes the new law. You'd better buy 1985, Brave New World, and Fahrenheit 451, before they're banned, too.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bush and O-Banana's "economic stimulus package"

Plain speaking from

The feds want to give people money. They've already cut interest rates to zero - as a practical matter, they can't go lower. And Obama is talking about a new stimulus program of more than $850 billion.

The last major stimulus program was $700. So far, only half that money has been skimmed. It takes time to work a hustle of that scale. The money is destined for the accounts of Paulson's friends and colleagues on Wall Street; everybody knows it. Still, you don't want to be too transparent about something like that. You have to pretend that you're not giving away hundreds of billions to the richest people in the country. Instead, you're helping to "recapitalize the financial system." And that takes time. In this case, you have to pretend that you are smarter than the market…that you are putting one over on Wall Street by buying its castaway "assets" at bargain prices. Heck, you might even make a profit for the taxpayer.

Paulson has gotten his hands on only half the money that Congress authorized. He wants to be sure there aren't any Madoff-style blow-ups - at least until the rest of the loot is under his control.

Obama's additional $850 billion sounds like a good idea to most people. People need cash. They're not too particular where it comes from…and don't seem to mind that it belongs to someone else.

But where does all this cash really come from? There are only two choices…up or down…honest or corrupt…inflation or deflation. It is either borrowed…or it is counterfeited.
How long will Americans ignore that the treasury is being openly looted? Amazing, simply amazing.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Plutarch's Lives

In searching for this classic work, as recommended by Laura Woods, I found this abbreviated, annotated version of the 15 most heroic stories, from Wilmot H. McCutchen. I also ordered a 1911 hardback copy of Plutarch's Lives For Boys and Girls: Being selected lives freely retold by W.H Weston, for our home school library.

An interesting project would be to translate these English versions into Ancient Greek, using the full versions as a guide to vocabulary and style. Ah, but look at the time, Amici. Schade.

Flashback: the Great Orator speaks

The first time I heard O-Banana open his mouth, I knew he was a phony. I've known jive turkeys just like him. Listen to Barry Soetoro, the George Soros puppet, think out loud:

It's depressing to me to think that so many hundreds of millions of people who should know better think of him as charming and a great orator. It shows how low we have sunken into Idiocracy. It shows how little education we have and how few statesmen we have today to serve as examples of truly good orators.

Even the best of O-Bammie's speeches are bad. His mannerisms are so canned, his manner so condescending, his phrases so trite and his lies so outrageous that I am unable to listen to him for more than a minute or two. Yuk.

President of the Harvard Law Review? Obviously, he was just another affirmative action case, another token for the sake of Liberalism.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Who's a Liberal, Who's a Conservative

Larry Auster has posted something from Alan Roebuck at VFR, which contains a short formula for separating Libs from Cons. The basic test, Roebuck seems to be saying, although I cannot really tell, is that conservatives are more traditional, believing in the God of the Bible, whereas liberals are atheistic, materialistic, or Darwinian. I don't think this is a very good distinction. I know plenty of liberals who identify strongly as Christians.

I think the real acid test is how someone views man: If one believes that man is basically good, then the believer is, overall, a liberal. If one believes that man is prone to error or is drawn toward things that he knows are bad for him (sin), then the believer is basically a conservative.

You can see the effects of these two distinct belief systems in the policies they create and the arguments they make. Conservatives, who believe that man is inherently sinful and that no man is infallible, are more suspicious of big government and of grandiose plans for society's improvement beyond traditional norms. They know that man is stuck in his condition and must do the best he can with what he is given. That each person, in order to be truly free, must control himself, and also that he really doesn't want to. Conservatives resist change so often because so often the changes come from men who work against a true understanding of human nature throughout history. They believe in reasonable government because they know that people will behave badly. But they believe in limited government and mercy because they know that there will always be exceptions to every law, that no ruler is always correct and impartial, and that no person can be expected to be perfect.

By strong contrast, liberals believe that people can be programmed to act properly (given the right conditions and vast amounts of oof). They believe that once a person has been taught how to think and behave according to the correct formula (always being just recently discovered by the liberal), man will, because of his naturally occurring desire for goodness, choose to behave himself.

Liberals truly believe that they can create heaven on Earth which is why they so love reason, logic, big government, and clever human engineering schemes. The average liberal is a naive and enthusiastic believer in new ideas and works with a passion that the conservative cannot understand. He truly wants to do good and, because he is naturally good and is completely rational, believes that anyone who would oppose his hard work and good intentions must be defective, hateful, uncaring, unfeeling, usw., and should be either re-educated or rubbed out lest the new and perfect system be contaminated. The Jews who led the Bolshevik Revolution and the NKPD/MVD/KGB of the former USSR, and oversaw the murder of 10's of millions of conservatives, are perfect examples of the results of this belief system.

Liberals are social engineers, forever seeking to liberate man's goodness, through force if necessary. Hence their neurotic cries for freedom even as they create giant, murdering police states. Conservatives cannot believe anyone so clueless could become so popular and powerful, and so tend not to pay attention to the warning signs. The outcome, every time, is that they fail to act soon enough and get caught in the clutches of the liberals' latest Frankenstein monster.

Anarchists and libertarians with anarchist leanings are, by my test, more similar to liberals than to conservatives.

Post G.W. Bush, there seem to be darned few conservatives left in America. But this is only temporary, if their underlying understanding of man's sinful nature remains uncorrupted.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Israel Shamir

From “Et Unum Sint”: A Report from Planet Mammon by E. Michael Jones, on :
Shamir was born in Novosibirsk in the Soviet Union in 1947. In 1968 he converted to Zionism and emigrated to Israel, where he joined the IDF and fought in the 1973 war. Stationed in Sinai during a fierce battle whose point he failed to understand, Shamir used that war as a symbol of what it meant to be a Jew. Being a Jew provided no help in understanding what Jews want from themselves and from bewildered mankind, “just as belonging to the elite troops does not help you with an understanding of the general staff” (Cabbala of Power, p. 12). When it comes to understanding the principle of unity among Jews, we are confronted with the opposite problem from the one we encountered with Catholics. Catholics have the prinicple of unity in Christ but no practical unity. Jews, on the other hand, have no principle of unity but, as Shamir says, like the locusts mentioned in the book of Proverbs, they “‘have no king, but they attack in formation’ and devastate whole countries as if by plan.”

In 1975, after studying law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Shamir moved to London where he worked for the BBC. From 1977 to 1979 he worked in radio in Japan. By this point, some ten years after he had left Russia, Shamir had become disillusioned with Zionism because of the way the Israeli government discriminated against non-Jews. From 1989 to 1993 Shamir returned to Russia where he worked as the Moscow correspondent for Ha’aretz. In 1993 he returned to Israel and settled in Jaffa, where he lives today.

At some point during the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, Shamir became a presence on the Internet and at around the same time he became a Christian. The connection between the two events was more than coincidence because, as Shamir himself put it, getting baptized by the Palestian priest, Archbishop Theodosius Attalla Hanna “helped me sort out the question of identity.”

If there were ever a sign of contradiction for the age of irenic interreligious dialogue inaugurated by the Second Vatican Council, it is Israel Shamir. Shamir’s conversion to Christianity was a sign that the repressed had returned just in time to save the Church from total apostasy on the Jewish question. Shamir, the Jewish convert, saw Jews not as our “elder brothers” but as St. Paul saw them, which is to say, as “the enemy of mankind.” In accepting baptism, Shamir joined a long line of “Jews by birth who denounced the Judaic cult of Death and accepted the Living Christ.” For Shamir, the crucial “sieve” which separated good from evil in the great struggle of his day was the “relationship to the Palestinian suffering”; “whoever disregarded it followed Antichrist; whoever denounced it began his way to Christ.”

Like St. Paul, Shamir has become a ... more >>
Shamir's book, Masters of Discourse and his website.

O-o-oba-mmm-aa the orator

Americans, addicted to listening to complete fools and morons on television and on the radio, and unable and unwilling to discern good thought from bad in general, believe the Magic Negro to be a great orator. To these intellectually underdeveloped Americans, John Lee Barnes writes:
Obama can read, and this along with his the great ability to smile and move his hands whilst reading out what he can read means the Obama Messiah idiots this means he is a great orator.

Next time Obama is in the UK he can come to a BNP meeting and we will show him what great public speakers are. We dont use autocues though. Clip here of the stuttering Obama when he doesnt have an autocue:

Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell

and others talk about the Patriot Act and the Dept. of Homeland Security, and the foolish, short-sighted Americans who had the nerve to be surprised that they themselves are now being attacked and called terrorists, after they worked so hard for these evil, unconstitutional anti-American tools. They also discuss the takeover of the Ron Paul movement by the lying RedTeam cheerleaders. Oh, and Lew also fingers Milton Friedman.

As usual, these guys do not throw any of us "skinheads, militia men, racists, etc." to the wolves like the RedTeam always does, and they are honest about our evil big government and the Fed and the IRS the RedTeam-BlueTeam demagogues. When the time is right, when more of America figures out who is really in power, they will be able to finger the aggressive tribe behind the bankster heists, false terrorism, the Dept of Homeland Security "terrace" alerts, and the FauxNews and CNN propaganda. I can hardly wait.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How could our so-called leaders have been so wrong?

Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch, with Gerald Celente and John Stossel. Stossel's idiocy is irritating but Celente and Napolitano are worth hearing.

Not a lot of new information here but it is nice to see somebody on the airwaves who is not afraid to speak the truth about Jewish pillage of the Treasury for trillions of dollars.