Sunday, November 11, 2012

On Alphas, Betas, and "Game"

Somone had asked me about this a few days ago. I knew nothing about it, but it seemed like such an immature, shallow way of looking at the world, not worthy of serious attention, that I placed it at the bottom of my stack. I misjudged its appeal -- it seems to be very popular. The Liberal rot is much deeper than I had suspected.

Fortunately, Larry Auster and pals have taken time to investigate and expose this schoolyard, Roissy libertinism for what it is: the natural outcome of Liberalism run amok. Here is an excellent post from a reader in this thread:
In a preceding post, "Bio-cons versus social cons," you (Larry Auster) wrote:
This is the way liberals argue who seek to make any conservatism disappear; and the bio-cons at In Mala Fide, by showing total contempt for social conservatism, show that they, too, want conservatism to disappear and thus they show what side they're really on. The Roissy-ites accept the total rule of liberalism, including rampant female promiscuity, and seek to operate within it, rather than offer a countervision of man and society.
It seems very likely to me that the whole package displayed here--the contempt for social conservatives, the obsession with "game" and female psychology, the insistence on seeing rampant female promiscuity as the ultimate cause, not a proximate manifestation, of our woes--is a coward's excuse for avoiding the fight that matters, which is always and everywhere a fight among men for the civilizational ethos that will prevail. Thus the feverish clinging to the belief that they are nothing more than helpless victims of female choice. But women are followers, not leaders, even in feminized societies like ours--they tend to adopt what they perceive to be the approved views of the ruling men. It's ironic that some self-described "biological realists," at least those who appear to have some spark of social interest beyond getting laid, seem to be waiting around for the ladies to start using their inherent female leadership abilities, ha, to turn things around. Women do not make or dictate culture in any ultimate sense. Sure, they choose--but they choose after men have settled the order of things amongst themselves.

Easier to sit around trading tips on how to get one over on, get back at (and how deeply feminized is that attitude?) some confused, de-cultured young woman in a bar somewhere. Organizing and fighting those actual "alpha males" further up the food chain, who benefit from PC, AA, feminism, etc., who are selling out our country, our future, our civilization from under us--now that's dangerous and frightening, with a terrible probability of defeat. And as you suggest, they do not really want to fight "liberalism," despite all their posturing, because they share the flaccid libertarian dependence on cultural junk food. They exist in an impotent state of wanting conservatism and "wanting conservatism to disappear". They adamantly defend their right to perpetual habitation in the '60s funhouse, yet expect women to "lead the way" and behave themselves: the castrate's cry for mommy. But these harem eunuchs, who fancy themselves such hard-eyed realists--and who defensively respond by accusing you of being some fluffy idealist who can't handle the tough truths they revel in--have long since conceded the fight. The "Roissy-ites" flatter themselves that they are "taking back their manhood" in reaction to a feminized, degenerate society. But in reality they are its polished, finished product.
The manly way to save women, family, and society is for men to be real Western men, not to "get back at" liberal women, and not to exploit and degrade them further than Liberalism already has.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Harrisburg, PA Tea Party

Video of demonstration held on March 7th. Blog entry at Politeia (Cassandra).

Montana's Sound Money Bill

by Karen de Coster.

Here is Secessionist Paper No. 19.

Just say "No" to the Federal Government. It is time to give all our time and our money to our families, communities and Church, counties, and states -- in that order. Be of good cheer when you realize that revolution against big government is American patriotism in action. Let's have fun taking this monster apart. And let us remember one of the main things we demand is the right to free association -- no more multicult, busing, or forced integration of any kind.

The Church Fathers on Talmudic Judaism

by Jay Dyer:
Cowardly academic Christians, Novus Ordo Talmudists and phony evangelicals email me all the time and are horrified at what they perceive as my “hateful” attitude towards “Jews,” who are supposedly still God’s chosen and the equivalent of King David and Moses. Nothing could be further from the truth. Modern Judaism is not the ”religion of the Old Testament,” but a false, superstitious, Talmudic sham that has tremendous influence and power and must be opposed by any who call themselves honsetly a Christian. This is part of the reason I am all but done with the papacy and the Novus Ordo’s worship of Talmudism. And don’t believe the hype – according to Rabbi Jacob Neusner, Talmudism is normative and authoritative for Orthodox Judaism, even more so than the Torah. So if you want to know what I believe, I believe ...
more >>

Jew worshippers especially should also read:
What Does the Talmud Say About Christ & Christians?, by Elizabeth Dilling

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

John McAmnesty

... is also a gun-grabber, De-Lux. How bad is he? He received an F minus on his Gun Owners of America report card in 2004, 2006, and 2007.

More from

Yah, he's a real Maverick, alright.

McAmnesty is just as bad as Obama Hussein; there is no significant difference between them at all, there is no lesser of two weevils here. Stop listening to the RedTeam-BlueTeam liars and fools in the MSM. Both prez. candidates are big-government Marxists. Biden is just another liberal political hack and Palin is a feminist in way over her head.

Your Congress -- Republicrats and Dempublicans both -- voted for the banker bailout, for amnesty (all the illegals are still here with full citizenship privileges), and for more and more government, despite your angry protests. They are not "out of touch"; they know what Middle America thinks, they simply do not care. Worse, in the case of the hard-line Marxists, which seems to be at least 50% of them, they actively hate us.

America, change will not come through politics. People tend to get the government they deserve. You will first have to change yourselves, your family, and your community at the most basic (spiritual and moral)level. You must pull away from the current system: cut off your TV subscriptions, start bartering among friends and neighbors, homeschool your children, educate yourself, become more involved with your family. We are leaderless, it's up to us, each and every one.

Remembering Israel's Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty

Articles at The Ugly Truth.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who is Jane Harman

the spy posing as merely another slimy, traitorous Democratic representative from California, and was caught conspiring with the ultra-powerful foreign government spy agency AIPAC against America? Surprise.

And what will happen to her? Nichts, natuerlich. The Steins, the Goldmans, the Silvers, and the Cohens will intervene and explain to us unsophisticates in "fly-over country" that it was all some great big misunderstanding. Should any of us stupid goyim object (an unlikely contingency, one surmises, given the spineless propensities of our so-called leaders), they will ask rhetorically but firmly, "What are youse guys, anyways, a bunch of anti-Semites?"

(Sigh.) S.O.S., same old lies from the same old twisted tribe of control freaks. (yawn)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Priceless Memorabilia

Banksters Greenspan, Rubin, and Summers pose for a mug shot in 1999:

And this is a shame, too: A share of Jew York Times stock (NYT) is less than the price of its Sunday newspaper. Hee, hee.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Great dates to celebrate

From the Asatru Folk Assembly Update, sent out monthly to all members:

October 8 - Day of Remembrance for Erik the Red. Erik was the stouthearted father of Leif Erikson, and a dedicated follower of Thor. Hot-headed and clever, Erik made his mark on history by organizing the Viking settlement of Greenland. Raise a toast to this rascal, or read from his saga, in honor of his intrepid spirit.

October 9 - Leif Erikson Day. This holiday was first officially proclaimed by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965. Remind your friends of the Norse colonization of North America more than a thousand years ago!

October 11 - Winter Nights. This is the time we honor the Disir, conceived of as the female ancestors of our family lines. The Disir look on from the Otherworld, with loving concern for us, their descendants. Pour them a libation on the chilling autumn earth, and think on the wise and powerful women whose blood flows in your veins.
You can read most of the AFA Update online here. I could not find the Calendar there, though.

British Prime Minister hails Ramadan

No wonder Great Britain is being taken over, with "leaders" like Gordon Brown flinging the gates wide open.

They shoot traitors, don't they? In any case, shooting would be too good for this piece of human garbage.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lessons From The Wizard Of Oz

from The Web of Debt, by Ellen Hodgson Brown, Chapter One at News From the West. I think this paragraph from William Jennings Bryant is crucial to understanding his position about gold and government money, and his famous "cross of gold" statement:
We say in our platform that we believe that the right to coin money and issue money is a function of government. . . . Those who are opposed to this proposition tell us that the issue of paper money is a function of the bank and that the government ought to go out of the banking business. I stand with Jefferson . . . and tell them, as he did, that the issue of money is a function of the government and that the banks should go out of the governing business. . . . [W]hen we have restored the money of the Constitution, all other necessary reforms will be possible, and . . . until that is done there is no reform that can be accomplished.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Dear European Man, have no doubt that your imagined crimes will ever be forgotten -- much less forgiven -- by the ultra-powerful Tribe. Just as they did to 10's of millions of innocent Christians in the former USSR, so they fantasize doing to you.

Vladimir Putin has not forgotten these eternal hate-mongers, as his purge of the "Russian oligarchs" seems to show. But the Tribe of Satan's Sons will never voluntarily let go a host until every drop of blood has been sucked from him and his lifeless body has been thoroughly desecrated; they still lust for revenge of the Bolshevik type.

The bankster bailout is not over, not by a long shot. They have most of the power and most all the loot, but they will want more; they always do. Therefore a new offensive move -- a coordinated move by East & West -- will be required to remove these vicious parasites from European lands -- once and for all.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Watch out for the Judge

Here come the Judge -- Andy Napolitano, that is. I've been hearing him on the airwaves alot recently, pushing his latest book. If his promos are indication it is simply more anti-White Quatsch, packed to the margins with lies, half-truths, and one-sided arguments, all designed to produce even more undeserved White guilt and induce Whites to capitulate even further to "minority" demands that they ignore and give up their entire heritage, their very beings, to the savages and mix blindly and unconditionally with them.

And he does it all in the name of fighting egalitarianism. How patriotic.

What a difference an article would make

On the Edge with Max Keiser, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Prosecute the banksters, yes. But, "human rights" abuses? Is that really necessary?

When you watch these videos, think about this: The Fed, Goldman Sachs, et alia, are "the" market now. But what if they were only "a" market? What if these entities had to compete fairly within THE Market, meaning the free exchange of goods and services of truly free peoples? Just a hypothetical.

Max's hypnotist idea is a good one. He should, however, recommend that we instead remove the existing hypnotist from the Americans' minds: mass TV and radio broadcasts.