Sunday, October 7, 2012

Credibility and fighting the mysterious "they"

Eric Hufschmid makes an important point about fighting crime and the New World Order -- namely, we must become more specific about who did what specific crime:
The point I'm trying to make is that when somebody tells you that the New World Order is responsible for these crimes, he's telling you nothing. When I tell you that the Zionists are responsible, I'm identifying real people, with names and addresses.

In order to hold onto some credibility, the 9/11 researchers, such as the Scholars For 9/11 Truth and Alex Jones, have been pressured into identifying some of the people who control the mysterious New World Order. They usually select David Rockefeller, who is currently 92 years old, as well as George Bush and Dick Cheney. ... We're not going to improve the world by arresting David Rockefeller or Dick Cheney. ... This organization is collecting money to stop this North American Union. [The John Birch Society's] goal is to pass out a million copies of their magazine to influential people in order to educate them about this corruption. But how can you educate somebody when you refer to the people behind a crime as "technocrats" or "elites"?
Very good point. And EF condemns Alex Jones, Rense, the JBS and others who promote the idea that the illuminati, the elites, Freemasonry, or Skull and Bones -type groups are responsible for the New World Order. To help prove his case that Jones and Rense are not serious about the truth he also cites their continued support for UFO discussion.

I don't think that that is the entire picture but what he says here makes sense. I mean, why would someone do something so weird and irrevelant unless his entire operation was at best an upgraded, serious version of Weekly World News (an Onion predecessor), at worst a misinformation site covering for a real criminal network? So far I understand EF.

But then he does something very strange. He inserts his belief that the Apollo moon landings were faked. Now, even if they were, 99+% of the people on the planet believe they were real. And any road, who cares? Odd, indeed. EF surely knows that this completely irrevelant issue does to his credibility what UFO and chemtrail articles do for Rense and Jones. So, why bring it up at all? Does he want the conversation to go like this:
Me: Eric Hufschmid says that Jews were responsible for 9-11.
My (soon-to-be-ex) friend: Oh, Eric Hufschmid? Isn't he the guy that says the moon landings were faked?
Me: Ah, ya, well, uh, never mind that. EF says that 9-11 was ...
My friend, quickly jerking up his wrist and dropping his head: Oh, my, is that the time? I've got to see my bank manager at 4:00. Tickety tog, good luck, take care. Let me know if you see any Jewish UFO's.
I really don't know. I will still give him the benefit of the doubt, for nobody is perfect; all of us have blind spots. Perhaps he simply doesn't understand how big his is. Or perhaps he doesn't want to, just as Larry Auster exempts his own tribe from his "Laws of Majority-Minority Relations."

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