Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An argument against libertarianism

From "Trainspotter," a commenter at Occidental Dissent:
As I’ve previously mentioned on Occidental Dissent, I come from a libertarian background myself. I was very active in libertarianism during my college days. Very active.

Now, looking back on it all, I realize that I was in essence diverted from the real issues confronting our people into the false radicalism of libertarianism. Libertarianism is nothing more than a harmless safety valve, of no real threat to the system at all. These people (myself included, at one time) really thought that we were “against the system.” But, in truth, we didn’t challenge any of the most fundamental premises upon which the system is based, upon which the system draws its strength and power. In a sense, the libertarian movement is just a false flag operation.

Libertarianism has no beef with most of the fundamental forces that are destroying us. Miscegenation? That’s just great. Anti-miscegenation laws? Biggest horror since the Holocaust. MTV? Private, so fine and dandy. An anti-white media and academia, where the bastards work as a TEAM? Crickets chirping. Jewish perfidy? You’re a Nazithatwantstokillsixmillionjews! Massive Third World immigration? That’s great! Preservation of whites as a people? Kook! Protection of the white working class? No way, Jose.

Replacing entire peoples is perfectly justified if, at a particular moment in time, it makes economic sense to import mud serfs. The libertarian would have no problem wiping out a thousand year old culture if it meant greater profits for a few months. I am not engaging in hyperbole here.

I’ve known lots of these people, and that’s how they think. I also had a brief, but interesting, conversation with Ron Paul years ago. I’ll relate it at some point, and it will further demonstrate that these people simply can’t be trusted on immigration issues or racial preservation. And keep in mind, Paul is on the “right” of the libertarian spectrum. Can’t even depend on that segment, the segment of libertarianism far more favorable to us than most.

These people are utterly useless, and many of their positions are borderline insane. Of course, some of them would quibble with the above, perhaps pointing out “Well, at least you’d have freedom of association!”

To which I say, no you won’t! Can anyone seriously believe that a Third World Amerikwa is going to have freedom of association? And that’s one of the many contradictions of libertarianism: with no sense of the irony involved, they can’t even promote policies that would make libertarianism more likely. They are perfectly content to allow hordes of Third Worlders to come in, knowing full well that the muds are not libertarians, and are in fact far less libertarian than the white people they are replacing/displacing!

For example, Southern California used to be a hotbed of libertarianism. No more! The white libertarians who used to live there have been largely displaced by non-whites. And these non-whites are overwhelmingly in favor of fully funded taxpayer programs.

In other words, libertarianism isn’t even a sound enough organizing principle to preserve itself. If a purist libertarian state ever came into being (highly unlikely) it wouldn’t last a fortnight. The morons would allow unlimited immigration of non-white, non-libertarian immigrants. In their wacked out view, they would have no right to stop them. Besides, the non-whites would be great for the economy and there would be all sorts of “cultural enrichment” (libertarians don’t seem to consider their white daughters being raped to be a particularly pressing problem. Never once heard a libertarian address that point. Nope, diversity is our strength!

“But at least there wouldn’t be government welfare!” the libertarian proudly retorts. Yeah, Sparky, that’s great. We can then go to 95 percent non-white in three months instead of two. Great accomplishment, that. You guys are real fighters for liberty!

The brain dead libertarian founders would soon be submerged in a brown sea, and the new denizens would quickly reinstitute massive government programs.

Again, some libertarians would quibble with what I’ve written, but what I’ve described above is in fact the heart and soul of libertarianism.

And, EVEN IF freedom of association were reinstituted in a Third World Amerikwa (not gonna happen), it would still suck. Great, I get to have “freedom of association” as a tiny, marginalized minority in Brazil North. I won’t have a nation or a culture, my people will have no future, but I’ll be able to go to a whites only Ruritan Club once in awhile, where a few of the vanishingly small number of remaining whites occasionally hang out. That is, before they die out entirely.

That’s worth figthing for? You gotta be kidding me.
TabuLa Raza responds with this:
The Libertarian Case for Free Trade And Restricted Immigration
By Hans-Herman Hoppe
May 2001

“It is frequently maintained that “free trade” belongs to “free immigration” as “protectionism” does to “restricted immigration.” That is, the claim is made that while it is not impossible that someone might combine protectionism with free immigration, or free trade with restricted immigration, these positions are intellectually inconsistent, and thus erroneous. Hence, insofar as people seek to avoid errors, they should be the exception rather than the rule. The facts, to the extent that they have a bearing on the issue, appear to be consistent with this claim. As the 1996 Republican presidential primaries indicated, for instance, most professed free traders are advocates of relatively (even if not totally) free and non-discriminatory immigration policies, while most protectionists are proponents of highly restrictive and selective immigration policies.

Appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, I will argue that this thesis and its implicit claim are fundamentally mistaken. In particular, I will demonstrate that free trade and restricted immigration are not only perfectly consistent, but even mutually reinforcing policies. That is, it is not the advocates of free trade and restricted immigration who are wrong, but rather the proponents of free trade and free immigration. In thus taking the “intellectual guilt” out of the free-trade-and-restricted-immigration position and putting it where it actually belongs, I hope to promote a change in the present state of public opinion and facilitate substantial political realignment.”

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ancestry Research Websites

A member of a Scottish clan sent these links and notes along:
This free site supported by Do not use the search box at the top of the page, it is an ad that will take you to the non-free part of

The GenWeb Project

Also check out genealogical and historical societies, libraries, and universities; more and more documentation is coming online.

Former frontman of Jewish bank mafia

Alan Greenspan recommends nationalization of U.S. banks:
It may be necessary to temporarily nationalise some banks in order to facilitate a swift and orderly restructuring,” he said. “I understand that once in a hundred years this is what you do. ... Speaking to the FT ahead of a speech to the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday, Mr Greenspan said that “in some cases, the least bad solution is for the government to take temporary control” of troubled banks either through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or some other mechanism.
He is supported by a leading Republican:
“We should be focusing on what works,” Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator from South Carolina, told the FT. “We cannot keep pouring good money after bad.” He added, “If nationalisation is what works, then we should do it.”
Don't worry, we're in experienced hands.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Denglisch: When Languages Collide

Denglisch is the combination of Deutsch + Englisch. There are different varieties of Denglisch, as well as a mix called Dinglish. Hyde Flippo gives einen interessanten Bericht at about the humor and frustration of mixing these two languages.

Friday, December 7, 2012

An encouraging thought

"I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened."

"So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil. Bilbo was meant to find the Ring, in which case you also were meant to have it. And that is an encouraging thought."

Dum spiro, spero.
Dum, adv. of time : while, as long as.
spiro, spirare, spiravi, spiratum : I breath.
spero, sperare, speravi, speratum : I hope.

Why the schools are so awful

The schools are not bad because the good teachers have left, as too many armchair "conservatives" have proclaimed, as they soaked up their hourly dose of FauxNews propaganda and joined the cry for more spelunkers to crowd into the hollow depths of my bank account. No, the real cause-and-effect relation is: the good teachers have left because the schools are bad.

It is not poor teachers, poor buildings, poor execution of the edu-fad-of-the-month, or whatever the political hacks are telling us this semester in order to con more new tax and bond money out of us. It is the system itself that is rotten. It has been designed this way by liberal social engineers masquerading as "educators," working with government bureaucrats looking to grow their empires, aided and abetted by teachers and unions seeking power, and financed by billionaires greedy for ever greater profits, no matter the social cost. (See John Taylor Gatto's book, Underground History of Education, free online).

Our schooling system receives its legitimacy and emotional and voting support from the mushy brains of a public which holds the mob-mentality belief that the purpose of school is to make everyone the same. Id est, the problem is equalitarianism, the disastrously incorrect and easily disprovable belief that everyone should be equal, not merely in opportunity, but in all things, regardless of each person's true abilities or inclinations.

Richard Mitchell was at ground zero, as an English teacher at Glasboro State College, when the madness took hold, and has humorously reported his experiences with the wretched progeny of this New Deal cum Great Society experiment in his Underground Grammarian newsletters and in his wonderful books, Less Than Words Can Say, The Graves of Academe, The Leaning Tower of Babel, and The Gift of Fire, all available free online here.

Taki's Mag gives us an update on how this Progressive Marxist project (currently known as "No Child Left Behind") is progressing, Dumb is the New Smart -- The Perversion of Modern American Education.

The schools would improve if liberalism were destroyed. They would be even better if control were recovered from Washington, D.C and returned entirely to local school boards where they belong.

But thanks to a deeply held religious belief of most Westerners, designed by To Ponerov himself, neither of these things are likely to happen soon. To the few noble men and women out there: If you want any changes, you're going to have to make them yourself. Homeschool now, ask me how.

Sacha Baron Cohen stalks Ron Paul

A sick, twisted, typically anti-White, anti-American Hollywood Jew in action. Thanks to many decades of Jewish control of all Western media (and an army of Jewish propagandist hackers), Cohen will not only not be censured for this, he will be handsomely rewarded by the millions of retards who have grown used to this type of "cutting edge" humor.

The Germans burned thousands of books filled with this type of Jewish filth during their fight against the Bolshevik and bankster takeover, prior to WWII. I understand completely and sympathize. If only my fellow Americans had as much sense.

I finally saw Valkyrie last night

the 2008 movie with Tom Cruise. Not bad. As the producers may or may not have intended, I felt sorry for everyone in the film. What a tragedy the movie portrayed.

I felt sorry for Cruise's character and for his family. I felt sorry for all of the conspirators, not just because they were caught and executed, but because they believed that the Allies would show them mercy if they surrendered. Poor souls. They could not have known that the forces driving the East and the West had the German people marked for total destruction long ago, regardless.

I also felt sorry for those who were caught in the middle during the coup, not knowing on which side to come down. They couldn't have know that, even if they did survive the war, they would quickly fall under the merciless hand of the same parasitic bankster tribe they had just freed themselves from only a few years before. They couldn't have known -- as is so plain to us today -- that the Tribe would hound and disparage them and their descendants to the end of time, no matter their motives, guilt, or innocence.

I felt sorry for den Fuehrer, who -- in the final days of a losing battle against the rabid Communists in the east and their spiritual twin, the globo-capitalists of America and GB in the west -- looked so tired and worn out with worry over saving the Fatherland from the German's thoughtless, barbaric cousins.

I felt sorry for the millions of German people, trapped in a battle for their and their children's lives, in a situation they did not create, did not fully understand, and were powerless to change.

The Germans -- the last European tribes to holdout against decadent modernism; the creators and refiners of the highest culture the world had ever seen -- lost the war. And now as a direct consequence, all of Western Europe has fallen under the iron boot of Communism/Global Capitalism and is being covered by a thick, Mordor-like darkness and is being gassed by a race-destroying multicultural stench of third-world proportions, de-generated by that eternally God-damned tribe.

Anyone who understands the full meaning of it all (id est, anyone who has broken free from the dumb-downed, Talmud-vision version of Western history) cannot help but cry for Germany, to cry over the rape of Europa and all that has been plundered and destroyed. What has been unfolding is a tradegy of Homeric and Aeneid-ic proportions. No, it is worse. It is worse because it is happening to us now.

But there is always hope. A candle burns yet. Russia has managed to evict most of the "Russian oligarchs" and is busy cleansing itself of the mountains of filth they left behind. Perhaps we can do the same some day soon.

With that hope in mind, I raise my horn to traditional Germany and give this toast, this prayer: may she be born again and lead Europe and faithful Europeans everywhere to a new beginning, based on re-discovered truth, honor, family, and tradition. Prost. Gruesse.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Lady of Shallott

by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
On either side the river lie
Long fields of barley and of rye,
That clothe the wold and meet the sky;
And thro' the field the road runs by
To many-tower'd Camelot;
And up and down the people go,
Gazing where the lilies blow
Round an island there below,
The island of Shalott. more >>
Not really one for poetry, but this one really grabs me.

Judaic Paganism

No one can distort eternal beauty and truth more spectacularly than the faithful followers of the King of Lies. No one can resurrect ancient death, ugliness and insanity better.

If you have wondered how deep the depravity of Man can become when severed from the natural world and love of reality, look at the growing fascination with organized evil in our culture factories, some of which has been chronicled at Vigilant Citizen. Read especially all of the articles about Lady Gaga and the Music industry. You must see all of these videos. As a normal person, if you watch only one or two you will probably be so stunned and turned off by the weirdness of it all that you will dismiss it as merely kooky or odd and miss the patterns, and completely miss the big picture.

The issue here is not random, shocking images meant to sell CD's and DVD's and commercials. I am drawing your attention to deliberate, organized, institutionalized evil with a sinister global agenda, coming from the main engine of popular culture.

As you watch, think about how many children are being exposed to this every day. Remember that our children are searching these kinds of videos for meaning regularly. Remember that to these newly arrived people with little experience and poor judgement, This is normal, this is the behavior and belief system to emulate, this is what it's all about.

Then look at the "Sinister Sites" article about the Cathedral of St. John the Devine, a relatively new temple of darkness in America wherein the globalist religion thrives and its spores waft out into the popular culture.

If you're not upset by the growing evil in our popular culture, you're simply not understanding what you are seeing. You are so immersed in filth that you do not see it. You are like the poor fish which does not notice the water in which he lives. Step back. Do a thorough and honest comparison of TV and radio in the 1950's and 1960's compared to that of today. What a shocking difference from what was normal then to normal now, all in less than one lifetime.

Personally, I had always thought that some of the scenes meant to illustrate evil in Das Buch were outlandish. People could never become that twisted, I thought in my proud ignorance. I thought in smirking silence to my Sunday school teachers, That's crazy. Those stupid monks must have gotten the translations wrong.

And I had always been told that there exists evil so unbelievably shocking and hideous that I could not imagine it. Pshaw, ri-i-ight, I thought. I've got a great imagination, no way you're gonna freak me out, bring it on. I was wrong. The more I look into the entertainment industry and the history of education and religion (which are the histories of power itself), the more I realize that there are many influential people with even "better" imaginations, much darker and more messed up than I ever could have dreamed. Worse, they are in total control of the popular culture and they are actively pushing this ancient disease on my children and on my people.

Evil is real. When you pray to be delivered from To Ponayro, be sure to include the article. If you use the English or the Latin, be sure to capitalize the word. Know that it exists, that it is real, not just metaphoric, not just another adjective. Once again, Sauron's power is growing and is now taking physical form, but this time in the West. When you see paintings of knights of old standing in front of a fire-breathing dragon -- just standing there, ready to die to defeat it -- realize the eternal truth and real-world heroism this image represents.

Question for you: Are you still paying several hundreds dollars a year to have this bilge pumped into your home?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Left's next move

Liberals are always running verbals circles around conservatives. After the entire RedTeam Faithful had been trained by "conservative" talk show hosts to chant, "We have no objection to them coming here; we just want them to be legal," they should've realized they had been tricked. But no.

They were genuinely surprised when the traitors in Congress and the White House (led by G.W. Bush and his neo-cons) subsequently tried to pass amnesty and open borders legislation. I cannot forgive anyone who deliberately tries to destroy my country from within, but it is easy for me to see how many congressmen received the initial impression that amnesty was indeed what voters wanted.

As to amnesty, although our government and international business lobbyists were stopped by voters in fact, they won in practice: almost all of the foreigners in question are still here, still enjoying free everything at American expense, still voting, still multiplying like rats, and millions more are still pouring in. Whites -- the people who built this country and were a 95% majority up just a few years ago -- will now be a minority in the U.S. by 2020. Mexicans are likely to be the majority by mid-century. Racial miscegenation is exploding, especially in the big cities. Whites have already lost the war for majority status; it's a done deal, thanks to leaders of open borders.

The biggest problem Whites have is that they don't even know they've been in a war, that they've been conquered numerically, without a military shot being fired.

Now, the Left's next trick will be to admit that multiculturalism hasn't worked. Conservatives, good-hearted simpletons that they are, will fall for this one, too, and starved for any victory at all will tell one another, "Aha! Those silly liberals finally get it! We've won! See, Honey? The truth always wins out in the end, the pendulum always swings back, blah, blah, blah."

But the Left's true meaning will be that multiculturalism doesn't work because peoples and different cultures still remain largely intact, separated from one another. Karl Marx's dream of a nationless, borderless world without real families has not yet been completely realized. Multiculturalism has done its job and will be abandoned in favor of a better meme with which to break down Whites' resistance assimilation.

And business is still inefficient, having to make so many options for the different ethnicities. The "conservatives" on talk radio and TV will continue to demand less regulation and still more international trade, and will make economic arguments in favor of trading our national assets on the open world market.

These globalists will increase their race-mixing pressure, just as they are doing now, only more forcefully and openly. Innocent Whites will increasingly be convicted for "racism," "anti-Semitism," and "Holocaust(TM) denial." As the non-Whites advance, they will become bolder. Witness Rhodesia and South Africa.

The Left will re-define "White" to include light-skinned Asians and Hispanics. Most conservatives, always looking for a fairy tale and ready to roll over lest they be seen as rude or socially unacceptable to their friends, will ignore their children and their ancestors and will remain silent and accept this new definition. Radio talk shows, Christian preachers, and most other business people will begin using the new definition straight away.

But racially-conscious Whites will retreat and regroup, saying little, but filling with rage. We might once more see the "poor, innocent chosen ones, eternally persecuted for no reason at all," ejected from still yet another country, on a growing list of countries. For no reason at all, natürlich.

The "Hate Crimes" bill

Kevin MacDonald explains the tribe behind it and its motivations. Dozens of good links in the article, perfect for sending out to your unawakened friends and relatives.

Monday, December 3, 2012

About those fake bars

allegedly with crispy tungsten centers, wrapped in soft golden shells. Comments from Alex Stanczyk of Rapid Trends is also skeptical.