Sunday, April 10, 2011

Larry David pisses on Christ, ridicules Christians

with impunity. Lots of people will complain but Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld will not go to jail, nor will they pay any fines, nor will they be required to grovel for forgiveness in public for months on end as a White Christian would have to do if the tables were turned. In fact, if recent history is any guide, David and Seinfeld will make even more money from the increased publicity, and the Hollywood ridicule and societal and legal suppression of White Christians will only increase.

Over the last few decades Jews -- who are almost all very liberal, anti-White and anti-American -- have worked extremely hard to silence criticism by White Christians of non-Whites and non-Christians. They have now realized their goal. Publicly questioning the details of the Holyhoax will land you in jail and subject you to stiff fines in Europe and Canada, and will cost you your livelyhood in the U.S. This week O-Banana signed the "hate crimes" bill into law, which if not overturned will effectively destroy all free speech in America, especially that of White Christians. "Denying the Holocaust(TM)" and protesting against vermin like Larry David will be practically illegal.

Just a little history lesson for you White kiddos: America, Canada, Australia, and Europe were consciously, intentionally 90%+ White up until just a couple decades ago, before the Tribe took over in the 1960's. Currently, thanks to their nefarious machinations, America is less than 65% White and Whites will probably be a minority in less than 20 years. All of the countless affirmative action and immigration laws and policies, as well as all public opinion manufactured by Hollywood, are weighted heavily against Whites and White interests. Oh, what's that you say, discipuli? They didn't tell you this in school? They didn't tell you that now you are the only ethnic group on the planet without your own country? No? I'm shocked.

Larry Auster says it's right and proper for non-Jews to criticize Jews as Jews, but remember that you'll still be called an anti-Semite naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews no matter how fair or balanced your criticism. Perhaps Auster will later explain how we are supposed to eat or stay out of jail after said criticism.

As the Russians found out too late under the murderous Soviet dictatorship, it really sucks being ruled by Jews. Will we dismantle the rising United States' Soviet system before the Tribe pushes the Start button on their new killing machine here? Will we rid ourselves of these filthy parasites before they kill the host? Stay tuned.

All hail diversity

and the government of Moldova, which will resist no attack on its people or heritage. Story of the removal, comment and links by Brother Kapner, here.

Speaking of suicide by liberalism, you must read this hilarious account of a token practicing physician from prestigious medical university. Caveat aeger.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Separate and build anew

Once a system, exempli gratia, the United States government, gets to a certain size, no one is able to change it; it takes on a life (and death) and determination of its own. Those people who love and depend on it rise with it as it grows and matures, but they also catch its many diseases as it begins to decay and wither from senility. History proves that it has always been thus with large systems which have come before us and then passed away.

From On the Moscow Patriarchate: A Letter for Pascha, 2008, at the Rus Journal, a Russian Orthodox website:
Our era is no different. Though the Orthodox are not openly persecuted, the System has far more subtle methods to brainwash the population. Television, pornography -- now mainstream and supported by corporate capital -- and the corrupt university system have made certain that the old ways of thinking are buried under the crass appeal to passions and power. Fearful of open debate, they have created structures of social engineering that the USSR simply did not have. The result: 35,000 suicides every year in the U.S., the overwhelming majority of these by white males. A huge upsurge in female domestic violence with little state action against them. 3,700 abortions per day in America. 118 million prescriptions in 2005 for anti depressants in the U.S. According to the British press, hospital admissions for abuse of illegal drugs have tripled over the last five years. However one looks at it, these are the results of “technological progress,” liberalism and modern culture.
At the present time there are many suicides taking place in the world. Both from disbelief and from lack of patience. They do not want to endure anything. If the Lord had not given to man the nature desire to life, maybe all would kill themselves. – Elder Joseph of Optina

Why do men learn through pain and suffering and not through pleasure and happiness? Very simply because pleasure and happiness accustom one to satisfaction with the world, whereas pain and suffering drive one to seek a more profound happiness beyond the limitations of this world. - Fr. Seraphim Rose
As a result, the retreat from the world, rather than “engagement” with it, as the OCA/MP complex demands, is necessary. The building of alternative structures of education, worship, economics and finance are absolute necessary to preserve the faith, not to mention our very health, both mental and physical.

Among the Old Belief, this was successful, with fairly well off communities and a merchant class that was willing to finance them, the Old Faith retained its integrity almost completely outside of society. In America, the Amish and Hasidic Jews have done the same. The communities they control render the outside world largely irrelevant. Just in my own south Pennsylvania neighborhood, the Amish have their own schools, dairy farms, creameries and churches. Are the Orthodox so incompetent that this is out of the question for them? Is their faith so ephemeral and superficial? ...

For our part, we are powerless against the System. The only way out is to build parallel institutions in every aspect of life. Pool our resources in our own credit unions and erect our own schools, parks, museums, coffee shops and bookstores, eventually with the goal not of overthrowing the System, but of rendering it irrelevant. Instead, the bulk of American Orthodoxy wants for the moment when Congress and the “Republicans” will come to save us. These people the world loves, and they have no enmity for it. As a result, they can no longer be considered Orthodox in any meaningful sense. To hold that the “rich tradition” of Orthodox enhances our “diversity” is to worship the world and its power over ideas.
Jumping directly into another "lifestyle" is impossible for most people, as addicted to modern junk as we are. But Americans can begin separation easily enough by shutting off their idiot-boxes, discontinuing most if not all of their magazine subscriptions, leading classical book clubs, private hunting and fishing and automotive clubs, etc., and most effective and life-changing change of all: homeschooling. Even if this is all you do, you will be making tremendous personal and spiritual gains.

It's a just a question of priorities. Do you really want to change things, or are you just another belly-aching, RedTeam-BlueTeam useful idiot?

Brother Nathan speaks up for Jeff Rense

and against the lying, Holyhoax-worshipping, Jewish Zionists, here.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stellula princeps

From Mater Anserina, Poems in Latin for Children, by Milena Minkova and Ternace Tunberg:
Mica, mica,
Princeps tu stellula!
Quod peto fac ut videam:
Donum des ut habeam!
Felix Dies Nativitatis.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Corneli Taciti, De Origine et Situ Germanorum

The Latin Library | Perseus Latin | Perseus English
Cornelius, Corneli, m. : Cornelius
Tacitus, Taciti, m. : Tacitus
de, prep. w/abl. : about, concerning
origo, originis, f. : origin, source; race, ancestry
et, conjunct. : and
situs, situs, m. : situation, structure
Germanus, Germani, m. : a German

Snake Oil Salesmen

by Oxbury_Research:
That scenario reminds me of a Three Stooges short where Moe, Larry, Curly were trying to sell bottles of medicine. Curly and Larry asked Moe, “What is this stuff used for?” Moe replies, “You want to know what this stuff is for?” Curly and Larry say yes. As Moe slaps them, he says “It's for SALE!”

That sure sounds like a Wall Street sales meeting to me. more >>

The heroic in Western society

Jonathan Bowden speaking at the 21st New Right meeting (13th June 2009) on "Tintin & the Example of Degrelle." Includes the history of some comic heroes and villians.

Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:
Part Four:
Part Five:
Part Six:
Part Seven:

As always, Bowden is interesting and entertaining, spraying his vast knowledge and thought-provoking perspective onto his audience with the spread and energy of a firehose, and a cheerfulness not found in most speakers. The close of the speech starts out well but leaves us hanging. Stay tuned, same bat-time, same bat-channel ...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Women's work

From Making Home:
It's strange that it's politically incorrect to say that moms are needed. At home. To be there for their children. No one has a problem with a boss who says things like, " Jim is the reason for this company's success." Or, " Sandy holds this office together." No one gripes and says it's demeaning for a worker to be needed in their job. So why is there a cultural problem with saying that moms are needed by their children? ...

Let's be willing to say it like it is: as moms of young children, the best place for us to be is at home.

That's just the truth. One can find all sorts of arguments about having the right to be elsewhere, exceptions (a widowed or abused single mom) and more, but the overarching, general truth is -- and we all know it -- children are happiest and best raised when mom is home with them and engaged in their daily lives.
Absolutely, I could not agree more.

Full article with links to related articles and comments here.

Monday, April 4, 2011

May your hopiness

be filled with changitude. I guess.

Related: Alex Jones has a new feature, an audio blog.

Doug Casey warns to get your golden geese in a row cause change is indeed coming.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Three cheers for Ron Paul

No other U.S. Representative has been as consistently pro-Constitution and pro-American as Ron Paul, not one single one. Here is the honest man from Texas discussing Obama's bankster multi-trillion-dollar "bailout".

Ron Paul has been talking like this for years. And so where have Republicans been? Why didn't they tell us any of this? Because they were too busy worshipping George Bush, who was busy lining his pockets and the pockets of his friends; and they were too busy attacking Constitutionalists like Ron Paul as "kooks" ; and too busy electing White-hating gun-grabbers to run the RNC.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A quotation to memorize

From a discussion about race in South America: The fact that mixed race societies are still obsessed with race proves that the idea of a “post-racial” society is just a myth. -- Prozium. That's one worth repeating, word for word.

Kettle's on ...

Kevin DeAnna on the failure of Conservatism, at Concerning their exit and legacy, he writes:
But appealing to the heroic American past, traditional values, or the need for a strong defense of the American society is no longer a sound election strategy because the “Moral Majority” no longer exists. More than that, it is doubtful an American people, conscious of itself as a people with a particular culture, tradition, and identity, even exists.

In my view, the graying boomers who run and staff the current “conservative movement” probably represent the last generation of the Right that can justifiably call itself conservative. The constitutional and laissez-faire republic is long gone, a victim of the world wars, hot and cold. And the traditional Protestant and upright culture that once characterized American society as a whole, as well as the United States’ identity as a Western nation-state, won’t last much longer if present trends continue.

More than that, at a core level, we should ask ourselves seriously, What is there going to be worth conserving in the America of the next generation? more >>.
The Left could not have had better allies. Conservatives en masse refused to talk bravely and honestly about the most important issues such as ethnic identity.

They allowed Christianity to be twisted into a religion of milquetoast capitulation and "niceness" and a vehicle for Marxist Communism. Their greatest spiritual concerns now are "being the success God wants you to be" and saving the brown people of the Earth and bringing them all here.

They long ago seceeded all culture to the Left, from Homer to Shakespeare, in every form and venue, from print to the stage. Cheap ad hominem shots from the likes of Coulter, and Ingraham, or confused and half-hearted whining from Insanity and Limbaugh constitute the best popular defenses they can muster. They show no outward signs that they realized how brainless and ineffective these attacks are.

As you read this, most continue sending their children to the government schools, despite knowing that these schools are producing little more than drones for the Marxists. They refuse to turn off their TV sets, even though they complain that it is full of degraded filth. They simply cannot be bothered to change.

They have loved war and the state, never mind their rhetoric about revering the Founders and the Constitution.

To paraphrase Edward Gibbon, conservatives loved security, money, entertainment and comfort more than freedom, and so they are losing it all.

Trainspotter on secession, at TOQ Online.

Today's conservative leaders will lead not the revolution, of course. Their kind of one-step-behind-liberalism thinking is what helped us into this mess. Even now, they refuse to talk honestly about race or ethnicity, preferring to let non-White "conservatives" such as Michelle Maulkin, Thomas Sowell, and a legion of neo-con pundits.

Conservatives may follow, but they are useless as Western leaders; they've already proven that.

Friday, April 1, 2011


From Schism and Conscience: Solzhenitsyn’s First Circle and Cancer Ward, by Matthew Raphael Johnson:
Happiness does not depend on physical surroundings, it depends on the guarding of the soul, the freedom that exists solely because this soul is not material, and hence is not amenable to manipulation by the state. But the most important element of this character is the idea that freedom is happiness, and happiness can only exist when the soul remains itself, and is not distorted by external elements.

Happy New Year!

Left/Right illusion ignored in Iceland

at least for now while the economic swindle has every Icelander's full attention.

Michael Hudson writes about the mood there, the hatred of the "oligarchs" (wink, wink, meaning the you-know-whos), and the next disaster waiting for Icelanders should they be suckered into accepting total foreign control via the Euro or the IMF. Here are the related articles I linked to the other day from Juden Frei.

The Degeneration of Aristocracy and Market Economy

John Marshall writes:
In a normal society, the forces of culture flow from above, middle, and below. There can be no culture as such absent the aristos, those immemorial familial forces that promote the permanent values and the higher mores of the society. From below we often see what is passionate, most easily accessible, and what is more of “sentiment”. From the middle, what is practical. But nobility must come from that sphere where self-sacrifice and honor are the rules of order.

In the modern materialist society, culture is manufactured by corporate interests. Culture is literally a “product” to be sold in the market.The industrial powers will argue that they follow the desires of the people, rather than lead them. If this were so, then advertising would be an afterthought, existing merely to differentiate among competitors. But this is the least function of advertising, for, as anyone who has spent time in a corporate boardroom can attest, advertising exists as much to generate demand as to service it, it exists as much to create new markets as to provide products and services for existing ones. Industrial capitalism (that 19th through 21st century historical phenomenon), as economist Wilhelm Ropke would insist, is not cognate with the market economy, which precedes it. It is a degeneration of the market economy into subsidy and monopoly, and a degeneration of the moral vitality upon which the market economy relies. Capitalism cannot remain stagnant, it must increase or recede. Industrial capitalism (marked by the emergence of the public corporation that serves the interests of the anonymous “shareholder") is necessarily expansionist and imperialist. And anything that must expand to survive, cannot be healthy. more >>