Friday, May 11, 2012

Lunacy rules in Deutschland

From SpiritWaterBlood, more on the mass mental illness created by the Holocaust(TM) cult :
When commemorative marchers are attacked in Dresden with clubs and bottles by self-described “Marxist” and “Anarchist” gangs, the German media denounces the “neo-Nazi” marchers. And the Judeo-German government is no better, gladly violating its own law against “defaming the dead” by denying the Dresden holocaust at every turn. “This is holocaust-denial of the acceptable type. One goes to prison in Germany for saying the execution gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau were a ‘myth,’ but the claim that the holocaust in Dresden is a ‘myth’ is published in Spiegel, Germany’s leading magazine, and made the subject of serious and respectable discussion. The hypocrisy is astonishing.”
I feel sorry for the Germans who must endure this crazed nonsense. It must be depressing, watching your country being torn asunder by the Judaics and their Jew-DayO!-Christian worshippers.

Learning to speak Latin

Evan Millner explains why he began his Latinum project and why he chose Adler's as his Latin textbook, here.  Listen to Foedus Latinum - The Death of a Language? and About Adler.  Two forums he created in which you may make your own page and talk to other Latin speakers are Schola and Foedus Latinum.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Television viewing

is has increased, reports Nielson Media Research, to an average of 142 hours a month -- almost 5 hours a day. Di immortales! What could these people be watching? I don't even bother to channel surf anymore because the programming has become so rotten. Well, at least now we know where resistance to the new Marxist police state disappeared to, and why so many parents are allowing their children to grow up stupid barbarians.

There will be no revolution until the televisions are shut off.

The Global Reach of the Judeo-Russian Mafia

by Matthew Raphael Johnson, at the Orthodox Midievalist:
Its been about 10 years since the Jerusalem Post admitted that the Israeli underworld had been taken over by Russian-Jewish mob bosses. But it remains the case despite official Mossad condemnations, that little has been done to interfere with the drug and slave trade the Russian-Jewish bosses have brought to Israel. Recently, even Amnesty International has slammed Israel for refusing to do much about the Jewish mob’s white slave traffic worldwide, based in Israel. Several years ago, Amnesty wrote this: more >>

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The ChickenHawks Come Home To Roost

by Christopher Manion at LewRockwell's blog. An excellent summary of the idiocy that has been passing as conservatism these days:
The Wall Street Journal is shocked, shocked! that Democrats dare to blame Bush for the crash. What did they expect? They cheered on Bush for eight years, championing his unconstitutional wars that bled us dry, turned the world against us, and destroyed our livelihood and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. They cheered the war. They cheered war profiteers like Richer Perle, and powermongers and abusers like Rumsfeld, Cheney, and even convicted felon Lewis Libby. They cheered the Middle East policy that convicted liar Elliott Abrams ran from the NSC. When the bloom came off the rose, they then mocked Ron Paul [unforgivable! --r.m.] when he told the ugly truth about the Bush years, when Dr. Paul knows more about economics in his little finger than all their editorial interns and happy-talkers ever learned in their lives.

And now they blame -- Obama?

Look, Obama is a socialist and he’ll continue ruining the country, no argument there. But with his high crimes, misdemeanors, and disasters Bush not only handed Obama his victory on a silver platter, but he also handed the country all the makings of socialism that Obama is now perpetuating and solidifying. Obama is undoubtedly grateful to Bush, even as he trashes him.

We can blame the socialists for being socialists, but don’t blame them for blaming Bush: he deserves it. And remember, the neocons will never, ever apologize. Never.
Larry Auster writes about Bush's most popular sychophant:
For the last eight years, Limbaugh was married heart and soul to George W. Bush, the man who caused more harm to the Republican party and conservatism than anyone in modern times. And now Limbaugh dares lecture the Republican party on its parlous state? This is why I can't take Limbaugh seriously. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad he's out there, I'm glad he's now rallying the troops against the Democrats. But personally I can't take him seriously. And he's not the only one. There is this vast cohort of Republican pundits -- your Horowitzes, your Hansons, your Bauers, [special mentions: Coulter, Hannity, O'Reilly, Levine, Praeger, Medved, Dan Patrick, Edd Hendy -- r.m.] their name is legion -- who have hopelessly compromised and tainted themselves with their love for Bush, their helpless, serf-like, forelock-pulling love for Bush, and the only way they can regain their intellectual integrity is through a full confession and renunciation. Which they can't do, because they put so much of their lives into serving this unworthy man.
James Edwards remembers who Limbaugh reminds him of: Matt Foley of SNL.

A fresh start

WorldNetDaily reports on the homeschooled teen jailed under the "Patriot Act." I just want to say, Gut gemacht, RotesTeam (Good going, RedTeam) fans and other G.W. Bush worshippers! We're well on our way to giving that Ron Paul kook and his crazy Constitutionalist followers what's coming to them. Yah, let's go get some Freedom Fries and celebrate. Singing, Oh, I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free, dum dee dum dum dum ...

It just gets worse and worse. I want King George III back. Wait, so long as I'm wishing, I want the House of Stuart back. Give me [my Great^18th Grandpappy] Charles I -- Czar Nicholas, even -- over these bobo monsters any day.

The Pythagorean Woman

Another nice article from Laura Woods, here. Her discription of the Pythagorean philosophers is a bit incomplete (there ended up being two main groups, one of which went "mystical" and was roundly criticized by Cicero for its devotion to numerology), but not wrong. An encouraging read.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In Defense of Classical Education

If you are searching for the best education for yourself or your children, you might want to read, Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin, by Tracy Lee Simmons. Here is an excerpt at the Memoria Press website. One important clarification he makes early on in his book is that a classical education is
a curriculum grounded upon -- if not strictly limited to -- Greek, Latin, and the study of the civilization from which they arose.
It is the intense and prolonged study of the languages, literature, history, thought, and art of the Latins and Greeks of the classical period that makes an education classical, nothing else.

He also had some interesting observations and good advice in this interview at Nation Review in 2002.

The reasons for WWI & WWII

A Jewish Defector Warns America, by Benjamin H. Freedman.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finally, a leader emerges

Max Keiser offers a clear summary of the economic crises and what simple steps we should take now:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jim Kunstler Visits South Africa

and reports on the crime and chaos there, now that Apartheid has been abolished and the country is 90%+ non-White and totally under black control. It's bad, he discovers, especially for the "priviledged" Whites, but apparently not bad enough yet, for things are still a mess. Comrade Kunstler can't believe that the Whites in S.A. haven't capitulated entirely and warns them:
The white majority (sic) seems to ignore the fact that their future hangs by the rather flimsy threads that hold together the combined motoring-and-security systems that protect them. The story there is hardly over.
The answer, he writes, is to remove what remains of White ownership, including those "slumlords" who secretly force the residents to strip the buildings of copper wire and steel plumbing. And trains (Oh, my, how Jim loves that mass transit! He must've gotten his first kiss on the EL or something), lots and lots of trains and buses, into and out of every stinkhole and every gated neighborhood, downtown, uptown, you name it -- really mix it up.

Oh, and shared civic space, too. Those clueless Whites must eliminate what little protected, civilized space remains and drop that stupid "fortification mentality."

Verily, we should all be grateful for Jim's superior wisdom and vision. Y'all know deep in your hearts, Brethren and Sistern, that with the properly designed habitat, Jim and his Marxist buddies will have all of us living in perfect harmony, if we'll all give peace (and mass transit) a chance.