Friday, January 11, 2013

Seeing Reds - Joseph McCarthy vindicated

From Justin Raimondo:
But the collapse of the Soviet empire has meant the implosion of the liberal delusion that McCarthyism was a mean-spirited campaign of lies and smears based entirely on the ambition and alcohol-fueled paranoia of one flawed human being, whose name has become synonymous with witch-hunting. Schlesinger and his ideological confrères have had the rug pulled out from under them by the gradual release of the KGB’s files, and the coup de grâce has been delivered by the publication of Spies, which cites definitive evidence from the Soviet archives that not only nails Duggan as a Soviet agent, but also closes the case of the most celebrated Soviet fifth columnist of all, Alger Hiss.
How little things change. This is precisely what Larry Franklin, the Pentagon’s top Iran analyst, said in his own defense when he was caught turning over vital secrets to Israeli officials via AIPAC employees Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman. Far from considering himself a traitor, he fancied himself a patriot for trying to advance the special relationship between the two countries. Convinced that American policymakers weren’t responding to the alleged threat from Iran decisively enough, he took it upon himself to supply the Israelis with closely held intelligence about al-Qaeda and U.S. troop movements in Iraq because he considered American and Israeli interests to be the same. more >>
Google Communism, USSR, Bolsheviks, Hollywood, neo-cons, oligarchs, and discover which tribe invented this "international psychopathic cult" and has been its leading proponent in the West ever since (to include the open borders movement).

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