Friday, December 7, 2012

Why the schools are so awful

The schools are not bad because the good teachers have left, as too many armchair "conservatives" have proclaimed, as they soaked up their hourly dose of FauxNews propaganda and joined the cry for more spelunkers to crowd into the hollow depths of my bank account. No, the real cause-and-effect relation is: the good teachers have left because the schools are bad.

It is not poor teachers, poor buildings, poor execution of the edu-fad-of-the-month, or whatever the political hacks are telling us this semester in order to con more new tax and bond money out of us. It is the system itself that is rotten. It has been designed this way by liberal social engineers masquerading as "educators," working with government bureaucrats looking to grow their empires, aided and abetted by teachers and unions seeking power, and financed by billionaires greedy for ever greater profits, no matter the social cost. (See John Taylor Gatto's book, Underground History of Education, free online).

Our schooling system receives its legitimacy and emotional and voting support from the mushy brains of a public which holds the mob-mentality belief that the purpose of school is to make everyone the same. Id est, the problem is equalitarianism, the disastrously incorrect and easily disprovable belief that everyone should be equal, not merely in opportunity, but in all things, regardless of each person's true abilities or inclinations.

Richard Mitchell was at ground zero, as an English teacher at Glasboro State College, when the madness took hold, and has humorously reported his experiences with the wretched progeny of this New Deal cum Great Society experiment in his Underground Grammarian newsletters and in his wonderful books, Less Than Words Can Say, The Graves of Academe, The Leaning Tower of Babel, and The Gift of Fire, all available free online here.

Taki's Mag gives us an update on how this Progressive Marxist project (currently known as "No Child Left Behind") is progressing, Dumb is the New Smart -- The Perversion of Modern American Education.

The schools would improve if liberalism were destroyed. They would be even better if control were recovered from Washington, D.C and returned entirely to local school boards where they belong.

But thanks to a deeply held religious belief of most Westerners, designed by To Ponerov himself, neither of these things are likely to happen soon. To the few noble men and women out there: If you want any changes, you're going to have to make them yourself. Homeschool now, ask me how.

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