Sunday, December 12, 2010

Learning German

The best free basic course I've found for the self-taught student is Gene Moutoux's Essential German. The best audio program is Pimsleur's German, and the best beginning grammar book is Essential German Grammar by Guy Stern and E. F. Bleiler. After completing Moutoux's course go to this site and read all the stories in German. By the time you finish all of this (about 1 year of study for 2 hours a day) you'll be able to decide where to go from there. Get a penpal in Deutschland, read the news and comics in German, usw.

Comiks auf Deutsch. An online dictionary. Nachrichten.

Happy St. Andrew's Day

The day of the Patron Saint of Scotland. Traditions and Celebrations in Scotland, and Related traditions in continental Europe at Wikipedia.

Here is the updated December calendar of the Celtic Chorus of Houston.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spirit Water Blood

comments on recent news. Excellent, as usual. I liked this:
The Japanese are delightful racists. They’re actually paying South Americans to leave the country. One of their senior legislators says, “I do not think that Japan should ever become a multi-ethnic society,” citing the American empire as “a failure on the immigration front.” Who can deny it?

Happy Arbor Day

And Down with Earth Day. A couple of days late, but better late than never.

From Laudator Temporis Acti:
Walt Whitman, Me Imperturbe, ad fin.:

O to be self-balanced for contingencies,
To confront night, storms, hunger, ridicule, accidents, rebuffs, as the trees and animals do.

Happy Arbor Day.
Plant a tree. We planted some fruit trees and several berry bushes (bushes are a midget trees).

Thursday, December 9, 2010

In search of the real Germany

I have always loved Germany and Germans, or at least what little I know of it and the few Germans I have met. I love the language, love the sound of it, its particular quirks, and its "forthrightness" I guess you could say. It was my first language and I spoke it up until my fourth year, after we moved back to America. I have always been fond of it, even though I had never studied it formally or heard it spoken much. It is, of the six languages I now study as a middle-aged adult, by far the easiest for me. I suppose my brain must've retained a significant memory of it since childhood. To think, all these years I have been carrying around with me in my head a buried treasure.

How do I like and respect Deutschland, let me count the ways.

I love the traditional architecture of the Germans -- it is strong and beautiful and comforting. They have sadly abandoned the old styles but even in the modern age Germans have a flair for color and a way of simplifying their designs that strongly attracts me.

I love German folk and classical music. It is simple, fun, and generally happy. Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss (Jr.) are my favorite composers -- there is no more beautiful or moving music on the face of the planet.

My entire family loves the old folk stories, and we read them all over again every couple of years.

Everybody the world over has always respected German engineering.

A large percentage of the American population is of direct German descent, and they seem like nice, smart people to me. America loved Germany right up until the time we declared war on each other.

But how many times had I seen on TV and in the movies that Germans were nothing but evil? Must be a 100,000 by now, maybe a million. How long had Hollywood told me to hate them and their evil leader, Hitler? Some in the media have asked (rhetorically, of course), "How could the German people ever elected and followed such an evil government?," the real implication always being that the German people, as a race, were themselves responsible and will do it again if given half a chance, so we must keep them down forever or at least until we breed the Whiteness out of them.

So here in America, we have two opposing views of Germans, one of them as evil incarnate and one older, pre-Hollywood version of them as a noble, hardworking, laudable people.

I decided to investigate these contradictory views without the aid and comfort of Hollywood and the MSM. It will be difficult because all of the ready information is mostly anti-German propaganda left over from the World Wars. So, where to begin? From my travels around the Interwebs, I think the best place is with Friedrich Braun, the most patriotic German I know of. He had helped me once before on this question but I haven't had time to read the long list of books he recommended; I really wanted to start with some shorter articles. So yesterday I returned to TheCivicPlatform where he posts frequently and found the following. What I have posted below are the paragraphs that were the most interesting to me, and that represent a partial summary of the discussion.

It starts off with an introduction for truth seekers from a wandering sage who goes by the handle of Wintermute. The intro and the four linked articles were posted in response to an ongoing dispute between Braun and GuessedWorker, an Englishman who runs Here is a bit from the intro, warning those who insist on following the path of truth, wherever it leads:
Some of you here have begun to suspect, and others to fear, that the path blazed by Geoff is also going to have to be walked by you. Having drunk this cup of gall to the dregs myself, I will also affirm that it is dangerous to your emotional equilibrium, your religious faith, your relationships, and your personal health. If you follow the bread crumbs of fact, re: the “Holocaust”, Barbarossa, Katyn, Dunkirk, Danzig, and of course, the trail of inquiry whose daunting entrace is KMac’s incomparable trilogy or the book “When Victims Rule”, to be found over at the Jewish Tribal Review, your personal integrity is going to be tested to the limits and beyond. In addition to that, you will be subject to certain psycho-physiological states that you won’t find pleasant at all. Deprogramming is not for sissies. I have seen people, learning the truth about the “Holocaust” for the first time, shudder, experience chills, weep uncontrollably, vomit, etc.

I’m about as close to an expert in this “field” as anyone [ed: true; a better amateur historian I have not found] and I state without reservation: after you “get it”, it takes about three years before the shock - and I use the term in its medical sense - begins to wear off. Though in all honesty, it never really goes away completely - only some of the more extreme manifestations subside.
An excerpt from Part I:
Although you don’t like to hear it, the Third Reich was a fantastic time. It was a time when Germany was happy, healthy, prosperous, clean, homogeneous, orderly, beautiful, and a powerhouse. A time when Germany’s government had real Germans at its helm who had Germany’s best interests at heart. Simply by far the best years in German history! A magical time for Germans. [ed: how different from today, when all Western leaders are hell-bent on destroying us]

As someone commented on my blog:

Yes, indeed. My mother, who was a young girl at the time, often pities us (her children), that we did not and probably never will experience anything like it. She says it is nowadays just inconceivable and for us unimaginable. She is naturally not talking about material wealth (even so everyone finally got around after the lean years before), but about the spirit and sense of freedom and optimism regarding the furure. She always tell us, what a good time (schöne Zeit) it had been. According to her the contrast to the filth and decadence of Germany today (of which she is thorougly disgusted) could not be any bigger.
From the comments in Part II (some of the commenters here are excellent historians as well):
If those brit soldiers in their graves from WWII could see the “modern” world we have now, they would have gladly made peace with Germany. Its amazing that after the horrifying useless slaughter of WWI, that it took only 25 years to convince the British people to cut off their other leg and lay prostrate for the 3rd world to swarm over them. That is the power of the media, that it can convince individuals that committing suicide is healthy and noble. These myths die hard, even as Britain sinks further into oblivion, these noble “lions” sit back, pat themselves on the back and tell themselves what a wonderful world they have made and how horrible any alternative would have been. How many more books and movies promoting these myths must we endure?

Any war that requires the government to send its troops to dark movie theaters to explain why they should hate and kill their enemy, is a fraud.
From Part III comments:
The whole Nazi notion of “Germans as the master race” really wasn’t a very important concept or idea during the reign of the Nazis and was only discussed by the Nazi intellectual, professorial, and social elite.

The whole concept certainly wasn’t widely known or propagated amongst the German masses, though it may have been mentioned here and there by teachers who held strong Nazi sympathies.

Right. The Third Reich was surrounded by enemies while trying to overcome serious economic problems and an important communist/terrorist minority at home. The idea that they spent their days dreaming up theories regarding their superiority is for the birds, or the Guessedworkers of the world.
From Part IV:
This dark image of a sinister, aggressive, predatory, and militarily regimented Germany only became prevalent in the present century. The English historian, Frederic William Maitland, has described the once characteristic attitude toward the Germans:

… it was usual and plausible to paint the German as an unpractical, dreamy, sentimental being, looking out with mild blue eyes into a cloud of music and metaphysics and tobacco smoke.1

The French writer, Madame de Stael, romantically portrayed for the Napoleonic world of the early nineteenth century a Germany utterly unlike the grotesque image later drawn by the Allied propagandists of two World Wars. Madame de Stael’s Germans were a nation of “Poets and Thinkers,” a race of kindly, impractical, other-worldly dreamers without national prejudices and, strangely, in the light of later propaganda, “disinclined to war.”2

In America too, a similarly warm view of things German predominated. It is difficult to exaggerate the constructive impact of German institutions upon American life and the cordiality of the reception accorded them in the century or so from Frederick the Great to Bismarck. The story of this golden age of German-American relations has been magnificently chronicled by a very thorough and gifted American scholar, Henry M. Adams, in his recently published Prussian-American Relations, 1775-1871.3 In the cultural and intellectual spheres as in the political sphere the relationship was one of immense mutual profit.
One cannot imagine a more vivid contrast than that between de Stael’s Germans and the stereotyped image of monocled, burr-headed, heel-clicking, mindless robots which Hollywood did so much to popularize in the thirties and forties.
This is only an introduction, of course, but plenty of new ideas present themselves already, more than enough for the average student to busy himself in several years of investigation. I highly recommend the links found on TheCivicPlatform, they are a virtual Library of Congress of samizdat on Germany and European war history. Of course you won't hear any of this on CNN nor on the History Channel, and you are not likely to find these books on display at your local B&N, either, even though many are written by well-known and respected historians and political figures.

Abandon "Conservatism"?

Dylan Hales sums up the situation and tries to decide.
While a large segment of the Alternative Right believes it is time to abandon the term “conservative” altogether, I’m not so sure. From where I stand, turning over an intellectual tradition that includes men like Russell Kirk and Robert Nisbet to a movement that regards Sean Hannity as a serious thinker is surrendering far too much. The reputations of these great men should not become the property of neoconservatives or the warmongering faux-nationalists that now dominate the GOP. Efforts to stop this may be futile—or too little too late—but out of respect for our tradition, efforts should be made.
Though it would not be difficult to comply a much larger list, a good overview of four standard talking points of the establishment conservative movement showcases just how worthless discourse on the modern Right has become—or at least the Right that gets representation on the airwaves: more >>
Worthless is being kind.

More proof that the "good old days" were better

Kids never believe me when I tell them that life truly was like Leave it to Beaver, Mayberry RFD, and Father Knows Best. Nay, they have no notion that such a nice society could possibly ever have existed; they think I'm exaggerating. But I continue to tell them anyway and often show them the testimony of other geezers in the hopes that, should they ever decide they are sick and tired of our current lack of civilization, they will have an inkling how to rebuild one.

James Quinn, understanding me perfectly and wanting to help me out, recalls:
My parents both grew up in South Philly. My Dad had a good secure job with Atlantic Richfield and they took the leap to the 1st ring of suburbs outside of Philadelphia in 1955. They bought a 1,120 sq ft row home in Collingdale for $10,000. It had 3 small bedrooms and one small bathroom. They raised three kids (and three dogs) in this home and my Mother still lives there today. I shared (not happily) a 100 sq ft room with my brother and when I was six, the boogeyman who lived under the bed. We had a double bed, two bureaus, a nightstand, a bookshelf and a desk for studying in this room. When I walk in the room today, I wonder how we possibly shared this small space. Prisoners at Guantanamo have more space.

In the summer, with no air conditioner upstairs, I’m sure it got as hot as a Guantanamo prison cell. The walls were so thin between row homes I knew what the people next door were thinking. People never moved. We were a neighborhood where everyone knew everyone. You could depend on your neighbors. There were cookouts, holiday parties, and you could ask your neighbor for a cup of sugar. If your son (me) fell through the basement stairs and cracked his head open on the concrete floor, a neighbor would drive him to the hospital. The fathers went to work. Mothers worked at home, because they could. Mothers were there when the kids arrived home from school. No one was divorced in our neighborhood. All the kids went to the same school. No one was diagnosed with ADHD. I cut our lawn with a manual push mower. Times have surely changed. Bigger hasn’t translated into better over the decades.
This is the world you want to create, meine Kinder, the one stolen from you by the Marxists and global capitalists.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The tea parties were racist

says the Hollywood freak Jenene Garofalo. The RedTeam reports:
Garofalo actually called Party-goers "a bunch of teabagging rednecks," adding "this is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up."
So what if it was racist? You got a problem with that, you little anti-White, progressive troll? If we don't want a mulatto leading our White nation, that's our business. We will like or dislike whomever we please, for whatever reasons we please. How dare you, you ugly runt.

And "tea-baggin"? Speak for your own disgusting self, Jew 'ho.

Notice, too, you hate-spewing, Marxist retread, that there is a large and growing number of us who will not distance ourselves anymore from "those White militia, gun-toting, Bible-banging, pro-European, Constitution-loving, evilnaziracistswhowanttokillsixmillionsjews," like FauxNews and the other pantywaste RedTeam cheerleaders always do. We've had it. So beat it back to your liberal fantasyland.

(I realize the true enemies are her financiers and promoters, not Garofalo herself. But she's so offensive that I couldn't resist. Me paenitet, ignosce mihi amabo te.)

What your kids need to know about investing

Magister Mike Stathis reveals the basics:
For anyone who might counter by saying that it's good for kids to learn about investments, my response is that you've been brainwashed by too many E-Trade and Schwab commercials.

If America's youth spent more time learning chemistry, physics and math and less time on myspace, playing Warcraft, and watching porn, America might actually have a bright future.

But one thing is for certain. They are much better off wasting time online with games and myspace than gambling in the stock market. And this is exactly what this ad is designed to do - sucker them in. Investing in the stock market by anyone other than experienced professionals is no different than gambling. As a matter of fact, the gaming industry has much less fraud (excluding online). The less experienced one is, the more investing in the market resembles gambling.

In fact, you'll probably have better odds in Vegas. And you're sure to have a much better time and lose a lot less money. Most people don't realize this because they fail to understand that Wall Street has always been and will always be designed to take your money. Just remember that the next time you think you're doing well in the market.

And remember this - gambling is addictive. That's why so many people claim they "love" or "are obsessed" with the stock market.
Investing is the most difficult task to do well and consistently on earth. Period. Anyone who says it's easy or claims to have a system or set of "resources" that makes it easier is either naive or looking to sell you something, whether it's products or services. more >>

How far back can you remember?

James Higham posts his earliest memories at Nourishing Obscurity. Readers post a few of theirs.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Good Friday Prayer for the Jews

The Roman Catholic prayer, Oremus et pro perfidis Judaeis, from the 1570 editio princeps:
Oremus et pro perfidis Judaeis: ut Deus et Dominus noster auferat velamen de cordibus eorum; ut et ipsi agnoscant Iesum Christum, Dominum nostrum. Omnipotens, sempiterne Deus, qui etiam iudaicam perfidiam a tua misericordia non repellis: exaudi preces nostras, quas pro illius populi obcaecatione deferimus; ut, agnita veritatis tuae luce, quae Chistus est, a suis tenebris erantur.
In English:
Let us pray also for the faithless Jews: that God and our Lord may lift the veil from their hearts; that they too may acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Lord. Almighty, eternal God, Who dost not bar even the faithlessness of the Jews from Thy mercy: hear our prayers, which we offer for the blindness of that people; in order that when they have acknowledged the light of Thy truth, which is Christ, they may be delivered from their darkness.
Auf Deutsch:

Karfreitagsfürbitte für die Juden
Lasset uns auch beten für die treulosen Juden: Gott, unser Herr, möge den Schleier von ihren Herzen wegnehmen, auf dass auch sie unseren Herrn Jesus Christus erkennen. / Allmächtiger ewiger Gott, du schließest sogar die treulosen Juden von deiner Erbarmung nicht aus; erhöre unsere Gebete, die wir ob der Verblendung jenes Volkes vor dich bringen: Möchten sie das Licht deiner Wahrheit, welches Christus ist, erkennen und ihrer Finsternis entrissen werden. Durch ihn, unseren Herrn.
The prayer began to disappear from the liturgy in the 1960's, about the same time as the other efforts of the Judaics began to bear significant fruit in the West.

2009 La Raza sponsors and other destroyers

List here.

Global Capitalism is no respecter of families, clans, nations, borders, or culture. Just like Marxism, it treats Man solely as an economic animal. All arguments for or against both have money and economics as their central organizing principle. In practice, Global Capitalism is simply the flip side of Marxism; it achieves Marxist Communism by different means.

The destruction of Western people and their civilization is very profitable. As Weiner-Savage says, "It's a business":

Chris Matthews Interviews

gun carrying American from "Obama Town Hall." In this interview, Matthews is terrified that someone might shoot the Obamassiah. Perhaps is extremely hostile attitude is due to his worries of his own commie backside getting shot.

The Study of Antiquity

From Laudator Temporis Acti:
If we set our gaze on antiquity and earnestly study it, in the desire to form ourselves thereon, we get the feeling as if it were only then that we really became men.

Denn wenn wir uns dem Altertum gegenüberstellen und es ernstlich in der Absicht anschauen, uns daran zu bilden, so gewinnen wir die Empfindung, als ob wir erst eigentlich zu Menschen würden. -- Goethe

Christmas with proles

Why do people sing, in front of young children, that stupid song about Grandma getting run over by a reindeer? Is it out of selfish thoughtless or just garden variety stupidity? Doesn't anyone care about the magic and wonder of childhood innocence and imagination anymore? About anything besides their own immediate gratification and ridiculous impulses? No wonder so many whites don't have a problem mixing with the barbarians these days. They cannot tell the difference. I should hand out copies of Neil Postman's The Disappearance of Childhood this year.

Bah, humbug.

Medieval and Modern

W.H. Auden, Ode to the Medieval Poets, at Laudator Temporis Acti:
Chaucer, Langland, Douglas, Dunbar, with all your
brother Anons, how on earth did you ever manage,
without anaesthetics or plumbing,
in daily peril from witches, warlocks,

lepers, The Holy Office, foreign mercenaries
burning as they came, to write so cheerfully,
with no grimaces of self-pathos?
Long-winded you could be but not vulgar,

bawdy but not grubby, your raucous flytings
sheer high-spirited fun, whereas our makers,
beset by every creature comfort,
immune, they believe, to all superstitions,

even at their best are so often morose or
kinky, petrified by their gorgon egos.
We all ask, but I doubt if anyone
can really say why all age-groups should find our

Age quite so repulsive. Without its heartless
engines, though, you could not tenant my book-shelves,
on hand to delect my ear and chuckle
my sad flesh: I would gladly just now be

turning out verses to applaud a thundery
jovial June when the judas-tree is in blossom,
but am forbidden by the knowledge
that you would have wrought them so much better.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Tenth Day of Yuletide

From the Asatru Folk Assembly:
Steadfastness is not something encouraged in the modern world. Literally, it means to hold firm in our place - and in a world of continual mobility and change, steadfastness becomes almost a liability. Lack of commitment, "hanging loose," flexibility, "not getting hung up" are sometimes praised to the exclusion of holding fast. And to be fair, flexibility and motion are desirable. The sun itself, that great wheel in the sky, moves. But it is nevertheless faithful, true to its nature as it transits across the extended stead that is its home.

The sun is, in fact, the epitome of commitment and regularity of steadfastness. It does not abandon its mission or deviate from its course. And neither must we.

Light a candle to Steadfastness, and let it anchor you in the purpose that defines your life.

Debunking the 9/11 debunkers

is as difficult as debunking the Hollowcost. No matter how much evidence and facts are put forth, many people remain true believers of the official story. For many of these sheep, especially American conservatives, if it ain't approved by FauxNews or Insanity, it ain't real.

Liberals complain about being out-Foxed

in this 2004 video about Rupert Murdoch's FauxNews. For four decades or more these whining, deceitful, commie bed-wetters had ruled the airwaves absolutely, totally unchallenged. Now that the new liberals have a strong voice, the older liberals are finding it hard to accept getting beat at their own game.

Sometimes it's a bit like watching two giants who have simultaneously broken into your home duke it out over who gets to eat you, molest your family, and take your stuff. You enjoy seeing one receive crushing blows to the head and then get back up and knock out the other's teeth. You feel like cheering but the knowledge of the ultimate outcome dampens your enthusiasm.

Who wins in this battle between the Stalinists and the Trotskyists? Hrmph. Well, we know who loses: real Americans.

We demand

  • A return to the letter and original spirit of the Constitution, as intended by the Founders.

  • A return to States' rights and local control of government.

  • The end of the Fed and the return of real money: gold and silver.

  • The end of the Federal income tax.

  • Freedom of association. No busing, no block-busting, no bans on steering or on Whites-only clubs or Whites-only organizations. Every other race has millions of clubs and organizations; to penalize Whites for having same (in their own countries no less!) is totally unfair and hypocritical.

  • The end of affirmative action and all racial preference and "hate" laws against Whites.

  • Decriminalization of "denying" the Holyhoax.

  • Immigration laws strictly enforced and the millions of illegals and their anchor babies deported.

  • The demolition of cremation of the Department of Education and hanging of the Marxists who run it, the teachers' unions, and the public schools.

  • That Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin, Edd Hendee, Dan Patrick, Glenn Beck, and all other phony conservatives be banished from all public media for life.

    That's a good start.
  • WND reports on homeschoolers' test scores

    and the cost of homeschooling a child at home compared to one in government schools.
    The study showed homeschooled boys scored at the 87th percentile and girls were at the 88th percentile.
    Not bad. I'd bet the scores would have been higher if more homeschoolers used a classical education model.

    Thursday, December 2, 2010

    Fighting Liberalism

    from CWNY:
    That their enemies are “hate-filled” is a favorite axiom of the liberals, but in reality the essence of liberalism is hatred. No white Christian can hate like a liberal. And Herbert Butterfield tells us why this is so in his book, The Englishman and His History:
    Concerning the sin, of course, he is (as somebody wisely said) “against it”: indeed he hates it, with the added frenzy of the partisan who has discovered here the totally unexpected obstacle. On this view of life the sinners are indeed fewer in number, but how much wickeder to make up for it! And none is so unforgiving to the transgressors as the person who does not believe in original sin. Here is a system which releases us from self-discipline, authorizing us to treat the political enemy as
    subhuman, irredeemable. In consequence the good are engaged against the wicked in a more irretrievable warfare, where the makeshift of the ballot-box may itself become intolerable, and nothing is left but the resort to force.
    Liberals always hate those who oppose them, because if you oppose them you are standing in the way of the perfection of mankind. (1) They don’t believe that all men are tainted with original sin; they only see sin in those who oppose liberalism. And there is no self-control in the liberal’s makeup; being without sin he needs no self-discipline. Like a spoiled devil child he can indulge his every whim. And his whim is that his enemies must be eliminated at all costs.
    CWNY's consistency and clarity catches one in the throat sometimes. So does his Rx:
    Any white counter-attack, if it is to be successful, must be fought with an uncompromising faith in the whole Christian, European tradition and a clear understanding that liberals will never allow white Christians to live in liberaldom, hence a Christian European’s only defense is to destroy liberalism.
    Here he writes for me what I could not put into words about those at many of the pro-White blogs:
    What does the neo-pagan look to as a substitute for God? He, like his liberal cousins whom he despises, looks to the future. In that world there will be no individuals, just an intellectually, biologically superior herd of white technocrats. The neo-pagan’s dream is the same dream as the liberals: they too look to a future where the herd has triumphed over the individual. The two groups simply differ over the preferred color of the herd, but they are united in their common hatred of the white, Christian European.
    This is why they make no progress in fighting liberalism and the Eidechsenmenschen who are its biggest champions.

    Many thanks, CWYN, for keeping the faith and for continuing to man the barricades, oft, as I would imagine it seems to you, alone.

    Merry Christmas