Sunday, September 2, 2012

Harry Reid: paying taxes is completely voluntary

Looks like this video interview of Nevada Senator Harry Reid is making the email circuits again. Now that Harry and his ilk are in total control of the Legislature, it's good timing. Reid is a perfect example of the mindset of our ruling class. Notice how forceful and how condescending he is. Sic semper tyrannis.

Look at one example of where your "voluntary" tax money is going: for free health care for everyone, including -- or maybe that should be especially -- illegals (italics mine) :
For the past year and a half, millions of families continued to lack the health care their children needed. Today, the United States Senate will do its part to redeem one of many mistakes of the Bush Administration by passing the Children's Health Insurance bill, moving us closer to the promise that every American child has the right to grow up strong and healthy.
The day the President signs this legislation – giving more children like Adrian Sanchez access to the care they deserve – will be a signature accomplishment of this Congress and the new Administration." more >>
The honorable gentlemen from Nevada understands that responsibilities and rights go together. We have the responsibility to pay -- voluntarily, of course -- and he has the right to buy votes with it.

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