Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I am a true conservative

not a wimpy White liberal who goes out of his way to elect black, brown, yellow, and Jewish leadership as cover against charges of "racism." (Here is a great example of what that gutless stance will get you, RNC Chairman Praises ACORN).

I therefore will do what most of the rest of the "conservative" blogosphere will not. I will pass this along from James Edwards, Another Spy for Israel Arrested:
A leading US scientist who has worked for the White House and NASA made a first appearance in court Tuesday charged with attempting to spy for Israel, which could earn him a sentence of life in prison.

Stewart Nozette, 52, was arrested Monday after a sting operation involving an undercover FBI agent posing as an Israeli agent, the Department of Justice said, adding that there was no wrongdoing by Israel. more >>
Any American who would not report on this and not condemn these spies nor condemn the outrageous power of the Jewish/Israeli lobby in America is a coward and a traitor, pure and simple. Either you believe that Whites -- your own children and grandchildren -- should be able to rule themselves in their own nation without outside interference, just as you allow for every other race, or you are a bed-wetting, Marxist, liberal piece of multi-culti globotrash. There is no middle ground.

You who will not fight back against the invading foreigners, who want to buy peace at any cost, who knowlingly send your children to the Marxist indoctrination centers called schools, who will not unplug your children from the degraded filth on the Talmudvision, who "love immigrants but just want them to be legal," who send your children to die for Israel, who are afraid to be called "racists" or "anti-Semites" for any reason at all -- it is you who are bringing about our destruction. You are unthinking fools if you believe that being nice to the aggressors means they will be nice to you once you are in the minority. That fantasy never was in history, nor will it be. Only liberal Whites could delude themselves into believing it.

You cowards who dodge and bend the truth because you are afraid of argument or conflict are the enemies of real conservatism. You will have no protectors after you have finally given away everything our ancestors built and fought for. Even your own children whom you have forsaken will not be able to protect you. And they may not want to. For you loved your liberal abstractions of Marxist, materialist, global harmony more than you loved the truth and your own children. You purposely denied them what you gave so pompously and self-righteously to the Other.

I am endeavoring to conserve what I inherited (pre-Jew 1960's takeover). I am endeavoring to conserve my family, my nation, my country, and our way of life, just as I was taught to do by my elders. But you feckless, phony conservatives fight me and my merry band of true conservatives at every turn.

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