Friday, December 7, 2012

I finally saw Valkyrie last night

the 2008 movie with Tom Cruise. Not bad. As the producers may or may not have intended, I felt sorry for everyone in the film. What a tragedy the movie portrayed.

I felt sorry for Cruise's character and for his family. I felt sorry for all of the conspirators, not just because they were caught and executed, but because they believed that the Allies would show them mercy if they surrendered. Poor souls. They could not have known that the forces driving the East and the West had the German people marked for total destruction long ago, regardless.

I also felt sorry for those who were caught in the middle during the coup, not knowing on which side to come down. They couldn't have know that, even if they did survive the war, they would quickly fall under the merciless hand of the same parasitic bankster tribe they had just freed themselves from only a few years before. They couldn't have known -- as is so plain to us today -- that the Tribe would hound and disparage them and their descendants to the end of time, no matter their motives, guilt, or innocence.

I felt sorry for den Fuehrer, who -- in the final days of a losing battle against the rabid Communists in the east and their spiritual twin, the globo-capitalists of America and GB in the west -- looked so tired and worn out with worry over saving the Fatherland from the German's thoughtless, barbaric cousins.

I felt sorry for the millions of German people, trapped in a battle for their and their children's lives, in a situation they did not create, did not fully understand, and were powerless to change.

The Germans -- the last European tribes to holdout against decadent modernism; the creators and refiners of the highest culture the world had ever seen -- lost the war. And now as a direct consequence, all of Western Europe has fallen under the iron boot of Communism/Global Capitalism and is being covered by a thick, Mordor-like darkness and is being gassed by a race-destroying multicultural stench of third-world proportions, de-generated by that eternally God-damned tribe.

Anyone who understands the full meaning of it all (id est, anyone who has broken free from the dumb-downed, Talmud-vision version of Western history) cannot help but cry for Germany, to cry over the rape of Europa and all that has been plundered and destroyed. What has been unfolding is a tradegy of Homeric and Aeneid-ic proportions. No, it is worse. It is worse because it is happening to us now.

But there is always hope. A candle burns yet. Russia has managed to evict most of the "Russian oligarchs" and is busy cleansing itself of the mountains of filth they left behind. Perhaps we can do the same some day soon.

With that hope in mind, I raise my horn to traditional Germany and give this toast, this prayer: may she be born again and lead Europe and faithful Europeans everywhere to a new beginning, based on re-discovered truth, honor, family, and tradition. Prost. Gruesse.

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