Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sarkozy, Merkel praise Obama's G20 role

"Everybody Loves Barack"? What a crock of steaming, putrid excrement from Tom Bemis and MarketWatch.
LONDON (MarketWatch) -- They may have frustrated his plans for boosting global stimulus spending, but both French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were careful to praise President Barack Obama's role in Thursday's economic summit.
Both credited the new U.S. president with helping to break a banking-secrecy logjam over tax havens and the release of a blacklist of non-compliant jurisdictions.
Oh, ya, Mr. O-Token-Banana -- Mr. Bailout Trillion$, the Stalin wannabe, Commander of General Motors, Mr. anti-White, Hector Camacho, Black-Liberation-Theology his own bad self -- is really breaking the choke-hold the big banks have us in. Damn straight, you betcha, he's fighting for the taxpayer, really breaking the secrecy of where all the money is going. Not. Tom, all that really means is that the banks are going to cooperate with each other in locating more loot to steal. Idiot.
"President Obama really found the consensus," Sarkozy told reporters after the meeting. "He didn't focus exclusively on stimulus ... In fact it was he who managed to help me persuade [Chinese] President Hu Jintao to agree to the reference to the ... publication of a list of tax havens, and I wish to thank him for that."
Of course, Bemus, you butthead -- hundreds of dollars of bailout money are going to Europe and China. There's the consensus: stick it to the American Whites. Stupid commie bastard.
In her news conference, Merkel noted that "the American president also put his hand into this."
I'll bet he did, you dirty ho.
French and German reluctance ultimately prevailed, and the summit produced only limited promises to do "whatever is necessary," in terms of fiscal stimulus.
Ya, "There's your blank check, Merkel and Sarkozy, Comrades, we'll be bending over the American middle class even more for you!"
Release of the tax haven list is expected to help pressure those nations to cooperate with other nations' tax authorities.
Translation: we Jew-rimmers will cooperate with each other more than ever to milk every last dime out of the stupid goyim.

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