Friday, August 12, 2011

The war on terrace continues

Totalitarian control and humiliation in bloom in the airports of the Land of the Free and the home of the RedTeam-BlueTeam Liberals.

I remember the idiotic slogans Fauxnews, Insanity, O'Reilly, Ghouliani, and the rest of the popular media kept chanting, over and over, every day, for years: "9-11!" -- "Terrorism!" -- "Holocaust!" -- "The surge is working!" -- "Gotta fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here!" -- Yet the Muslims and other third worlders keep pouring in, and the tribe in control continues to set up a police state all around us, just as they did in the USSR.

Rush Limbaugh just told me today that the American people are loving all this "security." Maybe they are, but I cannot see why.

Wrong about Gore Vidal

It seems I was not entirely fair in my post the other day. A friend just sent me this, Vidal's article about Timothy McVeigh, and my bad opinion of Vidal has now softened a bit. The writer of the article does not sound at all like the rabid America-hater I'd always been told about by the MSM, neo-cons/Israeli-Firsters and Republican patriotards.

You know, I'm beginning to think that the media, our politicians, and our government may not be telling us the whole truth about some things ...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Searching for a Philosophy

Fred Scrooby cuts through the fog :
It’s a war, not a philosophy. We are under attack by specific aggressors who’ve gotten the upper hand and are methodically waging war to maintain themselves in control. (To glimpse their weaknesses just see which things we do make them most hysterical. Those are the things we need to keep doing because they’re their achilles heel by which they’ll be overthrown. You don’t get made hysterical by something that doesn’t scare you. Certain stuff scares the hell out of them and they instantly react with their “hate” laws and so on, clamping down but also shining a spotlight on their achilles heel.) It’s not a matter of evolving away from it to something more sane, it’s a matter of bursting chains. We’re already sane. We never evolved away from sanity. We’re under insane lockdown by evil prison guards who want us enslaved and/or exterminated.
Now this is something normal people can understand, put into practice, and adhere to. Its simplicity just catches one in the throat: Whatever makes Simon BarSinister angry and scared, keep doing it.

Yes, we should constantly work to understand the poisonous philosophies but more importantly, Fred reminds us, remember who's been force-feeding it to us :
Neither managerialism nor liberalism nor post-modernism, all misama theories, has done this to us. None of them really has a concrete existence as anything significant. They’re stupid fads given life by journalists working for certain forces that push certain agendas. People have not fundamentally changed in fifty years or in three thousand. They’re the same. We’re the same as when the Old Testament, the Odyssey, and the Iliad were written. What has done this to us is not bad nighttime air or swamp fumes but a specific pathogen.
We have identified the false ideologies; we have a correct diagnosis. What we have not done yet is to remove the ultimate offending "pathogen"; we have next to simply cut it out.

Mehercle, what hope and energy is given to one by such clarity.

Men of Action, here are your marching orders.

Some may object that this approach won't solve every problem that will crop up post Liberationem, but we cannot even hope to reach those problems until we've licked this one.

Misc. updates

Zsidozas' solutions to the JQ and an article about how "Rancid materialism is corrupting our community,” by Rabbi Schmuley Boteach.

Incogman celebrates with Rahm Emanuel the traditional Whitehouse lighting of the Christmas ... menorah?

Free Trade Doesn't Work

What Should Replace It and Why, a book by Ian Fletcher. Excerpts from Chapter 6, Chapter 8, and Chapter 9. From Chapter 6:
The protective system of our day is conservative, while the free trade system is destructive. It breaks up old nationalities and pushes the antagonism of the proletariat and bourgeoisie to the extreme point. In a word, the free trade system hastens the social revolution. It is in this revolutionary sense alone...that I vote in favor of free trade. -- Karl Marx, "Speech to the Democratic Association of Brussels at its Public Meeting of January 9, 1848"
From Chapter 8:
The interests of individual powerful corporations do not even align well with the interests of the U.S. business community as a whole, a fact exacerbated by the “every man for himself” mentality of American businesses abroad. (Contrast this with the notorious solidarity of, say, Japan, Inc., which plays as a team due to government pressure and financial ties between corporations.) American companies frequently bid against each other overseas, even over sensitive long-term issues such as technology transfer. Among other things, this makes them exceptionally easy for foreigners to manipulate. When, for example, Japanese companies form alliances with them, this tends to neutralize them as opponents of Japanese trade practices. In the words of former trade diplomat Clyde Prestowitz, “Once a company has got a deal with Hitachi, they become silent on those issues. Why attack your partner?”3 Similarly, American aircraft producers have been silenced about Airbus by complaints from their European customers.

Many of the largest American companies are now so dependent on their overseas operations, and thus so vulnerable to pressures by foreign governments, that they have become outright Trojan horses with respect to American trade policy. As former congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA), for years one of the outstanding critics of trade giveaways in Congress, has put it, “For practical purposes, many of the multinational corporations have become Chinese corporations.”

When our trade negotiators work to open foreign markets, they usually do so willy-nilly, with no sense that some industries are more strategic than others.
Our nakedness has, ironically, made us even more desperate in pushing for free trade: having disarmed ourselves by throwing open our markets, we desperately need to disarm everyone else by forcing their markets open, too. But we try to do this after having thrown away our principal leverage: access to our own market. We rationalize this implausible approach with the fantasy that the rest of the world “must” inevitably embrace our own laissez faire economic ideals, including free trade, due to their innate superiority, one day soon.

Our main method of getting the rest of the world to fold its cards has, of course, been bribing foreign nations to join our vision of a rules-based global trading system under the WTO (which enjoys fanatical American support despite its anti-American actions). Unfortunately, this bribe has mainly consisted in letting foreign nations run surpluses against us. We have thus become the global buyer of last resort and the subsidizer of a system that in theory needs no subsidy because it supposedly benefits everyone.

One irony of this is that the U.S. has been diligently working to pry open foreign markets for Japan, China, and the other neomercantilist states. (As noted in Chapter 6, Britain had precisely this problem 100 years ago.)
From Chapter 9:
Deindustrialization is a more complex process than is usually realized. It is not just layoffs and crumbling buildings. It is, in fact, industrial policy in reverse. As a result, understanding industrial policy helps illuminate how industries die.

When American producers are shut out of foreign markets, it is not just immediate profits that are lost. Declining sales undermine their scale economies, driving up their costs and making them even less competitive. Less profit means less money to plow into future technology development. Less access to sophisticated foreign markets means less exposure to sophisticated foreign technology and diverse foreign buyer needs. When an industry shrinks, it ceases to support the complex web of skills, many of them outside the industry itself, upon which it depends. These skills often take years to master, so they only survive if the industry (and its supporting industries, several tiers deep into the supply chain) remain in continuous operation. The same goes for specialized suppliers. Thus, for example, in the words of the Financial Times’s James Kynge:
The more Boeing outsourced, the quicker the machine-tool companies that supplied it went bust, providing opportunities for Chinese competitors to buy the technology they needed, better to supply companies like Boeing.
It is no accident that, as noted in the Foreword of this book, some of America‟s corporate elite are now starting to question postindustrialism, about which they were utterly gung-ho only a few years ago. In the February 2009 words of General Electric‟s chairman, Jeffrey Immelt:
I believe that a popular, 30-year notion that the U.S. can evolve from being a technology and manufacturing leader to a service leader is just wrong. In the end, this philosophy transformed the financial services industry from one that supported commerce to a complex trading market that operated outside the economy. Real engineering was traded for financial [International Jewish Bankster - r.m.] engineering.


Paul Craig Roberts gives us his view of the financial crisis.

Stanislav Mishin at Mat-Rodina responds to claims that all of this is somehow Russia's fault.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thomas Sparks Quotes

SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson on "The Jews" here. Majority Rights has more.

Casablanca (Movie, 1942)

reviewed at First Word.

Thoughts on Heaven

My children have each asked me, "What is heaven like?" My best response, I believe, goes something like, "Heaven will be better than the best dream you ever had. Everything in it will be good. You will see who and what you want to see, you will never want it to end, and it never will." I know it's not scripturally precise and it's not what the Lore tells us, but it's not incorrect and it works pretty well for the general image kids are searching for.

Mark P. Shea has written here about heaven, the phrase "Our heavenly Father," and his discovery of the Christian view of these things.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Popular Elections

from The Joy of Curmudgeonry:
It is true that popular election is in principle a competition open to all. No shyster or mountebank is precluded even on the grounds of decency. Yet, as I have just foreshadowed, it is not true that popular election is in practice a competition open to all; for, whether by control of the selection of candidates by political parties or by the unsuitable character of some men, there are many who are unable to stand for popular election. Naturally, for instance, a man of honour is precluded on the very grounds of his honour from becoming a demagogue.
He who, in the consciousness of duty, is capable of disinterested service of the community does not descend to the soliciting of votes, or the crying of his own praise at election meetings in loud and vulgar phrases. Such men manifest their strength in their own work, in a small circle of congenial friends, and scorn to seek popularity in the noisy market-place. If they approach the crowd, it is not to flatter it, or to pander to its basest instincts and tendencies, but to condemn its follies and expose its depravity. To men of duty and honour the procedure of elections is repellent; the only men who regard it without abhorrence are selfish, egoistic natures, which wish thereby to attain their personal ends. To acquire popularity such men have little scruple in assuming the mask of ardour for the public good. They cannot and must not be modest, for with modesty they would not be noticed or spoken of. By their positions, and by the parts which they have chosen, they are forced to be hypocrites and liars; they must cultivate, fraternise with, and be amiable to their opponents to gain their suffrages; they must lavish promises, knowing that they cannot fulfil them; and they must pander to the basest tendencies and prejudices of the masses to acquire majorities for themselves. What honourable nature would accept such a role? Describe it in a novel, the reader would be repelled, but in elections the same reader gives his vote to the living artiste in the same role.
Popular election certainly does not measure anything so airy as a spontaneous and indivisible will of the people; indeed it rarely measures the will of the majority of people even on the simple and manufactured matter of choosing one rather than another of the presented candidates.

It serves only as a rather effective mechanism for the selection of bad governors, whose oligarchy is nevertheless seen as rightful for its having been the answer delivered by the greater part of those who do not understand the question.

.....It is always well to be reminded of that delusion whereby the empowerment of the governors through the mechanism of popular election is interpreted to mean the empowerment of the governed. Even some of the governors believe it.
This is a prime reason why government must be kept small and relatively powerless, whether it is a republic or a monarchy, and why democracy is a degenerative form of government.

Monday, August 8, 2011

See the signs and cut through the fog

One can extract so much information from a simple statement if one knows what one is looking for. Exempli gratia, here is a "shocking" statement made by Helen Thomas: Not Even Nixon Tried to Control the Media Like Obama.

The first one thing one must remember is that Helen Thomas is a Jew: extremely anti-Western, often even more so than her great cousin Karl. She has been working indefatigably and getting paid for decades to work, hand in glove with her co-ethnics, on their special project. And she is very effective. So effective that her fellow "liberals" in the press have bestowed upon her the royal-sounding sobriquet, "First Lady of the Press." She is, ut dicant, "a professional Jew."

That's a capital point because it explains why she chose Nixon as her standard of insolent blasphemy. Richard M. Nixon, if one knows anything worth knowing, is the last president America had who did not collaborate wholesale with the Tribe in the destruction, pillage, and looting of the country. The liberals (neo-cons, oligarchs, Jacobins, banksters, or whatever they are calling themselves these days), absolutely loath him, hounding him in the media and academe unto death and beyond.

Notice, too, that she said "try." Whether this was her ego talking, which would not allow her to even pretend for a second that a non-Tribal member might actually control the wholly-owned Jewish press
They couldn’t control the media.
or whether this was a subtle warning to us to stay away from Jewish turf, together with a reassuring gesture to her sisters and brothers that she will not yield to the interlopers -- is not clear. What is clear is that she knows who controls the press
What the hell do they think we are, puppets? They’re supposed to stay out of our business. They are our public servants. We pay them. [True. Jews are by far the biggest donors to federal government campaigns and lobbyists. --r.m.]
and she is incensed enough to forget her "fairness" act for a moment and compare her tribe's carefully groomed golden-brown idiot against Hitler's little brother Nixon.

There are other gems in the article as well. Zum Beispiel,
When you call the reporter the night before you know damn well what they are going to ask to control you.
That's rich. When Clinton, Bush, and other high ranking Jew-worshippers did that, it was "a courtesy call." Nothing untoward, you understand.

Once one understands the players, understanding their double-talk and real motivations becomes much easier. It also allows one to understand that that nebulous boogeyman "liberalism" is more a tool of a certain tribe of paranoid control freaks than it is a set of insane beliefs that merely wafts about of its own volition, randomly infecting innocent Westerners.

Helen can't be too worried in any event. As she said, she knows Jews are in firm control of the press as well as she knows that O-Banana is the modern equivalent of those wretched Africans thrust into political power in the South shortly after the War of Northern Aggression and Subsequent Jewish Carpetbagging. He's clueless, in way over his head. He poses no real threat to anyone in power. Perhaps Barry trod on Her Highness' toes.

Lindsey Graham on the defensive

Refreshingly, fewer Americans seem to be falling for the RedTeam's B.S.

Ron Paul responds to Lindsey Graham's slap at him and the Constitution lovers in this video. He also tells Candy Crowley she's an ugly dike commie whore who should eat a big dogbowl of shut-the-hell-up (well, he said she was asking a ridiculous question, but you know what he meant).

It's a die boni novi (a good news day), Amici.

Bringing the war to America

Brother Nathan exposes the real enemy of the West.

Crustula decussata

From Mater Anserina, Poems in Latin for Children, by Milena Minkova and Ternace Tunberg:
decussata iam parata.

Parvo constant. Foris prostant

Filiabus si tu cares,
mereantur liba mares.
Felix Dies Nativitatis.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Charges dropped against Israeli agent Jane Harman

What did I tell ya?
The Justice Department decided not to proceed with a criminal case against Harman or to notify congressional leaders of the preliminary investigation because the evidence was at best murky and such cases are hard to prove, one former government official said yesterday. more >>
Why is this happening? Justin Raimondo, who is so good at naming the Jew without using the dirty word itself, explains:
While Frum’s response to the Harman spy scandal is all too predictable, the response from Congress has been to call for an investigation — not of Harman, but of those who uncovered her corruption! If Rep. Harman was overheard telling an Israeli agent that she’d help him get the charges dropped or reduced, in return for political favors from AIPAC — then it’s the eavesdroppers who’re at fault and must be brought to justice. It doesn’t seem to matter that the FBI went before a judge and got approval before they started listening in — nor does the fact that they weren’t listening in on Harman, specifically, but on the “suspected Israeli agent.” All the Democratic-controlled Congress is concerned with is protecting one of its own.

I might add that the Republicans, who are usually quick to pounce on the merest hint of scandal in Democratic ranks, have said not one word about Harman’s embarrassing ties to a spy nest — not a peep. Which makes sense, because they’re just as firmly in the Lobby’s pocket as the Democrats in Congress. Not to mention that whiff of Bush era corruption wafting into the room once we take into account the quashing of the investigation into Harman by then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who saved her skin by averring “We need Jane.” Rep. Harman was the Bush administration’s biggest Democratic ally when it came to massively violating the civil liberties of Americans.

Both parties are in this up to their necks. That’s why Obama’s Justice Department is now openly leaking the information that they’re considering dropping the charges against the AIPAC spies — with nary a protest from either side of the aisle.

It looks like Harman, Frum, and the Lobby have won, after all — despite the mountains of evidence against Rosen and Weissman, and the protests of hardworking patriotic law enforcement officials who are dismayed and demoralized by the blank check our Justice Department is giving Israel to spy and steal our secrets with impunity. They leaked the dirt on Harman out of desperation, in the hope that popular outrage would prevent Israel’s American spies from beating the law and slithering back to their nests.
more >>
So predictable.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beautifully illustrated children's books

are some of our favorite memories. Here's a wonderful trip down memory lane for all who loved their Little Golden Books,
Gustaf Tenggren and the Genesis of the Golden Book Style, at

The "melting-pot" of American culture, as Stephen Worth so multiculturally puts it at the bottom of his page, is indeed filled with wonderful [European] art, and undeniably the most beautiful art in the entire world. We also have this, which some consider art.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Cleopatra really looked like

Dorothy King, a.k.a., PhDiva, puts the Afro-centric jibber-jabber to rest.
There has been a lot of press coverage this week, because of a Channel Five documentary [UK only here; December 20, 2008] that claims Cleopatra VII of Egypt did not look like Elizabeth Taylor. So far, I can agree. I'll even confirm that Richard Burton was not the spitting image of Mark Anthony. But ... more >>

Isn’t all sin Nazi sin?

You absolutely must read this entry from SpiritWaterBlood, especially if you haven't yet heard the full story of Bishop Williamson, the Pope, and the Pope's Jewish masters.
In a 1989 sermon, Williamson said, “The Jews created the Holocaust so we would prostrate ourselves on our knees before them and approve of their new State of Israel… Jews made up the Holocaust, Protestants get their orders from the devil, and the Vatican has sold its soul to liberalism.”

Here’s what Williamson thinks of the media:

"On the political level, we can be virtually certain that the vile media will not tell us the full story. There is serious reason to believe - that in 1898, it was not the Spaniards who sank the “USS Maine”; that in 1917, it was not the Germans who set up the “Lusitania” as a target; that in 1941 it was not the Japanese who set up Pearl Harbor for attack; that in 1963 it was not Lee Harvey Oswald who killed President Kennedy. In 1990 it was certainly not Saddam Hussein who promised not to react if he invaded Kuwait. In 1994 it was certainly not Timothy McVeigh’s van exploding outside the Alfred Murrah building in Oklahoma City which brought the front of the building down. In 2001…? Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic, now Osama bin Laden, from CIA-assets to personal enemies of the American people - how many more times will the trick work?" more >>
No wonder the Bish is having PR problems, he's a loose cannon, telling the truth instead of repeating the official fables.

In the WhatsGood4TheGooseIsAlsoGood4TheGander Dept.:
The Roman Catholic college of cardinals met yesterday and arrived at an almost unanimous decision to sever all ties with Israel’s foremost rabbinic school after reports were released earlier this month indicating that one of the school’s chief rabbis was a Resurrection denier.
Ah, it's good to see that Euro-Judaic relations seem to be returning to normal, at least in some corners.
Rabbi Grenkewitz dismissed the Cardinal’s words as “nonsense” and expressed both disgust and amazement over the whole issue. “Jews have never believed the Resurrection. That’s what makes us Jews,”
True. Well, that, and lying, corruption, usury, Marxism, multiculturalism, open-borders, raiding national treasuries, white-slavery, pornography, drug-trafficking, general anti-Westernism, and just plain mischief on a global scale.

How hard should college really be?

Michael Gilleland, of Laudator Temporis Acti, has this as his Thursday post:

University Education

In 1816, the Governor of Virginia, Wilson Cary Nicholas, sent a circular letter asking advice about public education. Among those who replied was Thomas Cooper, professor of chemistry at Carlisle College in Pennsylvania, who advised:

It should be scrupulously insisted on that no youth can be admitted to the university unless he can read with facility Virgil, Horace, Xenophon, and Homer; unless he is able, as a preliminary to matriculation, to convert a page of English at sight into Latin; unless he can demonstrate any proposition at sight in the six first books of Euclid, and shews an acquaintance with cubic and quadratic equations. Without this, your university will become what all the American colleges and universities are, so far as I know them, mere grammar schools. You will have fewer students, but they will do credit to the institution, and raise its reputation; and entrance at such an university will be sought as an honor....The more difficult Latin and Greek classics should be read at the university,—Euripides, Sophocles, Longinus, Demosthenes, etc. No week should pass without at least three pages of composition in Latin prose, and one in verse, upon given subjects. All the prominent political men, all the learned men, all the scientific men of my day, have entered upon active life as good classic scholars and good mathematicians....Attendant on these classical studies should be the higher parts of the mathematics, conic sections, fluxions, spherical trigonometry, etc. Also the study of the French language, with drawing, fencing, and the manual exercise. more >>

A Cymru Christmas

Hen wlad fy nhadau.   "Conservative" AM leads an Islamic march through Wales, here.  All hail multiculturalism and diversity, all hail Judeo-Christianity, Marxism, Globo-Capitalism, the Brotherhood of Man, Libert√©, Egalit√©, et Fraternit√©. 

 Off with their bleeding heads.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The folly of economic stimulus

An excellent quote from Myron Weber:
What the politicians call "stimulating the economy" always amounts to nothing more than accelerating future economic growth to the present, creating a current boom and a future bust.
Even the average American could understand that. Could, that is, if anyone in the MSM would ever say it. But they won't, and since most Americans have lost the will and the ability to think for themselves and now depend on the MSM for most of their opinions, the RedTeam has become as comfortable with central government planning and economic interference as the BlueTeam. Id est, in practice, both teams are the same except for the color of their buttons and the content of their lies.

Iceland has also been enjoying the fruits of economic stimulus.