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Hotsy-Totsy elected Prime Minister

Things are looking up in GB. In addition to the Marxist multicult, we're also getting a gyneocracy.

Let's see, we have a colored Muslim/Marxist president of a post-Christian White country, third-world foreigners invading the West by the millions annually, almost all European culture and beliefs run out of the public square, all racial laws stacked against Whites, a hostile tribe of Talmudics brazenly pillaging the treasury for trillions a month, openly-gay boy scout leaders, church deacons, and congressmen. I'm guessing next will be the promotion of paedophiles into public leadership. And I'm impolite for saying so. Mehercle, how progressive we are.

The Amazing Joe Calzaghe

The amazing Welshman came back from the brink of defeat to hammer out a comprehensive points win against the four-weight world champion in New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Jones had bragged:
“I told you Roy Jones Jr. is back...I’ll take the winner of either the re-match between Kelly Pavlik and Jermain Taylor or Joe Calzaghe vs. Bernard Hopkins. I’m even willing to go down to 156 pounds to face Oscar De La Hoya in May. Line them up and I’ll knock them down.”

“I’m pretty much Mr. Unstoppable.”
But then reality struck :
Round after round Joe pumped ten years of media blackout into the face and body of Mr. Unstoppable. Over the final rounds the fight became a bloody farce. A right hand ripped open a nasty cut over Jones’ left eye which nearly stopped the fight. When it was over Joe Calzaghe stood with his hands raised in victory for the 46th consecutive time of his career.

For his part Jones was gracious in defeat paying Calzaghe the highest of compliments calling him the best pound for pound fighter in the world.
Llongyfarchiadau! Y Ddraig Goch ddyry gychwyn!

History Research

A few links for today, to keep your friends and neighbors busy for a few weeks.
Be sure to add a few of your favorite Holycost debunker-busters afterward.

What the Bolsheviks did in the name of “progress” and ethnic hatred:

Who financed and led the Bolsheviks and the USSR?,7340,L-3342999,00.html

Who looted Russia when the walls came tumbling down in 1989? Hint: It was the “Russian oligarchs,” who were not really Russian at all.

Who have been the leaders in eliminating borders in the West?

Who refuses to tell the truth about what they did in Poland, Ukraine, and Russia, but go on endlessly whining about the Holycost?

Which is the most powerful tribe in the United States today?

Who are these neo-cons who have been in charge of destroying the conservative movement over the last 15 years or more? They’re “ex” Trotskyists [Marxist Communists]:

If you’re wondering, Why haven’t I heard of this before?, look into who controls the media:

Remember to point out who is in charge of the Federal Reserve and who is leading the multi-trillion dollar open pillage of the Treasury, a.k.a., the "bankster bailout."

Tea-Party Lite

cancelled by the government. Maybe they'll come back when they get the proper government permits.

Peter Schiff on the Constitution

and O-Banana's Supreme Court nominee, here. This is the first time I've heard him talk about anything besides money. Great to see that he has more than one dimension to him. Now, if he can employ a speech coach in order to work on his "monotonic rant" style of speaking, he may receive a few more media bookings.

The Remarkable Victory of Arminius

Der denkwürdige Sieg des Arminius, von Dr. Walter Marinovic. Translated by J M Damon

Dr. Walter Marinovic presented the following lecture on 15 April 2009 to the Austrian Parliament at the invitation of President Dr. Martin Graf.
Superpowers Then and Now

As most of us know from our school days, Arminius the Cheruskan liberated Germania from the Romans in the year 9 AD. Some people will object: "But that was two thousand years ago! What does that have to do with us today?"

In response to that question we should ask ourselves: "Was the political situation in those days really very different from that of today?"

The Roman Empire ruled almost the entire known world, which is to say that it was the superpower of its day. It extended from the Near East and North Africa along the Atlantic Coast to the mouth of the Rhine. It included West and Central Europe as well as Austria and the Balkan states to the Danube.

Militarily, economically and financially the Romans were vastly superior to all other nations. They strove constantly for new conquests, imposing a "New World Order" on the vanquished nations.

Latin replaced the native languages of the indigenous peoples as the Roman lifestyle and cult of emperor worship spread throughout the Empire. Rome conducted perpetual war against "rogue nations" and "insurgents." Does that sound familiar? Is this situation "contemporary" or not?

Conquest, Occupation and Re-education

In 58 BC Caesar became proconsul of the province of Gaul, which constituted today's southern France (still called "Provence"); and in the following years he subdued one Celtic tribe after another. In his writings he describes this campaign as a "war against terrorism," since Ariovist and his Swabians had invaded from the East.

That invasion was the "9/11" of those days! Caesar defeated Ariovist and conquered all of Gaul, that is present day France, as far as the Rhine. In 55 and 53 BC he conducted punitive and exploratory campaigns in the German regions, since they belonged to an "Axis of Evil."

Four decades later, Emperor Augustus decided to annex Germania as a Roman province. By 15 BC the Romans had conquered the entire vast approach to Germania: the Alps with foothills, present day Switzerland, South Germany, Austria and Hungary all the way to the Danube. The frontier of the Roman Empire extended from today's Regensburg through Augsburg and Vienna to the mouth of the Danube on the Black Sea.

In 12 BC he opened his campaigns against the Germanic tribes east of the Rhine, penetrating all the way to the Weser and in some places, to the Elbe. He conquered numerous tribes, including the Cherusker, after which the Romans considered Germania another province of their Empire. Still not satisfied, they aspired to further conquests. They now wanted a shorter border through Europe. It should follow the entire length of the Elbe connecting to the March River and then along the Danube, which they already controlled.

In 6 AD the Romans planned a pincers attack against the Marcomanni tribe, whose king was Marbod. They intended to attack from two directions: from the mouth of the Elbe to its source in the southeast and from Carnuntim (today's Hainburg) up the March river to the North. The legions were ready to march when suddenly an insurgency broke out among the recently pacified Celtic tribes in Pannonia south of the Danube. It took three years to finally suppress the rebellious tribes in 9 AD. After that, these remained obedient subjects, lost their languages and culture and became Romanized, like the Gauls and Hispanians before them.

It has always been the strategy of "globalizers" to first provoke war with weaker countries, then conquer and occupy them, then integrate them into their empire. If the conquered lands do not culturally and domestically accept integration, they rebel. That is what happened in Pannonia. By 9 AD the Romans had secured their rear and were once again preparing for the conquest of the region along the Elbe and March rivers. The Romanization of the other Germanic tribes had encountered difficulties, however. They had been under Roman domination for only 20 years; before that, they had been entirely free of Roman influence and unfamiliar with the Roman lifestyle. Having no cities and hardly any villages, they lived on remote farmsteads that were widely separated by plains and forests.

It is undeniable that the material standards in Rome were vastly superior to anything the Germans had. They enjoyed luxuries that included heated floors, a clean water supply delivered by aqueducts, grandiose public baths, extensive trade with distant countries, an efficient coinage and an elaborate transportation system. These benefits were comparable to today's global finances, free trade and freedom of travel. The Germanic tribesmen must have reacted to it the same way the Afghani tribesmen react to the technology of the USA today: they were shocked and overwhelmed, yet fascinated.

The Romans were very expert in exploiting their amenities. First they would win over the "barbarian" power elite, especially the more youthful members. They offered inviting careers to young leaders who entered Roman service with their followers, utilizing them as auxiliary troops attached to their legions. There were rich rewards for Germanic leaders of auxiliaries who distinguished themselves in the war against Pannonia; and when these leaders returned home they brought glowing reports of the "good life" under the Romans - a life the Germans could also enjoy if they complied with the demands of the Romans.

In his history of Rome, Cassius Dio describes the attractions of Roman service in detail. His descriptions suggest that conditions 2,000 years ago were not very different from those of today. Dio writes:

"Roman soldiers were quartered in fortresses, while the tribesmen began to lay out cities. The Germans began to adapt to Roman customs, became accustomed to the practice of holding open markets, and learned to organize peaceful and orderly gatherings. However, they still had not forgotten their old habits and native customs, their previous unhampered lifestyle that included the individual power that comes with bearing arms. They were not disturbed by the change in their lifestyle and they did not notice that they were becoming a different nation while gradually losing their customs."

It is easy to understand the rationale of adaptation. As seen through the eyes of an ancient German undergoing assimilation, it went like this:

We Germans must adapt to new realities. After all, life is more interesting, comfortable and convenient in these Roman style towns. In the new markets we can buy delicious fruits from the South, fashionable new clothing and smart jewelry. The Roman soldiers are not really so bad -- we mustn't be racist! What's wrong with working for the Romans if they pay us good money?

As Dio observed, the ancient Germans did not realize that they were becoming a different people. Occupiers always attempt to infect a conquered people with a new lifestyle that will give the conquered nation a different "soul." Of course the details were different two thousand years ago, but basically the same thing is happening to us now. The new occupiers have studied the Romans and are imitating them, adopting their strategy of "Conquer, Occupy, Re-educate." Ten years ago, following the American assault on Yugoslavia, Daniel Goldhagen indiscreetly blurted out that the Americans should treat the Serbs the way they treated the Germans after World War II: "conquer, occupy and re-educate." We must remember that the Frankfurt School defined their program as one of re-education and reconstruction. Their goal was to make contented slaves of the defeated Germans. "We have more material things than ever before," the re-educated German says. "What do we care about freedom? We are accepting reality."

Resistance Then and Now

When re-educators move too quickly they create resistance. The Romans learned this the hard way, when they accelerated the re-education of our Germanic ancestors. In the year 7, Quinctilius Varus became Proconsul of Germania. Velleius Paterculus, who knew him personally, described him as the kind type of politician that is timeless and familiar:

"Varus was not the type that despises money, as he demonstrated while proconsul in Syria... He arrived poor in a rich land and he departed rich from a poor province."

Cassius Dio described Varus's methods as follows:

"When Varus became proconsul of Germania, he insisted on accelerating the conversion of the people there. He ordered them about as though they were slaves and he taxed them as though they were subjects. However, the Germans refused to be treated in such a manner. They preferred the old order and they rejected foreign domination. They rose in revolt."

Imagine that: two thousand years ago our Germanic ancestors rose in revolt! But what about the re-educated, reconstructed Germans of today? Here I should include all Europeans, not just Germans and Austrians. I refer to the people of nearly every country in Europe since we came to be dominated by the victors of World War II and then the EU commissars.

All Europe has been reeducated since 1945! At first our re-education was gradual, but it became rapid after 1968. The EU preaches democracy but it forbids plebiscites on the constitution of our new central government. When the citizens of a country insist on putting it to the popular vote and the results do not suit the EU commissars, they change tactics. The commissars substitute a pseudo election in which the citizens are not allowed to participate, only the parliament. In this way they were able to change the defiant "no" of the French and Dutch people into a compliant "yes." When that did not work in Ireland, the Irish voters were subjected to perpetual elections until the results suited the EU bosses. While blathering about "freedom of opinion" they have established a dictatorship of political correctness and compliance.

Once they have established a dictatorship, the EU bosses decree prohibitions of politically incorrect thought and speech. George Orwell very accurately predicted this in his novel 1984 which he wrote in 1948, at the time when re-education was under way in Germany and Austria. This has prompted Andreas Mölzer to ask: What will 2084 be like? Will we still have any freedom at all? Is the end of European culture approaching? The end of European peoples, as immigrants overwhelm our entire continent? Have we already degenerated into a society engrossed with trivialities, whose rulers can manipulate us at will?

Decades ago, Ernst Jünger answered this question with a single sentence: "Auf den verlassenen Altären hocken die Dämonen" (Demons now squat on our abandoned altars.) The values of Western Civilization were once firmly established on our altars: love, loyalty, family, community, nation and home, as well as willingness to participate, assume responsibility and make sacrifices.

Re-education, re-evaluation, and a generalized contempt for tradition have now destroyed these values. Today the unholy trinity of the demons profit, sex and feel-good "wellness" or body-worship are enthroned on our new altars. "A healthy wholesome world," once our hope and aspiration, has become an expression of derision.

I ask you: is our world permanently condemned to degeneracy? Must we peak and pine forever, and never again be proud, confident, robust? Is nothing sacred to us any more? The word "God" is no longer allowed in the Constitution of the European Union. How can this be? Is this what we want: a godless, unredeemed world that has gone berserk where our traditional values are concerned? If profits and creature comforts are the only things that matter to us, we have allowed ourselves to be re-educated, like our Germanic and Celtic ancestors 2,000 years ago.

Today, a new factor has entered into the cultural equation: the Fata Morgana of prosperity and never-ending economic growth has vanished. At last we are forced to recognize that we have sold our intellectual freedom and Western civilization for a pot of material advantages. Now these too are crashing: the economy, money, and vocations are all vanishing. Now that we are approaching breakdown, we finally recognize that globalization and foreign domination can lead only to our total collapse. We have no choice except to liberate ourselves as our ancestors did thousand years ago!

Arminius the Liberator

In their time of greatest need, occupied and in process of becoming another soulless province of the Roman Empire, our Germanic ancestors found an intrepid leader in their own ranks who was able to unite and liberate them. Velleius Paterculus, who knew Arminius personally, reported:

"In those days there was a young man of noble blood who was decisive and valiant in battle. His name was Arminius and he was the son of the prince of the Cheruskans... His manner and his eyes reflected a fierce spirit."

Like many ambitious young Germanic nobles, Arminius had entered Roman service with his followers. In the Pannonian wars he won great distinction and rewards for his bravery, military prowess and ability to lead men. He also gained an intimate understanding of the way the Romans waged war, both their strengths and weaknesses. When deployed in battle formation in the open field their legions were invincible thanks to their superior weaponry, armor and discipline. However, they became helpless and overburdened in rough terrain, when unable to form their customary fighting ranks.

In the year 9 AD Arminius resolved to exploit this weakness. He lulled Varus into a false sense of security while secretly planning an insurrection for the fall, when the Romans left their summer encampment for winter quarters on the Rhine. Under pretext of quelling an "insurgency" among a remote group of tribesmen (and capturing additional slaves), he tricked the proconsul into leaving the principal march route and following rugged mountain paths through the Teutoburg Forest, along the edge of a vast marsh. In some places the Roman troops could march only two or three abreast through the tangled wilderness.

Varus's army numbered around 20,000 men and included three legions, six auxiliary cohorts and three detachments of cavalry as well as a massive baggage train and thousands of camp followers. The entire procession, interspersed with wagons and horses, extended approximately thirty kilometers. Communication between the units became difficult. The battle began near Kalkriese, north of Osnabrück, and lasted three days. With blood-curdling yells the Germanic warriors stormed the Roman troops from concealed positions while the auxiliary cohorts joined their countrymen, creating panic and confusion in the Roman ranks. The battle became a face-to-face struggle, a kind of "asymmetrical warfare" such as we see in Afghanistan today. Nearly all the legionnaires were annihilated. In true Roman fashion, Varus threw himself on his sword when he realized his position was hopeless.

The historian Suetonius called the battle of Teutoburg "a devastating defeat that nearly lead to the collapse of the Empire." The catastrophe threw Emperor Augustus into deep despair, causing him to wander aimlessly about his palace exclaiming "Varus, give me back my legions!" All Rome fell into a panic, terrified of being overwhelmed by the "Teutonic fury." It rushed all its reserve forces to the Rhine to secure the border.

In 14 AD Augustus died, Tiberius became emperor, and General Drusus, called "Germanicus" in hopes he would be able to subdue the Germans, invaded Germania in a series of costly punitive expeditions. The legions re-invaded the Teutoburg Forest, interred the remains of the legionnaires who had been killed six years before, and again did battle with Arminius. After some initial Roman successes, Germanic resistance grew ever stronger as the expenses of the war grew unbearable for the Empire. Finally, Emperor Tiberius ordered a withdrawal to the Rhine, which became the permanent border.

Germania remained free! Our German language and culture survived! Tacitus, Rome's greatest historian, created an enduring literary monument to the intrepid Arminius:

"Unquestionably he was the Liberator of Germania. Although not victorious in every battle, he nevertheless won every war; and the barbarian nations still sing his praises."

Discord Among the Germans

Tacitus noted that in his day, more than a hundred years after the battle at Teutoburger Forest, the "Barbarians" were still singing the praises of their liberator. Our Germanic ancestors were united in love of their hero. And yet, in Arminius's lifetime, many princes were envious of him. They fawned over the Romans, flattereing and collaborating with them. Because Arminius strove to unite the people in the struggle against Roman domination, they accused him of wanting to be king. Marbod, the prince of the Marcomanni, refused to enter into an alliance with Arminius, even though the Romans were threatening to invade his kingdom! Even Arminius's father-in-law Segestes and uncle Ingomer plotted against him. Tacitus reported that Arminius was killed by the treachery of his kinsmen, while Emperor Tiberius noted with satisfaction:

"We need not wage war against the Germans and Cheruskans... we can leave them to their own treachery and they will destroy each other."

Discord and dissension have been Germany's constant curse, and even Arminius became a victim of treachery. Nevertheless, his victory was a world-changing event, a major turning point in European history. It saved us from conquest and destruction. Unlike the Gauls and other peoples of ancient times, who lost their culture, language and freedom, the ancient Germans were able to retain their national culture. Thanks to Arminius, their descendants were able to create the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, which defined Western Civilization during the middle ages.

We too must assert ourselves!

The history of Germany, like the history of all Europe, has been marred by dissent and war. That is why a "Europe of Nation States" is an indispensable idea: a confederation of free and independent states united in important questions and acting in concert, while retaining their language and culture. The concept of a Europe of nation states is like a spring meadow with a great variety of colorful blossoms. The EU bosses in Brussels have perverted this idea, however. They have engineered a Europe that is tied to the apron strings of a monstrous central state, after the fashion of the USA. Like the USA, it is a state dominated by lobbies of speculators and cliques of managers. With massive immigration, ethnic and racial intermixing these EU bosses are intentionally eradicating our national characteristics and Western civilization.

If Obama insists, we will soon be forced to allow Turkey into the EU. The result of such a policy will be to convert free and independent nations into a uniform faceless mass. The Goldhagen strategy is obviouslythe same as that of Varus: "Conquer, Occupy, Re-educate!"

How can we liberate ourselves from the monstrous superpower of globalizers and re-educators? Arminius set us an example two thousand years ago, an example that has been successfully followed many times.

Two hundred years ago, in 1809 Andreas Hofer and his Tirolean army defeated the presumably invincible French globalizers. A few years later Napoleon's empire disintegrated. Just twenty years ago, in 1989, the citizens of Leipzig took to the streets inspired by Friedrich Schiller's slogan "Wir sind ein Volk!" (We are a nation.) Almost immediately Soviet domination and the Berlin Wall collapsed without a shot being fired. A courageous determination to be free can bring down the super powers of the world.

Let us dare to perform a spiritual "about face" and return to the traditional values of our national culture! Let us throw down the demons of greed, body-worship and recreational sex from our high altars! Let us return to cherishing Volk and Fatherland, our European customs and the culture of Western Civilization! Let us make the Arminius bimillenium the commemorative year for the celebration and rebirth of freedom! Let us follow the examples set for us by courageous leaders 20, 200, and 2000 years ago!


Long live Arminius, long live a free and independent Germany!

Walter Marinovic

What, Me Read?

A literature professor writes that his students exist in the fog of a post-literate world, by Thomas Bertonneau:
Editor’s Note: This is the first in a three-part series (to be published on Fridays). By analyzing the responses of his Survey of Literature students on their exams, Thomas F. Bertonneau, who teaches at SUNY-Oswego, offers insight into where education is failing today. The first essay sets the stage.

Since the mid-1980s, I have taught a standard survey of literature course to undergraduates in California, Michigan, and most recently upstate New York. This course introduces canonical texts, from Homer’s Odyssey to early medieval texts such as Beowulf or the Icelandic sagas, and sometimes later works. Over the years, my experience has chronicled what I believe to be a broad retreat from genuine literacy into a new, orally based “post-literacy” of emotion-drive mentality, egocentrism, “presentism,” and logical obtuseness. This retreat will have serious consequences for our society.

This three-part essay will describe my observations, based on the written responses of my students on exams. My course is a general education requirement that most students must take, usually in their freshman or sophomore year. Frequently, it serves as a prerequisite for other courses in English or the humanities, and where I currently teach, it is required for most education majors. In sum, this course offers a useful occasion for the general observation of undergraduates.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. I highly recommend all the books cited by Bertonneau. A better and more entertaining read from the same viewpoint can be found in Richard Mitchell's books and newsletters, free online here.

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Obama is not a Socialist

He is a Marxist Communist, a long-time believer in Black Liberation Theology, which is Marxism for black people.

America is a socialist country and we have been for a while. Every American waits eagerly for the day when he can retire and suck a few hundred dollars a month from the public teat. He argues for tax breaks for this and that special group, and expects government assistance for every financially troubled state, county, city, or district. When I was young, people used to call handouts from the government by their real names: welfare, government charity. Everyone knew it was just "for widows, orphans, or bums." No real American would accept any of that.

Seems we've had a change in attitude. Or maybe we're all just widows, orphans, and bums now. We collectively steal trillions from each other and then accept the booty in government handouts in various forms. And not only are we not ashamed, we feel entitled to it. How can American children be proud and have a sense of responsibility when they see all their elders in such a state? (David Yeagley, an Indian, knows what I'm talking about.)

Worse, Americans are busily engaged in spreading cultural Marxism far and wide, mixing all the world's peoples together to destroy nationhood and family. No public figure talks honestly about race or nationhood, preferring the liberal double-talk of multiculturalism and equality. It's a terrible situation. It has gotten so bad that our two best presidential candidates are a hard-line Marxist and a soft-line Marxist (McCain admires Obama).

And we're worried that the bank bailout might be -- gasp! -- Socialism?!

Get a grip, people. We started down the path of Socialism long ago and are now enthusiastically destroying what the Weiner on the radio calls "nations, borders, and culture" with Marxism. If our ancestors could see us now, they'd swear we were all on drugs.

Buck up, America, real freedom coming soon

Your country is run by hostile foreigners who are raping and pillaging everyone and everything they can get their hands on, just as they did in the USSR. It's not your government anymore; the barbarians are sacking the country as we sit here. No matter what we want, the government employees are going to continue doing whatever they want, enriching themselves and destroying our once great country.

Over the next several decades, as the Republic disappears completely, we will be left with nothing but our own ingenuity and determination. I think it is helpful to remember what happened to the Britons when the Romans were forced to retreat, a retreat caused by a rotten central government in Rome and the fatal influence of too many non-Romans running loose and in charge throughout the empire: the Britons had lost their knowledge of self-protection and self-government; crime shot up and the infrastructure crumbled to dust. Our British ancestors couldn't see it coming, but we can.

Once we see our situation clearly, once we stop listening to the liars and fools in the MSM, we will be able to return to basics in a real and meaningful way: local government, local schools, local policing, lower taxes, better services, and real freedom of association (death to multiculturalism and its proponents!). It's going to be great. That is, if the Federal government's hired "contractors" and RedTeam-BlueTeam retards don't try to kill us all for resisting their desperate attempts to remain in total control. Another opportunity at freedom is coming. Are we going to grab it? Valete!

Terrorists: Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr

at least according to the ACLU and the MAIC, which works for the K.G.B., a.k.a., Department of Homeland Security (sic). Kurt Nimmo of Infowars has the story.

The United States is shaping up to be exactly like the Soviet Union, now that the same tribe is in control. Pillaging trillions from our Treasury, erecting Holyhoax indoctrination centers on every street corner, and flooding the country with filth in every school and living room is not enough -- now we must also have a massive police state to spy on every man, woman and child, so that it can root out and destroy any objectors ("terrorists" in newspeak) to this Talmudic tyranny.

Your government is speaking loudly and clearly, America, and it is saying that it is coming for you. If you can't see it, you're as uninformed as a newborn but as guilty as any getaway driver. Jew-DayO!-Christians who work with these Marxist, anti-Western, Israel-centric government "leaders" are as much to blame as the demons at the controls.

Don't believe the church and state

Lee in the Mountains has posted the music video and lyrics to Mike & The Mechanics' Silent Running, here.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arni a Nazi?

Kurt Nimmo at Infowars thinks so. I don't know. The Nazi's I know at least cared about the jobs, culture, families, and traditions of their countrymen and worked diligently to remove the corrosive Bolshevik-types and other harmful Auslaender. Schwarzenegger's cares seem limited to his own personal power, gauged largely by how many brown people he rules. If he has ever spoken up boldly for Whites -- the real original Americans, the ones who built this country and up until a couple decades ago were 90% of the population -- I've never heard him. And has he ever condemned the banksters/oligarchs, the ones at the root of many of our present day evils and the architects and financiers of our immigration woes? Ja, recht, Mann, geh raus!

On the other hand, it is nice to see he's not ashamed of his Germanic heritage and honors the bravery of his ancestors. I wonder what his neo-con handlers in the GOP think about him.

A patriotic Russian

slideshow with comments. What a terribly fascinating and beautiful people. Of course, his page is not entirely correct -- those German POWs being so lovingly treated in his photos were eventually starved or shot by Stalin and his "willing executioners." Too, the new Russian leadership had whipped the Russians into such a barbaric frenzy with anti-German propaganda that when the Russian troops finally advanced into Germany, they behaved in the most barbaric manner possible, especially against German women and children.

That the international banksters and one-worlders set the Germans and Russians to murdering one another by the millions for profit, in the name of global, atheistic, egalitarian "brotherly love," is one of the worst crimes in modern history.

Anyway, what really impressed me, in addition to the incredible beauty of the country, was this Russian's patriotism. Would that there were as many Americans, Europeans, Australians, Canadians, British or Irish today this proud of their own historic people as there were before the 1960's Marxist revolution in the West. There is hope, however. For here is a man who survived the most murderous, inhuman, unnatural ideology in the world, yet is still proud of his people and his patria. May we emerge on the other side of our own impending Marxist nightmare with the same animos.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The money changers

A short history : Ancient Root of All Evil Bears Fruit With Fed, by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.

On stone throwing

Another great pair from Laudator Temporis Acti:
John 8.3-7:
[3] And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst, [4] They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act. [5] Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou? [6] This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. [7] So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

Diogenes Laertius 6.62:
Seeing the child of a courtesan throw stones at a crowd, he cried out, "Take care you don't hit your father."
Related thoughts on the former from Chapter Ten of Richard Mitchell's Gift of Fire.

"Before the glory that was Greece and Rome

even before the first cities of Mesopotamia or temples along the Nile, there lived in the Lower Danube Valley and the Balkan foothills people who were ahead of their time in art, technology and long-distance trade.

For 1,500 years, starting earlier than 5000 B.C., they farmed and built sizable towns, a few with as many as 2,000 dwellings. They mastered large-scale copper smelting, the new technology of the age. Their graves held an impressive array of exquisite headdresses and necklaces and, in one cemetery, the earliest major assemblage of gold artifacts to be found anywhere in the world ..." more >>
Europeans (Whites, Westerners) have always been the primiere civilization builders. We don't need no stinkin' diversity.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

An interview with Eustace Mullins

About Pound, Eliot, Hemingway, Joyce, Charles Lindbergh, the Federal Reserve, fiat money, usury, the American Founders, the American Revolution, Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, communism, war-for-profit, the Rockefellers, Bushes, Schiffs, Warburgs, and related, here.

Porn for the modern woman

An excerpt from How Twilight is Re-Vamping Romance, by "Eliza," at
For this discussion, we would like to set aside the dark paranormal element of Twilight, though that is a concern on its own. We believe what ultimately draws women into this series and other romance novels in millions-strong droves is the same thing that lures men into an estimated $3-4 billion-a-year pornography industry.

Journalist Alisa Harris explains: “It’s called emotional porn. When men glut their physical lust with pictures of airbrushed girls pumped full of silicone, they become dissatisfied with real women’s bodies. When women plug their emotional caverns with chick flicks and chick lit, they become dissatisfied with the real men they know because they can’t measure up to the guys from The Notebook or Pride and Prejudice or Walk to Remember.

Pornography is not simply about pictures. At its core, pornography starts with:

1. A desire to use people as self-gratification machines
2. A preference for man-made reality and man-made people over the real thing.

These hold as much temptation for women as for men, though romance novels often feed their fire better than pictures.

R.J. Rushdoony asks, “Why should an unreal female be exciting, and a far better and real woman not be so? The key is the essence of imagination: the fantasy woman is totally the creation and creature of man, whereas the real woman is God’s creation and creature. It is essential to imagination to create a man-made world and a man-ordained decree of predestination. It is the essence of sin to demand such a world.”
Stephanie Meyers certainly hit the jackpot, we believe, because she knows what it is that women really want in their fantasies: a god to worship them as a goddess.

And really, the desire to be “as gods” – the temptation Eve succumbed to – is the lure tempting every girl to create her own world and her own men, and define what is good and evil for herself. As we pointed out at the beginning, the choice before each of us is the choice Meyers wrote in for Bella: to eat of the forbidden fruit, or not?
We realize this article has taken a hard line, and we certainly didn’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, but we don’t really have to: Twilight will spoil its own fun:

“When I finished [the last book in the series] I felt like my world would collapse. I had been living in Forks for so long that I didn’t want to go back to my boring not-at-all-interesting life! …Then reality hit me and I realized I’m not Bella and my husband is not Edward. That was hard for me to swallow.”

Latin Christmas Carols

At Gaudium Mondo.

You cannot vote yourselves out of Mordor

The system is broken and cannot be fixed. The liberal democratic experiment has ended in failure. It is proven now that all peoples are not the same, that all do not want the same things nor see the world the same way as the European. We are swamped by people who hate us. Their orcs rape and murder us by the 10's of thousands every year, and grow bolder by the day. The international banksters and the globalists have stolen trillions from us and work to extract even more. All Western countries are experiencing the same phenomenon. There is nowhere left to run and no peaceful solution to any of this. Examples of the brutal war against European nations are easy to find. Exempli gratia, CWNY writes:
The torture-rape of a fifteen-year old white girl by Mexicans and blacks at a San Francisco high school was certainly heinous, but it was not an unusual occurrence. Such violent crimes are the norm now that America has become a multi-racial land mass rather than a white nation. There is no reason to believe that the colored hatred of whites will ever abate until they have killed every last white.
Will the type of barbarians who tortured and raped the white high school girl stop raping and murdering whites because they are afraid white people will vote against them in the next election? And will the liberals, who have forsaken the religion of charity and now have not charity, the same liberals who glory in the annual murder of a few million babies in the womb, have compassion on the victims of black atrocities and seek out the guilty parties? That is not what I see happening. Every time white people speak out against black and Mexican violence, the government moves against the whites who protest against the atrocities. Implicit in the neo-pagan pleas for non-violent protests of black atrocities is the assumption that once we have evolved to the higher level of democracy it is not necessary to actually fight evil, we need only vote against it. more >>
Zsidozas has for a long while been posting summaries about the lives and crimes of the biggest financial criminals (leider, only the small percentage which are caught and convicted). Jared Taylor has for many years posted a dozen or more news articles every day proving the war on whites is in full combat mode, encouraged and protected by the new elites and our own government.

I say, Enough. I reject this government. I do not recognize non-Europeans as leaders of my family, tribe, or nation. They cannot have my sons and daughters or my grandchildren. I refuse to live under their tyranny. The time for conservatism is over; it is a failed policy, fit only for timid women and pansies. This Judaeo-Marxist nightmare must end now.

Rod Blagojevich remembered

In response to this article and video at, Rod Blagojevich uncensored with We Are Change, I link to this article by Justin Raimondo at American Conservative. No heroes here, just gangsters doing what gangsters do. Reminds me a bit of the movie, People I Know, with naive We are Change activists playing the part of Eli Wurman (Al Pacino), called "the little Jew who could" by one of his thug associates.