Saturday, August 11, 2012

Die, Democracy, Die

You are an evil whore of a goddess, the destroyer of families, nations, and community. You were feared by every right-thinking person up until very recently in history. Your law is mob rule -- the rule by the stomachs of the low over the spirits of the high. You are a destroyer of all good distinctions and discriminations in society, culture, government, politics, and the arts. You encourage worship of the base and the stupid, for their own sakes.

You insist not only that, "everyone is entitled to their opinions," no matter how selfish, uninformed, and destructive, but that those opinions be given equal weight "in the arena of ideas," ut demagogi dicant. In your relentless drive for absolute equality, you who are the sociopathic offspring of Liberalism and the nemesis of Liberty raise money-changers, aliens, youth, and irrational women to the same level as experienced, brave and responsible men. Doch! Make that: you forcibly lower these men to the same level as their inferiors. You are not only the murderer of virtus but the strangler of the love of it.

Die, Democracy, die! And take your diseased worshippers with you back into the chaotic darkness whence you came.

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