Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why Jews support Black causes

Brother Nathan interviews Kevin MacDonald, here

I highly recommend ordering the book cited in the article, The Culture of Critique.   It is a scholarly and well-documented treatment of the history of Jewish movements and how they have worked systematically, indefatigably, and implacably over the last several decades to "deconstruct" Christendom and destroy all nations.  As a testament to the work's truthfulness and accuracy, the best rebuttal by dozens of Jewish hate groups has been to call MacDonald an "anti-Semite" and try to silence him.

In short, the book gives specifics on how the eternal merchant class -- a.k.a., the international money changers -- rose to power and how they keep its host Western nations weak, using occultism, mysticism, and racial tension, all the while guaranteeing obscene profits for its members. In other words, MacDonald shows the tactics and strategies in the eternal story of war and conquest as played out in modern times.

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