Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kinism is traditionalism

From Protestantism, Immanence, and the Equality Project, at Against the Robots weblog:
Race is both biological and historical, and the Church's recent rejection of race has been its rejection also, therefore, of history. In this it is both a party to the creation and a sufferer of the unforeseen fruit of political radicalism, and democratic egalitarianism –fruit that is not sprung from the logical necessities of Protestant dogma per se, but the enslavement of those precepts to the political presuppositions of the age. Kinism is conceived, therefore, as a counterrevolutionary movement, which rejects the god of the National Convention for the God of Scripture, in whose leaves are inscribed the laws of freedom, for a lawless liberty is but the tyranny of the many over the few, if they exercise real power, and the few over the many, if they are oppressed by a mental serfdom.

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