Sunday, September 9, 2012

Study of a money-changer

Listen here to Bernard L. Madoff feeding financial lies and mumbo-jumbo to a gullible audience of admirers. He claims that there is too much financial regulation, and that this is something the [stupid goyim] "just don't understand." Id est, "Trust us." Watch how confident he is spinning his web and how easily the lies come to him. Amazing at first, but understandable once one considers his culture.

In this clip of the same conference, Madoff says, "I'm very close with the regulators -- as a matter of fact, my niece just married one!" Ironically, his sycophants sympathize with him.

Despite many, many alerts and obvious signs of fraud, to include very detailed documentation from an insider, regulators never found any irregularities. These would be the same regulators who see no problem with handing over trillions to Paulson and his tribe of quick-change artists, no questions answered, but intensely grill our auto industry execs over a relatively measly $17 billion (less than 1%).

And the sacking of the Treasury by this perfidious tribe continues, with approval from both the RedTeam and the BlueTeam cheerleaders and the foreign-controlled MSM.

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