Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Oligarch" banksters continue

plundering the treasuries of the goyim. High praise for Alan Grayson, Democratic Congressman in Florida’s 8th congressional district, one of only two men openly questioning the "banksters" (or "oligarchs" or "neo-cons" or "neo-Jacobins" or "orcs" or whatever euphemism we are using these days). The other is Ron Paul, firm Constitutionalist and nemesis of the RedTeam-BlueTeam faithful. Here's Alan Grayson being as direct, open, and honest as it is possible to be:

Wow, what a breath of fresh air. This is what everyone representing us is doing now, which is to say, we don't have any other representation. If a political leader, to include grassroots activists, is not doing, at a minimum, what Grayson is doing here, then he is on the side of the enemy, simple as that.

We call for the money-changers to be kicked out of yet one more country: the U.S.A. Pronto. They are to leave every dime of their trillions of stolen loot here, but they should take all their Marxist lies, porn, homopromo, race-mixing, anti-European attitudes, and other filth with them. This will totally empty academia, most of the upper spaces of the Federal government, newspapers, radio, and television executive suites -- and it will be worth it. Oh, and they should take their worshippers with them.

Perhaps they are going to buy some primo real estate with all that booty.

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