Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The government

is going bankrupt at light speed, our school test scores are falling and our drop-out rates are Mexicannily high. Schools more and more follow the whims of Marxist-leaning bureaucrats hundreds of miles away in the District of Criminals instead of making their own local decisions about curricula, libraries, fund-rasing, spending, and daily activities.

In response to this escalating crisis, Congress has helpfully sprung into action once more. In a move sure to surprise grassroots activitists around the country, it has announced it is increasing regulation and spending. The Eagle Reporter has the astonishing story about the latest brilliant addition to George Bush's successful No Child Left Behind program.

Obviously, the government wants everyone to homeschool.

On the plus side, more of us -- perhaps twice as many as 10 years ago -- are studying Latin and sitting for national exams.

Here is how homeschoolers do on standardized tests. Optime!

Happy Thanksgiving from me and from that lovable Incog Man.

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