Thursday, April 12, 2012

The creation of O-Banana

Who is this guy? Did he win some "best man in the world" contest? When was this contest held and how many men entered? When were real, important issues debated? I don't remember anything of the sort happening at all.

Really, how was he selected? Is he truly the best of the best? Or is he, as he appears to anyone with a brain, just another political hack? David Icke has more on this Marxist, White-hating, media-created sensation, for those BlueTeam fans taken in by false hopes of "change" from Sir Purple Lips.

Brock Lesnar Leads the Way

From Caste Football:
Fortunately, during this dark age, where our creed has been submerged into a pit of self-hatred, guilt and impotency, the roars of our past have bared a special breed of men that show the danger that dwells in our veins. I believe it’s unconscious, but the white man is using the platform of MMA, boxing and K1 as a battleground to combat the war on our souls. Every victory, every KO and every time a native European beats a non-white our level of social confidence rises and street-thugs like Hopkins, big mouths like Ali, and twisted rapists like Mike Tyson are seen in their true light -- not fit to stand toe-to-toe with an enraged white man.

Without equivocation, the "sport" of MMA is real fighting that happens to be legal. Despite "rules" like no biting, etc., the art fosters the development of the martial arts in a savage flow of unrestricted full-contact fighting. Since the beginning of this test of manhood, the toughest men on earth have treated their foes like boys against men. However, the common "niceness" of whites hasn’t gratified our pay-per-view generation and reinstated white men to their rightful place as the World’s Hardest Men.

Enter Brock Lesnar, a 6-foot-3 Viking forged from the crystals of Caucasian blood and harnessed with the discipline of our warrior past. He’s the last stage of our fighting revolution. A super athlete, Lesnar traveled from the world of sport entertainment [WWE], and he’s using his past skills as a college wrestler to rip apart the UFC and, more importantly, any idea that whites can’t fight.

I’m going to say it: because of his strength, athletic genius, and warrior’s mentality, only a White man can beat him. Lesner’s improved, he trains extremely hard, and now has a 4-1 record and holds the prestigious UFC heavyweight title.

Saturday, after crushing the white-Cuban Frank Mir, with pure testosterone coursing through his veins, he made statements to the world. When asked what he was going to do, he said "I'm going to drink a Coors Light. That's right a Coors," Lesnar then looked down onto the Bud Light logo on the canvas. "Bud Light don't pay me nothing." Further fueling the disbelieving crowd, Lesnar said he "might jump on his wife." Although, in the post-fight press conference, the huge Lesnar showed regret by saying "he’s not biased I’ll drink any beer," a floodgate had been opened and I believe the days of the introverted white apologists are over.

That display, although unconscious on Lesner’s part, of unrepentant manliness and in-your-face malevolence has sent a message: "Let’s fight, you can’t beat us, and we aren’t going to keep quiet about it anymore!" more >>

See also: MMA and the Myth of Black Athletic Supremacy

Who's running things around here

Zsidozas has names and stats demonstrating which ethnic group holds almost all of the top positions in our government, here.

Vanity Fair and the Jerusalem Post write that over half of the world's most powerful people are of the same tribe, here.

Paul Craig Roberts discusses the Business Week report about the United States having the third highest income inequality in the world. Notice who the banksters are.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The bailout architects

Brother Nathan names names and gives pics of the banksters behind the stimulation. Are you surprised at who is behind the curtain? Congrats, Comrade, you've just exited a shrinking minority.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A few Latin test and contest deadlines

A helpful list at LatinTeach. If you are in need of an additional challenge, here is the entry info for the ACL/NJCL national Greek exam, due January 19, 2010.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The roots of our immigration disaster

If you'd like some illumination on one of the main architects responsible for opening the immigration floodgates to the entire Third World, you might want to check out this little piece at on Norbert Schlei.

Can you guess his religious affiliation or to which tribe he belongs? Well, if you know which foreign, hostile tribe enthusiastically and indefatigably brought Communism to America, led every charge against Christianity and European beliefs and traditionas in our government and the media, and which tribe has always been and continues to be the strongest, loudest, and most consistent supporter of every single liberal cause in America, you won't have to.

Liturgical chaos

I knew the West was in bad shape spiritually and that the Catholics were, right behind the Jews, leading the way to total destruction and degradation. But I had no idea just how bad things had really gotten in the short time since the "chosen ones" had taken over in the 1960's.

Where's the stolen gold from Iraq?

And what's up with the crazy gold prices? Robert Bradshaw wonders in his article, Gold and Silver Market Manipulation Conspiracy. And who are the Rothschilds, you ask? Can't you guess by now, or do you need a map?

Friday, April 6, 2012

What are Neocons?

By now everyone has at least heard of the creatures leading the Bush Administration and the conservative movement. But who are they, where did they come from, and what do they believe? From wiki, a History of Neoconsertivism :
Neoconservatives are conservatives who are "new" (neo) to the conservative movement in some way. Usually, this comes as a result from the migration from the left of the political spectrum to the right, over the course of many years. Though every such neoconservative has an individual story to tell, there are several key events in recent American history that are often said to have prompted the shift.

Many of today's most famous neocons are from Eastern European Jewish immigrant families, who were frequently on the edge of poverty. The Great Depression radicalized many immigrants, and introduced them to the new and revolutionary ideas of socialism and communism.

The Soviet Union's break with Stalinism in the 1950's led to the rise of the so-called New Left in America, which popularized anti-Sovietism along with anti-capitalism. The New Left became very popular among the children of hardline Communist families.

Intellectually, neoconservatives have been strongly influenced by a diverse range of thinkers from Max Shachtman's version of Trotskyism [Marxism] (in the area of anti-Sovietism and international policy) to the elitist, ostensibly neo-Platonic ideas of Leo Strauss.
It's no surprise that conservatism today is so indistinguishable from radical liberalism -- so many of the most influential conservative organizations are not run by conservatives at all but by these "former" Marxists:
More specifically, the term refers to journalists, pundits, policy analysts, and institutions affiliated with policy think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Heritage Foundation, and the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and periodicals such as Commentary, Policy Review, and The Weekly Standard.
Political pundits such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Bill Bennett and Victor Davis Hanson, and more especially Jews Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Jonah Goldberg, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Norman Podhoretz, and Bill and Irving Kristol, are all neo-con leaders.

Some "former" Marxists, e.g., red-diaper-doper-baby David Horowitz and feminazi-suprema Naomi Wolfe, are not really neo-cons (much less true conservatives), just political opportunists. Michael Savage is merely confused and confusing. Christian Science Monitor has more info on the Marxists so influential in wrecking conservatism today.

Is your country in shambles? A police state growing? Do conservatives now praise multiculturalism (social Marxism) and big government? Are you being robbed of trillions of dollars every month by the neo-cons' bankster friends? If so, thank a neo-con today!

The Third Day of Yuletide

From the Asatru Folk Assembly:
The ancestors are always with us, but in some sense their presence is more immediate during Yule. We feel them in the moments of quiet, walking under the stars or through the wintry woods. They linger near the fireplace, too, as the crackling flames cast moving shadows across the dimmed room. And sometimes, when making grandma's favorite Yule recipe or just remembering what this season was like for us as children, the past seems to rub up against the present like a friendly cat that has stealthily, unnoticed, padded into the room. When we set a place for the ancestors at the Yuletide table, we know that in some way we cannot fully fathom, they delight in the attention.

We think on those who have gone before us - their gift of life to us, and our obligation to burnish the family name with love and leave it shining all the more brightly for our having been here.

This third day of Yuletide, light a candle for Courage and let it shine bravely across the years.

(This series is sent as a service to the Germanic religious community, and its contents do NOT duplicate those of the AFA's booklet, The Twelve Days of Yule in Word and Deed.)

Kenneth Dunkin

useful Marxist idiot, and his anti-gun bill, HB0687.

The thoughtless language of the evolutionists

From Seafaring Bacteria at George Washington's Blog:
In 2002, several scientists claimed that bacteria high in Earth's atmosphere came from space.

Last year, scientists said that bacteria in the upper atmosphere may actually make rain. Specifically, they said that bacteria can freeze at fairly warm temperatures, so that the "biological ice nuclei" form condensation nuclei which triggers rain.
Now here comes the typical form of the comment applied to this Earth life form:
Indeed, some scientists have speculated that bacteria cause rain as a means of transportation, so that they will "rain out" from the upper atmosphere to the surface of a planet.
I know you've seen this a zillion times. You know exactly what I'm talking about, so I don't really have to explain further about the form of this "explanation."

On average how often do you think a person hears or reads this Quatsch in an average week? A dozen or more? Surely students and Nature Channel watchers hear it at least few dozen times.

I wonder, Who really believes what is written above? How thoughtless must a person be to believe (I can't say think) that these little creatures consciously, intentionally -- in order to create outcome X and propogate themselves, et cetera, und so weiter -- create rain?

How many of these thoughtless people there must be. Since we see and hear this same stupid explanation 24/7 in just about every part of our public lives, the number must be in the 10's of millions, maybe more. I suspect they are heavily concentrated among the BlueTeam faithful, although given the lack of thought displayed from the RedTeam faithful, there's probably millions more there as well.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A VDare reader wants to know ...

"Why, if Indians are so “superior”, their country is such a dump?", here. Great question. It answers itself, of course. The same could be said about Pakistan, China, Korea, Mexico, sub-Saharan Africa, et cetera.

On the same page, the president of the Houston Police Officers' Union "recently called for Houston Mayor Bill White [email him] to end the city’s sanctuary policies that prevent HPD from even asking a suspect’s legal status." Another gaffer. Bill White is a smart, rich, and powerful liberal -- he wouldn't budge unless there's something big in it for him and his cronies. Houston will continue morphing into Norte Mexico until conservatives pop their heads out.

And Robert Kuza says he's tired of Los Mets. I agree completely. Racial integration, free agency, and sports affirmative action have completely destroyed all interest in watching sports for me. I mean, who I am watching now, anyhow? Some motley collection of criminal, steroid-jacked, third-worlders from God-knows where. Why in hell would I watch them play, much less give a flip how they played? It's all become so stupid and pointless.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Soft and White, Clean and Bright, from Spirit, Water, Blood.

Simon Johnson fingers the "oligarchs"

as the responsible parties currently pillaging the United States Treasury, taxpayers, and investors for 10's of trillions of dollars -- "oligarchs," of course being the same sobriquet used for the pillagers of Russia when the wall came down. (Some are fond of calling them "neo-cons," others like to mock their narcissistic delusions of grandeur by referring to them as "the chosen ones.") Read Henry Blodget's article and watch video here.

"Hey, whassamadda heah, is everyone an anti-Semite these days? C'mon, can I get an 'Oy Vey!' up heah?!"


From View From the Right:
Kevin V. writes:
Isn't it amazing that one single cop ... has inflicted more damage on the President of the United States than the entire Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh, and the "conservative" movement combined?

LA replies:
I was about to say that Officer Crowley didn't show any particular intestinal fortitude, he was just doing his job, and that the damage to Obama was wrought by Obama himself. But then I recalled this: by the time Crowley put the cuffs on Gates, he knew that Gates was a Harvard big shot, he knew that Gates had promised retribution against him, and he knew that Gates would be charging him with racism. He knew that arresting Gates would cause him, Crowley, a lot of trouble. But he did his job and arrested him just the same. He did the right thing, which the lily-livered "conservatives" at National Review said afterward he should not have done. His correct action triggered Gates's and then Obama's self-discrediting idiocy.

So I change what I was about to say, and I agree with you. One (Democratic-voting) cop with balls damaged Obama more than the entire Republican Party and conservative movement combined.
That's because the entire conservative movement has moved so far left that it is now only concerned with conserving the status quo, id est, big liberal government and multiculturalism (communism). Conservatives are gutless when it comes to racial issues; they will throw racially conscious Whites to the dark wolves at the drop of a hat. Their main concern is to save their own skins and to be nice at all costs so they won't risk having their feelings hurt by being called nasty names. It doesn't work, of course. They lose battle after battle and their losing "strategy" never registers with them. They have become what they used to hate.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Harvard genius responsible for banking crisis

According to GeorgeWashington's blog, one of the primary culprits behind the current banking fiasco is Lawrence Summers:
Larry Summers is a Big Fat Idiot

Many people inside the Washington beltway - including, unfortunately, President Obama ["Unfortunately"? Does GW think it really matters what O-Banana "thinks"? -- r.m.] - think that Larry Summers is a genius.

Of course, Summers was one of the people most responsible for gutting the Depression-era banking laws which helped protect our economy, allowing the big financial institutions to speculate and gamble using insane amounts of leverage, and insisting that toxic derivatives be left completely unregulated. more >>
According to the Jew-dominated site Wikipedia:
He left the Treasury Department in 2001 when George W. Bush became President and returned to Harvard as its 27th President, serving from July 2001 until June 2006. He was Harvard's first Jewish president, and received praise from Harvard's Jewish community for his support.

A number of his decisions at Harvard attracted public controversy.
So he's Jewish. Well, that would explain the out-of-nowhere, rabid, neo-con RedTeam support of Summers a few years ago.

I agree that Larry Summers' ideas are dangerous, but GW is wrong to say that Summers is blundering. Summers, his tribe at Harvard, and his "oligarch" kinfolk in Russia worked this same scam a few years ago when they pillaged every dime from Mother Russia after the wall came down. Now he is simply helping out his Judaic bankster brethren here in the U.S. to do the same thing to us, and very successfully I might add. How much loot are they getting away out of the Treasury just within the past few months? Last I heard the check was over $13 trillion and growing.

But Summers is a fat pig.

Mythos and the aristocratic ideal in the new republic

A continuation of Democratic Bloodbaths and Die, Democracy, Die.

Democratic myths are for defeatist and chaotic spirits and will not inspire the builders of the new republic. Aristocratic ones -- those that reach for the highest of what Man is capable of -- will. See this at TOQ. This spirit is in the blood of our greatest men and women. It simply has to be freed so it can once again work its magic.

A truly aristocratic civilization is the deepest fear of the inferior, of those selfish and feckless ICU's of every race that make up the mob. It is the reason they cling so desperately to Democracy and work so hard to destroy anything or anyone better than themselves, and anything that might show them to be less than they ought.

But we can advance on the Democratic despoilers at the personal, practical every-day level -- individually and cooperatively, right here, right now.

Euroman has nothing to lose and everything to gain. As bad as things are and may become, excellence, truth, integrity, discipline, and hard work are still admired by those he wants to win over. Working toward the aristocratic ideal makes all of us better individuals, fathers, mothers, brothers & sisters, friends, citizens, writers, leaders, und so weiter. Socially and politically, we gain respect and influence by our example. And success breeds success.

There is also much to be gained with regard to sensitive racial or ethnicity issues. For, any republic reaching for the aristocratic ideal will be European by default. In said republic, racial truth shall not be banned, but neither need it be a front and center topic of discussion. The Other, the inferior, will be naturally weeded out by the very nature of aristocracy. The average person need not fear frank discussions about race because most of these discussions will be esoteric and infrequent, and only implied or briefly mentioned in regular communication.

One might as well begin preparing for an aristocracy now, anyway. It is either the next natural phase in the cycle, or at least the one after total tyranny -- the phase the West is about to enter unless something is done -- has exhausted itself. The tyranny phase could be skipped altogether.

This idea, this ideal, is a "path forward." It is traditional because it is deeply reverent to and informed by our past. It is modern because it absorbs the best of our own diversity and current circumstances and uses them to build a desirable, realistic future. It is something big and good and tangible to work toward now, no matter the political, societal, or cultural climate.

Aristocracy is not an absolute and can therefore be tailored to suit. It is the expression of the best that is in us -- an inborn desire for truth, beauty, and goodness -- and cannot be defeated except by neglect.

Again: a new power structure of some kind is coming, and it will in all probability cloak itself in traditional, aristocratic rhetoric. Better one should jump ahead of it and define it to ones advantage than to wait and become the victim, once again, of the current crop of Talmudic, New-World-Order "aristocrats."

What better way have we heard?