Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Left's next move

Liberals are always running verbals circles around conservatives. After the entire RedTeam Faithful had been trained by "conservative" talk show hosts to chant, "We have no objection to them coming here; we just want them to be legal," they should've realized they had been tricked. But no.

They were genuinely surprised when the traitors in Congress and the White House (led by G.W. Bush and his neo-cons) subsequently tried to pass amnesty and open borders legislation. I cannot forgive anyone who deliberately tries to destroy my country from within, but it is easy for me to see how many congressmen received the initial impression that amnesty was indeed what voters wanted.

As to amnesty, although our government and international business lobbyists were stopped by voters in fact, they won in practice: almost all of the foreigners in question are still here, still enjoying free everything at American expense, still voting, still multiplying like rats, and millions more are still pouring in. Whites -- the people who built this country and were a 95% majority up just a few years ago -- will now be a minority in the U.S. by 2020. Mexicans are likely to be the majority by mid-century. Racial miscegenation is exploding, especially in the big cities. Whites have already lost the war for majority status; it's a done deal, thanks to leaders of open borders.

The biggest problem Whites have is that they don't even know they've been in a war, that they've been conquered numerically, without a military shot being fired.

Now, the Left's next trick will be to admit that multiculturalism hasn't worked. Conservatives, good-hearted simpletons that they are, will fall for this one, too, and starved for any victory at all will tell one another, "Aha! Those silly liberals finally get it! We've won! See, Honey? The truth always wins out in the end, the pendulum always swings back, blah, blah, blah."

But the Left's true meaning will be that multiculturalism doesn't work because peoples and different cultures still remain largely intact, separated from one another. Karl Marx's dream of a nationless, borderless world without real families has not yet been completely realized. Multiculturalism has done its job and will be abandoned in favor of a better meme with which to break down Whites' resistance assimilation.

And business is still inefficient, having to make so many options for the different ethnicities. The "conservatives" on talk radio and TV will continue to demand less regulation and still more international trade, and will make economic arguments in favor of trading our national assets on the open world market.

These globalists will increase their race-mixing pressure, just as they are doing now, only more forcefully and openly. Innocent Whites will increasingly be convicted for "racism," "anti-Semitism," and "Holocaust(TM) denial." As the non-Whites advance, they will become bolder. Witness Rhodesia and South Africa.

The Left will re-define "White" to include light-skinned Asians and Hispanics. Most conservatives, always looking for a fairy tale and ready to roll over lest they be seen as rude or socially unacceptable to their friends, will ignore their children and their ancestors and will remain silent and accept this new definition. Radio talk shows, Christian preachers, and most other business people will begin using the new definition straight away.

But racially-conscious Whites will retreat and regroup, saying little, but filling with rage. We might once more see the "poor, innocent chosen ones, eternally persecuted for no reason at all," ejected from still yet another country, on a growing list of countries. For no reason at all, natürlich.

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