Friday, October 12, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The government

is going bankrupt at light speed, our school test scores are falling and our drop-out rates are Mexicannily high. Schools more and more follow the whims of Marxist-leaning bureaucrats hundreds of miles away in the District of Criminals instead of making their own local decisions about curricula, libraries, fund-rasing, spending, and daily activities.

In response to this escalating crisis, Congress has helpfully sprung into action once more. In a move sure to surprise grassroots activitists around the country, it has announced it is increasing regulation and spending. The Eagle Reporter has the astonishing story about the latest brilliant addition to George Bush's successful No Child Left Behind program.

Obviously, the government wants everyone to homeschool.

On the plus side, more of us -- perhaps twice as many as 10 years ago -- are studying Latin and sitting for national exams.

Here is how homeschoolers do on standardized tests. Optime!

Happy Thanksgiving from me and from that lovable Incog Man.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Debunking the Holocaust cult

Speak On, Bishop Williamson, by Michael Hoffman :
There is a rather startling hue and cry for the head of Bishop Richard Williamson, the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) bishop who doubts the existence of execution gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau, and whose excommunication, along with that of his three brother bishops, has been lifted by Pope Benedict XVI.

Extraordinary misrepresentations amounting to false witness have been made against this bishop and World War II revisionists in general. Ignorant persons who have never read a revisionist text have concocted wild fantasies about the character of revisionists and what they believe. more >>
Related: Germar Rudolf, Lectures on the Holocaust.

Hatefacts of the Hollowcost, from SpiritWaterBlood.

Jewish Studies :

Judaism Discovered, by Michael Hoffman.

The Culture of Critique, by Kevin MacDonald, and MacDonald's weblog with book excerpts and articles.

Kinism is traditionalism

From Protestantism, Immanence, and the Equality Project, at Against the Robots weblog:
Race is both biological and historical, and the Church's recent rejection of race has been its rejection also, therefore, of history. In this it is both a party to the creation and a sufferer of the unforeseen fruit of political radicalism, and democratic egalitarianism –fruit that is not sprung from the logical necessities of Protestant dogma per se, but the enslavement of those precepts to the political presuppositions of the age. Kinism is conceived, therefore, as a counterrevolutionary movement, which rejects the god of the National Convention for the God of Scripture, in whose leaves are inscribed the laws of freedom, for a lawless liberty is but the tyranny of the many over the few, if they exercise real power, and the few over the many, if they are oppressed by a mental serfdom.

Monday, October 8, 2012

An excellent ghost story.

El Orphanato (The Orphanage).

Greek Test

ἔστι δὲ καὶ Ἀρταξέρξου βασίλεια ἐν Κελαιναῖς ἐρυμνὰ ἐπὶ ταῖς πηγαῖς τοῦ Μαρσύου ποταμοῦ · ῥεῖ δὲ καὶ οὗτος διὰ Κελαινῶν.
ένταῦθα μένει Κῦρος ἡμέρας τριάκοντα · καὶ ἧκε Κλέαρχος ἔχων ὀπλίτας χιλίους καὶ πελταστὰς καὶ τοξότας. ἅμα δὲ καὶ Σοφαίνετος παρ-ῆν ἔχων ὁπλίτας χιλίους. καὶ ἐνταῦθα Κῦρος ἀριθμὸν τῶν Ἑλληνικῶν στρατιωτῶν ἐποίησεν ἐν τῷ παραδείσῳ, καὶ ἦσαν ὁπλῖται μὲν μύριοι καὶ χίλιοι, πελτασταὶ δὲ δισχίλιοι.

I think you need the Palatino Linotype font on your machine to see this. Do you see all Greek characters, or something else?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

TSA destroys great pianist's piano

because it -- and I'm not making this up -- it "smelled funny." America has, without a doubt, some of the meanest and stupidest people on the planet in charge of "security." Kyrstian Zimerman, the great Polish pianist and owner of the piano WMD, told an audience at Walt Disney Concert Hall what he thought about America's idiotic, barbaric government.

I think I'm going to buy a couple of his CD's.

Credibility and fighting the mysterious "they"

Eric Hufschmid makes an important point about fighting crime and the New World Order -- namely, we must become more specific about who did what specific crime:
The point I'm trying to make is that when somebody tells you that the New World Order is responsible for these crimes, he's telling you nothing. When I tell you that the Zionists are responsible, I'm identifying real people, with names and addresses.

In order to hold onto some credibility, the 9/11 researchers, such as the Scholars For 9/11 Truth and Alex Jones, have been pressured into identifying some of the people who control the mysterious New World Order. They usually select David Rockefeller, who is currently 92 years old, as well as George Bush and Dick Cheney. ... We're not going to improve the world by arresting David Rockefeller or Dick Cheney. ... This organization is collecting money to stop this North American Union. [The John Birch Society's] goal is to pass out a million copies of their magazine to influential people in order to educate them about this corruption. But how can you educate somebody when you refer to the people behind a crime as "technocrats" or "elites"?
Very good point. And EF condemns Alex Jones, Rense, the JBS and others who promote the idea that the illuminati, the elites, Freemasonry, or Skull and Bones -type groups are responsible for the New World Order. To help prove his case that Jones and Rense are not serious about the truth he also cites their continued support for UFO discussion.

I don't think that that is the entire picture but what he says here makes sense. I mean, why would someone do something so weird and irrevelant unless his entire operation was at best an upgraded, serious version of Weekly World News (an Onion predecessor), at worst a misinformation site covering for a real criminal network? So far I understand EF.

But then he does something very strange. He inserts his belief that the Apollo moon landings were faked. Now, even if they were, 99+% of the people on the planet believe they were real. And any road, who cares? Odd, indeed. EF surely knows that this completely irrevelant issue does to his credibility what UFO and chemtrail articles do for Rense and Jones. So, why bring it up at all? Does he want the conversation to go like this:
Me: Eric Hufschmid says that Jews were responsible for 9-11.
My (soon-to-be-ex) friend: Oh, Eric Hufschmid? Isn't he the guy that says the moon landings were faked?
Me: Ah, ya, well, uh, never mind that. EF says that 9-11 was ...
My friend, quickly jerking up his wrist and dropping his head: Oh, my, is that the time? I've got to see my bank manager at 4:00. Tickety tog, good luck, take care. Let me know if you see any Jewish UFO's.
I really don't know. I will still give him the benefit of the doubt, for nobody is perfect; all of us have blind spots. Perhaps he simply doesn't understand how big his is. Or perhaps he doesn't want to, just as Larry Auster exempts his own tribe from his "Laws of Majority-Minority Relations."

The "Russian" oligarchs

Incogman has a most interesting exposé, here.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Libertarian" Mike Whitney

advises more regulation, government agencies, and suggests the federal government come up with a plan for public education (a.k.a., propaganda) to avoid panic :
The markets need to be re-regulated now to restore credibility. But the Fed should looking for ways to create an emergency National Bank, which operates like a public utility, so that credit can be made available to businesses and consumers who need it now and pass drug test. The Treasury should also be working with Congress on a plan for public education to forestall a panic as well as recommendations for stimulus to soften the economic hard landing just ahead.
The "trickle down" Voodoo economic model was destined to fail because it was built on a fiction. Prosperity is not possible without the equitable distribution of wealth and fair worker compensation. As the financial crisis continues to ripple through the global economy through 2009 and 2010; the focus should be on creating a system that is sustainable, which means that the needs of workers should precede those of Wall Street and sell detox kits.
How innovative. Pass a urine drug test or other test. Whitney seems about as libertarian as our talk-show hosts are conservative.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Caius Sallustius Crispus

classed as one of the Neoplatonists, On the Gods and the World:
It is impious to suppose that the divine is affected for good or ill by human things. The Gods are always good and always do good and never harm, being always in the same state and like themselves. The truth simply is that, when we are good, we are joined to the Gods by our likeness to live according to virtue we cling to the Gods, and when we become evil we make the Gods our enemies - not because they are angered against us, but because our sins prevent the light of the Gods from shining upon us, and put us in communion with spirits of punishment. And if by prayers and sacrifices we find forgiveness of sins, we do not appease or change the Gods, but by what we do and by our turning toward the divine we heal our own badness and so enjoy again the goodness of the Gods. To say that god turns away from the evil is like saying that the sun hides himself from the blind.
One can see clearly that the Gods of Sallustius are coldly impersonal, indistinguishable from universal forces such as gravity. This squares with the charge I have often heard about the Neoplatonists: that they are concerned only with reason and dialectic, and are dismissive of -- even hostile to -- faith, feeling, rhetoric, and mythology. They seem to be unaware that facts do not constitute the whole truth. It's no wonder that Sallustius was of little help to Julian in restoring worship of the old Gods.

I have been unable to locate the original text.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The walls are crumbling fast now

James Edwards' most recent seven or eight stories about gays and country music are ausgezeichnet -- excellent, that is, if you are ready to see how fast your civilization is disintegrating.

And Alan Keyes, certified RedTeam psycho, warns of a terrorist attack by the BlueTeam. Wait a minute. The RedTeam told us only a few months ago that talk like that was completely crazy and proved that we need the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security (sic) to protect Americans from those kooky Ron Paul Constitutionalists and other extremists.

I gotta tell you, Mensch, I'm scratching here. These can't be our leaders. They just can't be.

Jacob: This isn't happening.

Doctor: What *is* happening?

Jacob: Get me out of here.

Doctor: There is no out of here. You put the Jews in charge, began worshipping diversity, the economy, and Israel ueber alles, set up Homeland Security and gave the Executive full and complete dictatorial powers. Don't you remember?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Security cells

explained by John Lee Barnes. If you are aware of how rapidly the Marxist, anti-Western, anti-White forces are growing you will readily appreciate his advice.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

John Dewey, modern schooling, and Adler's Great Books

An interview with Mortimer Adler on the Dick Cavett show here. Adler was the second editor of the Great Books of the Western World (GBWW) set of books. (The first editor was Robert Maynard Hutchins.) In this interview -- part one is a real snoozer, by the way -- Adler suggests that John Dewey, one of the fathers of modern schooling, was a crank. Disappointing me, he does not explain why.

John Taylor Gatto is also critical of Dewey but he, too, in his book, The Underground History of Education, fails to give Dewey the thrashing he deserves. Gatto, being an egalitarian, instead lays the blame for the disaster that is modern schooling primarily on the Puritans, the Prussians, and the 19th century industrialists.

Refreshingly, English professor Richard Mitchell explains Dewey's warped view of the mind and chronicles the results in his amusing books about learning, schooling, and education. Richard Weaver also explains what was wrong with Dewey's methods in his insightful book, Visions of Order, in the chapter, Gnostics of Education.

Here are reading assignments from the Adler GBWW set, spread over only 10 years, along with many other related links.

Adler says that philosophy, unlike medicine, law, or engineering, should be everybody's business. He advises the self-taught man :
My second bit of advice to autodidacts is short and sweet. To the question: what should autodidacts do? The answer is: Read and discuss. Not just read, for reading without discussion with others who have read the same book is not nearly as profitable as it should be for the mind and its effort to understand what has been read. (Solitary reading is as horrible as solitary drinking.)

As reading without discussion can fail to yield the full measure of understanding that should be sought, discussion without the substance for discussion that good and great books afford, is likely to degenerate into dinner-party chit-chat or little more than an exchange of opinions and personal prejudices.

Autodidacts who read, year after year, the great books of history, philosophy, and poetry, and discuss them with their peers, are on the road to becoming generally educated persons before they die, and to have lives that are enriched by a lifetime of learning.
Bene dictum, sed caveat emptor. Some of the Great Books programs, such as the famous one at St. John's College, are more effective at deconstructing the West rather than learning from it or nurturing it. Even Adler himself, like Socrates, insists that, Nothing that is capable of being discussed should be out of the schools. Adler was blinded by his love of learning to the truth that Socrates was guilty as charged and received his just reward.

Many lovers of great books, such as Mortimer Adler and Allan Bloom should be avoided. Adler was, whether he intended to be or not, a Western deconstructionist. His favorite tactic was to provoke people by being a Marxist apologist and then denying that he was one. Bloom is a neo-platonist, a favorite of the neo-cons and similar leftists who love to hate the West. Leaning on the understanding of men such as these is like depending on Dr. Kevorkian to fill your doctor's prescription.

Tampering with a text is bad enough (Reader's Digest regularly alters great works of literature) but readers, especially young and unguided readers, must be careful not to ingest the poison contained in the introductions and footnotes to these great works such as are to be found in the Penguin and Loebs series of classical reprints. To be on the safe side (and save hours of valuable time), just skip over the introductions and get right to the original text.

Why Jews support Black causes

Brother Nathan interviews Kevin MacDonald, here

I highly recommend ordering the book cited in the article, The Culture of Critique.   It is a scholarly and well-documented treatment of the history of Jewish movements and how they have worked systematically, indefatigably, and implacably over the last several decades to "deconstruct" Christendom and destroy all nations.  As a testament to the work's truthfulness and accuracy, the best rebuttal by dozens of Jewish hate groups has been to call MacDonald an "anti-Semite" and try to silence him.

In short, the book gives specifics on how the eternal merchant class -- a.k.a., the international money changers -- rose to power and how they keep its host Western nations weak, using occultism, mysticism, and racial tension, all the while guaranteeing obscene profits for its members. In other words, MacDonald shows the tactics and strategies in the eternal story of war and conquest as played out in modern times.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Minority Whites

meet your new masters. Who will rule when Whites are the minority in a few short years in our own country? The same tribe as rules now, only more so:
To a very great extent, Jews and other non-Russians ruled over the Russian people, with disastrous consequences for the Russians and other ethnic groups that were not able to become part of the power structure. Jews formed a hostile elite within this power structure — as they will in the future white-minority America; Jews were “Stalin’s willing executioners.”
The difference from the Soviet Union may well be that in white-minority America it will not be workers and Israelites who are favored, but non-whites and Israelites. Whites may dream that they are entering the post-racial utopia imagined by their erstwhile intellectual superiors. But it is quite possible that they are entering into a racial dystopia of unimaginable cruelty in which whites will be systematically excluded in favor of the new elites recruited from the soon-to-be majority. It's happened before. more >>