Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Winnie The Pooh in Latin

I came across this description tonight at Amazon while surfing for Latin:
The enchanting tales of Pooh and his friends were first brought to readers in classic Latin form in 1960 with the publication of Winnie Ille Pu. It remains the only book in Latin ever to grace The New York Times List. Now Winnie Ille Pu Semper Ludet is available as a companion volume. Perfect for the novice as well as the Latin scholar, Brian Staples' translation proves once again that Latin is not a dead language. And Pooh, as everyone knows, will live forever.
Yes, perfect for the novice who wants to spend $15 well before it's time. Popular books translated into Latin such as the Grinch and Winnie the Pooh are way past a beginner's ability. This is because in order to ensure a faithful translation the translator must use every form of Latin he can, even the idiomatic and complicated.

My advice for the novice is to stick to the simple stuff and take it in order. Latin is very difficult; do it right, take your time. I recommend a beginner's course such as Karen Moh's Latin's Not So Tough, Ben L. D'Ooge's Latin for Beginners, then Latin composition, and then easy Latin readers.

Bonam Fortunam, Amice.

Tom Tancredo and the bobos

Gratias ago to Tom for writing this article, wherein he complains about the SPLC and their smear tactics. However, after explaining what a bunch of scum the organization is and giving a few examples of how they lie like their father, he writes the following:
Why a group that aligns itself with terrorists, but opposes The Lord of the Rings is taken seriously by anyone is beyond me.
Really? Is that possible? Can one be at Tom's level and not know which tribe runs the SPLC, the media, academia, and the District of Criminals, especially the NKVD/KGB/Dept of Homeland Security?  I seriously doubt it.  I believe he does know but also knows what will happen to him if he boldly proclaims the truth and is protecting himself accordingly.

There is a simple rule: To quickly discover who is in charge, ask whom you are not allowed to criticize. A corollary:  If you are not allowed to critize anyone, you know right away who is the slave.

What I believe Tom doesn't see is that absolutely none of our current leadership will acknowledge what is becoming more obvious to ever more regular folk, which is that Europeans have been almost completely displaced in positions of power in their own countries and are fast becoming -- thanks to the bobos -- a powerless minority at every other level of government and society. 

In other words, Western countries have been almost completely taken over by a hostile enemy tribe and our leaders are afraid to even acknowledge the fact.  Euros are without any leadership whatever, unable to fight back or even express their frustration.  They are being rapidly dispossed of their legal rights, their social status, their wealth, their health, and ability to make a living and support and protect their families.  Judging by gold, silver, gun, ammunition, survival gear sales, and the recent tea party protests, they're becoming a little pipped.

And yet the bobos just keep pushing.  They propose ever more domestic government spying, wars for Israel, more Marxism/multiculturalism/Globocapitalism, endless taxation, and are still working to officially outlaw what free speech remains.  What outcome do these power-mad, self-chosenites expect?  Has not their Holyhoax myth taught them anything?

Want to stick it to the banks? Join a credit union

In the "I know it's bad but what can I do?" department, some advice from dlindorff at This Can't Be Happening.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today is Leif Erikson Day

Kevin Weitemier writes:
Christopher Columbus was not the first European to discover the New World. ... Columbus didn't reach the New World until 1492, 500 years after Leif Erikson's arrival in 1001 AD.

Leif Erikson was the first European to set foot in the New World, opening a new land rich with resources for the Vikings to explore.
Celebrate this great day with your favorite beer and whatever leaf makes you happy. Raise a glass and pour a libration to the boldest and heartiest explorers and conquerors of all time -- the great White men of the West!

Alex Jones vs. Peter Schiff

talk about our current financial mess, back in October. This interview provides a clear illustration of their different interpretations for the why of it. Alex Jones thinks it is all purely engineered but Peter Schiff thinks it is due purely to gross incompetence.

Although they seem to be saying very similar things to us, the difference is to Jones extremely large and, judging by his agitation and his numerous walkovers of Schiff's commentary, very important.

So, who is right? Because evil and ignorance are so closely related and because our leaders are so full of both, I think Schiff and Jones are both right, each in their own way.

America, Israeli puppet

Paul Craig Roberts writes:
If only Bush were merely a stand-up comedian. In truth, he is a puppet. A puppet of Zionist Israel.

No one any longer listens to Bush’s radio addresses. Three-fourths of the American people cannot wait until the moron’s last Oval Office days are over. But his January 2 speech proves, yet again, that the president of the United States is Israel’s puppet.
Americans should be ashamed that their president is a puppet of a small but ruthless state in the Middle East that lives off American largess.

Nothing has changed with the election of Obama, whose first act was to put Israel in charge of the White House. For the first time in its history the Americans have a dual citizen, an Israeli who served in the Israeli military, as chief of staff of the White House.
Justin Raimondo reports: The Huffington Post: Israeli-Occupied Territory
Pat Buchanan was widely vilified by the neocons and the politically correct left when he famously described the Congress of the United States as "Israeli-occupied territory." Oh, what a conniption the liberals and the Commentary crowd had! That was during the countdown to the first Gulf War, when almost no one rose to object – and those who did, like Pat, were smeared for their trouble. Today, such an observation is hardly considered controversial: it is simply a known fact.
The Jews who run Bush and the USA, at

Empire Builders, an informative piece about the neo-cons, from the Christian Science Monitor.

Jerusalem Post Headlines: Top White House Posts Go To Jews, commentary by David Duke.

Over half of the 100 most powerful people in the world are Jewish, reports Vanity Fair and The Jerusalem Post.

Yet most conservatives stupidly continue to side with Jews and Israel against American interests and against real patriots like Ron Paul, and continue to call anyone who points out the above facts "racists" and "anti-Semites." Main-stream conservatives are today no different than the liberals of the 1960's.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Put Virtue on Your Visa

Why Did Christians Go on a No-Money-Down, High-Interest Shopping Spree? Article by John Zmirak:
We’re facing a major meltdown of the economy after eight years of governance by the president whose base was—to put things baldly—orthodox Christians. ... we who supported Republicans must take responsibility for the policies we enabled, the lifestyles we led. We urgently need to examine them all in the light of the faith we profess, and figure out a new way for our country to do its business—one that’s a little more… Christian. Or at any rate, rational. more >>
Highly related, from George Washington :
Let me now warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party. This spirit is inseparable from our nature, having its root in the strongest passions of the human mind. It exists under different shapes in all governments, more or less repressed; but, in those of the popular form, it is seen in its greatest rankness, and is truly their worst enemy. more >>

Black on white crime

is extremely vicious and common, whereas white on black crime is practically non-existent. White are discriminated against in all hiring and entrance requirements in favor of non-Whites. The president and the new RNC chairman both publicly pledge to strengthen legal bias against Whites even more. The president attended a viciously anti-White church for at least 20 years and offered no apologies. The presidential inaugural prayer denigrated Whites, without apology. 10's of thousands of White women and children are brutally assaulted and murdered by non-Whites every year. Jews push for more laws for imaginary "hate crimes" the assumptions and penalties of which are strongly biased against Whites.

And the rage of Whites continues to build ... >>

Poor Little Rich Girl

From James Edwards' blog:
Michelle Obama teased for “talking like a white girl”

Blacks are always trying to portray themselves as victims of one sort or another. Now Michell Obama is complaining that while she was growing up she was “teased for talking like a white girl.”

Oh boo hoo hoo, Michelle. You think being teased for talking like a white girl was bad?

That’s nuthin’. Barney Frank used to get beat up for talking like a white girl.

The Kensington Runestone

more evidence Europeans here in America long before Columbus.

Rebels against American Christmas

Fred Reed, noted ex-American curmudgeon, is sick of the saccharrine-sweet emptiness:
You see these automatons issuing from department stores groaning under things they didn’t want to buy, for people they usually don’t like, who don’t want whatever was bought for them. “What can we buy for Uncle Fritter, who we’d rather never hear from again but he just won’t die? Oh, look. Soap in the shape of a cute little burro. Just the thing.”

What used to be Christmas, and was a joyous celebration of Mithra’s birthday, or the solstice, or something else reasonable, has become the Winter Holidays or, more candidly, the Winter Shopping Season. It no longer has anything to do with Christianity, which has gone flaccid in the suburbs and in the heartland consists of lunatics waiting to be Raptured up to heaven as by a giant godly Hovermatic. You can’t call it Christmas. We must observe the constitutional separation of church and retail.

This fool business has apparently become the foundation of the American economy. I have read that without Holiday sales, retailers of things nobody in his right mind ought to want would go out of business. That’s a lot of retailers. I’m for it. I mean, how many ugly ties can the Republic stand?
Indeed. And how much support of and intermarriage with Mexicans, Fred, can it stand? Lovely people, but, ...

Jedenfalls. Garrison Keillor is also so sick and tired of the secularization and commercialization of Christmas, so much so that he honestly and carelessly (NPR has been largely responsible for his popularity) blurts out:
Unitarians listen to the Inner Voice and so they have no creed that they all stand up and recite in unison, and that's their perfect right, but it is wrong, wrong, wrong to rewrite "Silent Night." If you don't believe Jesus was God, OK, go write your own damn "Silent Night" and leave ours alone. This is spiritual piracy and cultural elitism, and we Christians have stood for it long enough. And all those lousy holiday songs by Jewish guys that trash up the malls every year, Rudolph and the chestnuts and the rest of that dreck. Did one of our guys write "Grab your loafers, come along if you wanna, and we'll blow that shofar for Rosh Hashanah"? No, we didn't.
Oy vey. Ann Coulter should pick this line up.

(Keillor, for some odd reason -- perhaps while ruminating about all the other good things the Tribe has been doing to us over the last 50 years --, also includes Chosenite economic genius and former Harvard President Larry Summers in his rant.)

Ho, ho, ho! It gives me the jollies, I must say. Perhaps I shall try to sit through Mr. Keillor's silly program one more time this coming Sunday, in return for his small gift.

Meanwhile, Bishop Vladika Varlaam, of the Canadian Orthodox Broadcasting System, has an explanation for why many Christians are feeling that the Christmas holyday has been corrupted.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Brussel's Marxism exposed

50 million African workers are to be imported into Europe, story from the Daily Express. When will Europeans resist this intentional destruction of Europe and the European nations? The EU must be destroyed immediately, and the criminals leading it must be given a traitor's reward.

The revolution is not being broadcast

Bill Bonner writes that The Golden Age is Over for America:
We are in the 21st century now. Barbarous reflections rise up like swamp gas. The whole place stinks of them. Bernanke and Obama offer solutions. But their plans to save the world from a correction are little more than a swindle. They offer to bail out the mistakes of one generation with trillions of dollars' worth of debt laid onto the next.

"Regarding the current financial meltdown," writes Rony Teitelbaum, "it is very clear that two main factors underlie the political reactions to the crisis, the first being pressure originating from ties between the financial and the political elect, manifested by taxpayer bailouts of large institutions that continue to deliver bonuses to the executives and donate to political campaigns. For those of us who are not blind, these are clear signs of political corruption which would have made the worst Roman emperor blush. The second factor is political pressure originating from the mass public. The kind of solutions offered so far, and I may add which were received with very warm enthusiasm, were tax rebates and gasoline tax holidays. These are actions aimed at a public who "impatiently expected quick and obvious results," to quote Cary's description of Roman society in AD300. (A History of Rome)."

Circa 2009, there is hardly a soul in the entire world who has not been corrupted by the barbarie della reflessione of the late imperial period. Both patricians and plebes are for bailouts. Both business and labor back stimulus programs. The taxpayers and the politicians who rule them are of one mind. Liberal, conservative, rich, poor, Republican, Democrat all speak with a single voice: "Screw the next generation!" more >>
Ain't it the truth. But the next generations will have their revenge. Today's leaders and voters will be going into nursing homes and gated communities soon, where they plan to continue their dastardly habit of spending our and our children's money on themselves. And the young of today will then be broke, completely uneducated, buried in government debt and 150 million third-world immigrants. They will be inconsolably angry -- and they will be searching for justice or revenge, whichever is most expedient.

Doug Casey understands what I'm talking about.

What Casey doesn't explain is that the Marxist (multi-culti/anti-White) police-state that the G.W. Bush-lovers loved building so much in order to "fight terrace" will tap into that energy. That is how the Jew-led and Jew-financed Bolsheviks did it when they overthrew the Russian Monarchy and set up a police-state that murdered over 45 million Christians and made "anti-Semitism" a crime punishable by death. They created a state that Ronald Reagan would later call, "the evil empire." Joe McCarthy did not know how right he was.

This same tribe is in now charge now, and the same outcome seems likely, especially seeing how many traditional Americans are so willing to [send my children to] die for Israel and for the "poor and helpless" Jews, and how many of these hostile foreigners are in control of America now.

Mike Stathis

splashes us in the face with ice water -- and ice cubes -- with It’s Time to Face the Facts, Part 1. His major points in this article:

* All Major Banks Are Insolvent
* We Are Witnessing the Largest Theft in World History
* There is NO Escaping the Depression.
* There Will Be No Real Recovery for 90% of Americans.

A sample:
Several generations of taxpayers are already on the hook for trillions of dollars handed out to these banks because Obama and his pro-Wall Street staff have convinced the public that they know what they’re doing. Sure they do. They’re pulling off the biggest heist of all time.
And yes, the market will advance as a result of this inflationary economic policy. However, it will be short-lived. Thereafter, the market is likely to fall below 6000 when reality sets in; perhaps even below 5000. The only recovery will be for those who stand to benefit from this epic fraud; the wealthy. The game is being played the way it always has, just on a much larger scale this time.
According to Stathis, Geithner is the naïve yes-man fallguy for Paulson, Summers, Bernanke, Rubin, and the whole Goldman-Sachs-Washington gang.

And Stathis warns us:
The sooner you accept the fact that America’s next Great Depression is here, the sooner you will be able to prepare for the difficult and permanent readjustment that lies ahead. You need to change your mentality as a consumer and employee. You need to become very frugal and stay that way. No more buying the latest gadgets. No more buying a new car every four years. You need to start acting like you don’t have job security because you don’t. You need to prepare for massive inflation because it’s on its way.

Finally, I urge you to minimize your dependence on banks; not just now, but forever. While it may cause an inconvenience, it will be well worth it. Banks are the most insidious enemy of American consumers.
Before you press your trousers, you might as well read Part II, which is broken into these topics:

* Most of the Lost Jobs Will Not Return.
* Washington Continues to Hide Economic Data.
* The Media is the Most Dangerous Force in America.
* Most of the “Experts” Are Absolutely Clueless.
* The Only “Change” Obama is Capable of is a Change of Face.
* There is Much More Risk than Opportunity.

and includes this cheery prediction:
What no one seems to understand is the fact that these job losses are not temporary. Most of them simply aren’t coming back. I’ll guarantee it. The only jobs that will return are those that no one wants; the low-paying, no benefit, dead-end jobs. It’s the same situation that played out after the dotcom collapse. This is part of the reason why there’s been no real recovery since 2001. As I discussed in “America’s Financial Apocalypse,” it was all an illusion fueled by a real estate bubble. It was another one of Greenspan’s bubble. And now Bernanke is creating his first bubble. But all bubbles eventually burst.

If one examines the data, since 2002 the vast majority of jobs created have been from the government and military. Furthermore, millions of lost white collar workers have had to settle for jobs for which they are overqualified and underpaid. Already, this has led to an underemployment rate of around 25% by my estimates. These trends will continue due to the toxic effects of America’s unfair free trade policies. The implosion of these economic bubbles has only hastened the effects of free trade. And you should expect the cycle of economic booms and busts to persist indefinitely as long as the Federal Reserve runs the show.
Holy smokes. Compared to Stathis, Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente are optimists.

I always wondered how we truly "get back to basics." This would certainly do it, however, I had imagined a more gradual and orderly transition.

The filth we swim in, and the building rage against the purveyors

The new BK ad. Remember that this ad does not exist in a vacuum. Some people will rightly complain about it, and Burger King might even be forced to apologize for it. But the overwhelming majority of people, especially the our young (our future -- shudder), will accept it. This kind of thing is normal in their sick, twisted world (the Interwebs and TV); they do not understand what the "big deal" is.

But the rage against the filth-mongers will continue to build among the right-thinking. This is the same cultural, economic, and political situation with the same players as in pre-WWII Germany. How will it all play out? Will we arrive at a "final solution" for these commie/neo-con/bankster/"Russian" oligarch/mafia vermin this time? By all that is holy, I pray we do.

When democracy finally dies

there will be much rejoicing.

Already its cancerous breath is overpowering.  It cannot pass too soon. Aristocratic spirits throughout the West are eager to be free from its oppressive mob rule -- from that single, idiot mind controlled by a tyrannical, Talmudic oligarchy of international banksters, lawyers, politicians, media moguls, and other assorted whores of Madam Liberty.

And we shall secede and we shall succeed.

But then what?  How then shall we live in our rediscovered freedom?  Must the land descend into chaos before order is restored, or can we return to a natural, healthy order with a minimum of bloodshed and loss?  The aristocratic spirit prefers the latter, of course.

The trouble is, having been munching with the herd for so long, most of us have lost our aristocratic sensibilities.  Few of us share a clear, common vision of a naturally well-ordered society, a society where justice rules over law, where virtue, goodness, and beauty are worshipped instead of the ugliness of egalitarianism.   My fellow noble men -- few and scattered as they are -- all long to return to such a world, to restore real civilization, but seem to be having trouble remembering the particulars. Our minds are foggy from the constant lies about the "brotherhood of man" and salvation through liberté, égalité, et fraternité.

No fear, Herr Hans-Hermann Hoppe ist hier. He reminds us of what we once were, where we came from, and what we can be again in his article, Political Economy of Monarchy and Democracy.

To you, Lieber, who are seeking leadership in these troubled times: know that it is not coming in your lifetime. And it will never come for your children or your nation unless you do something to bring it about today. Id est, you are it. If you do not rise to the occassion, no one will.

Look at your friends, neighbors, and co-workers and realize there is no one coming to save you -- not from the RedTeam, nor from the BlueTeam, from your Rotary Club, your Masonic Lodge, your Boy Scouts pack, your armed-forces regiment, Sons of the American Revolution, from talk radio, nor especially from your wussified, Jew-DayO!-Christian Church. You are utterly alone -- as all true aristocratics must be anyway -- but more especially so today in this age of totalitarian democracy than perhaps at anytime in history. You are the brave knight you seek, the Gothic nobleman, the Spartan warrior-chieftan, the caring, tough and far-sighted patriarch.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Rebuilding local commerce

Homeschoolers are pioneers in rebuilding what the empire has been destroying. They are restoring dignity and integrity for themselves, their children, their extended families and clans, and their communities. While the rest of the country complains about the spread of Marxism and dumbed-down academic standards, homeschoolers are actually doing something to stop it.

Now neighbors in Milwaukee are trying to rebuild local commerce via printing their own money. The Chicago Tribue has the story. Bonam fortunam, Vicini, but remember that Caesar will still be demanding a cut of the action -- off the top, of course.

The money cheats become bolder

in their plunder of our country and treasury. Michael S. Rozeff writes :
Let us understand the matter clearly. We have exited a significant boom period. During the boom, the bankers made large and very large profits. The managements took home very large pay and bonuses. The stockholders (including officers and managers of the banks) had, for a time, very large wealth in the stocks they held. The bondholders of the banks had, for a time, very secure debts.

But the bankers over-reached for business in several ways. They extended a slew of bad loans during the lately departed boom. The stocks and bonds fell in price, reflecting the lower worth of the bank assets, these bad loans.

And now that the boom is over, the bankers, led by Mr. Bernanke, want us to eat their losses.
We have no leadership who will fight this tribe of money changing cheats, and so the looting will continue. We do have a few potential leaders now -- honest, smart, and righteous men -- but they are not recognized as such by the dumbed-down mass of voters. As bad as things are, they will have to get much worse before any popular leaders emerge. As the saying goes, "the wolf must be at the door" before most people will hear or accept the truth.

If one wants real change right now, one will have to look outside the existing systems. All have been corrupted beyond repair. One will have to free oneself, family, and tribal or communal unit from them and begin to build anew. At a minimum, this means cutting TV and gaming down to less than a couple of hours a week, spending more time with family, community involvement and leadership, classical and vocational education, and home or local schooling. There is no other way; Nemo is coming to rescue us.

Post-American Bishops Undermine both Church and Country

Matthew Richer relates his experiences growing up in Boston Mass.
But you have to understand that for my generation, religious education never included learning about the Mass, or the Sacraments, or the saints.

Instead, we were taught that being Catholic simply meant being sensitive toward those who were not like us – especially blacks, homosexuals, and immigrants.

Did we believe any of it? Not really, since there wasn’t much of substance to believe in. But that’s the thing about propaganda. It’s almost always extremely boring, but when your elders spend years spoon-feeding it to you, you often end up accepting some of it anyway.
Yes, Law was an important man, which was why so many important Bostonians wanted to befriend him. But what I learned at the Garden Party is that our Church leaders and our political and corporate leaders are all part of the same clique.

Mark Krikorian has described our political and business elites as being “post-American”. They are people who do not primarily identify themselves as being American, but prefer to see themselves as “citizens of the world” – a world that invariably revolves around them.

In the same way, the American Catholic Church is run by post-American bishops.

Why Great Britain is Marxist, multiculti disaster

EZRA POUND: 15 March 1942 broadcast:
You let in the Jew and the Jew rotted your [British] empire, and you yourselves out-jewed the Jew. Your allies in your victimized holdings are the bunyah, you stand for NOTHING but usury. … And the big Jew has rotted EVERY nation he has wormed into.

And in your past a trail of blood and of infamy. You bought Hessians to kill your own blood in America. You bought ‘em from a stinking feudal overlord, who was in the hands of the ROTHSCHILD; that is HISTORY. You stirred up the American savages against your own kin IN America. But now Eden and Cripps have called in the Muscovite, to bum and destroy all Eastern Europe, and kill Finland, for the sake of the stinking Jews nickel mines.

Your infamy is bound up with Judaea. You can not touch a sore or a shame in your [British] empire but you find a Mond, a Sassoon, or a Goldsmid.

YOU HAVE NO RACE left in your government.

God knows if it can be found still scattered in England.

IT must be found scattered in England. The white remnants of England, the white remnant of the races of England must be FOUND and find means to cohere; otherwise, you might as well lie down in your grave yards.

Is there a RACE left in England? Has it ANY will left to survive? You can carry slaughter to Ireland. Will that save you? I doubt it. Nothing can save you, save a purge. Nothing can save you, save an affirmation that you are English.

Whore Belisha is NOT. Isaccs is not. No Sassoon is an Englishman, racially. No Rothschild is English, no Strakosch is English, no Roosevelt is English, no Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Khan, Baruch, Schiff, Sieff, or Solomon was ever yet born Anglo-Saxon.

And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you have murdered your empire, and it is this filth that elects your politicians.

In the year 1942 Anno Domini, there is only one start you can make. And that is a start toward being England. A refusal to be a province of Israel, or an outpost of Yankee-Judaea.

Government schools should take over everything

because they have done such an unbelievable job of teaching everyone the basics: reading and maths. Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education and creative thinker, explains his bold innovative thrust in this video.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rick Warren and the Obamanation

James Edwards writes:
Rick Warren is growing. Obama announced the other day that Gene Robinson, the openly homosexual Episcopal bishop whose selection has torn that church apart, will be praying at another inaugural event. Rick Warren thinks that’s just terrific:
Today, Warren issued a statement praising Obama for selecting Robinson, saying the president-elect “has again demonstrated his genuine commitment to bringing all Americans of goodwill together in search of common ground. I applaud his desire to be the president of every citizen.”
It was only a few years ago that Christians regarded homosexuality as sick perversion and an abomination to God. Now the nation’s most influential evangelical pastor is celebrating the fact that a homosexual minister will be praying at the inauguration of a new president. more >>

Best web post in a long time

Beyond the Cruel Thorns, at CWYN.

What is an aristocratic soul to do?

From Laudator Temporis Acti:

The Eagle and the Mole, Elinor Wylie

Avoid the reeking herd,
Shun the polluted flock,
Live like that stoic bird,
The eagle of the rock.

The huddled warmth of crowds
Begets and fosters hate;
He keeps, above the clouds,
His cliff inviolate.

When flocks are folded warm,
And herds to shelter run,
He sails above the storm,
He stares into the sun.

If in the eagle's track
Your sinews cannot leap,
Avoid the lathered pack,
Turn from the steaming sheep.

If you would keep your soul
From spotted sight or sound,
Live like the velvet mole;
Go burrow underground.

And there hold intercourse
With roots of trees and stones,
With rivers at their source,
And disembodied bones.

The Question:

Ah, what am I to do? Where must I go to escape misfortune? Soar to high heaven or sink beneath the earth?
οἴμοι, τί δράσω; ποῖ κακῶν ἐρημίαν εὕρω, πτερωτὸς ἢ κατὰ χθονὸς μολών;
Well, that's one way to do it. You could also turn off your TV and radio, stop gaming so much, homeschool your children, read Shakespeare, Cicero, et al., learn to fish and hunt, learn to build and repair your own house, car, and machinery.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Western Civilization's war on Christian Serbia

(For those who don't know, the Serbian nation is largely southern European white and Christian. The United States -- supposedly a Christian nation -- has under Clinton and Bush been the supporter of all manner of atrocities by the Muslim Albanians against the Christian Serbs. Recently, the U.S. supported the Albanian land-grab of Kosovo from the Serbs. The U.S. took this highly illegal and immoral position mostly in order to aggravate Serbia's ally Russia, which is continuing its return to its ethnic Christian faith, and is continuing its purge of Marxist and Trotskyist (neo-con, "Russian oligarch") Jews.)

From the Orthodox Medievalist, Michael Raphael Johnson:
Serbia’s reputation throughout the 20th century has ranged from the “brave little Serbia” of World War I to the “axis of evil” at the dawn of the 21st century. Today, Serbia is the most lied about country on the globe, where non-existent massacres are commemorated by world leaders and the country is policed by foreign troops. Today, Bosnia is a direct protectorate of the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It is ruled directly by western capitalists and exploiters. Albanians burn and rape at will in Kosovo, under the nose of the already illegitimate KFOR troops. Bought and paid for political whores such as Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey and Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware support the rampages of the Islamic terrorists in Bosnia, who have been funded and trained by the United States, which is certainly a novel interpretation of the phony “war on terror.”

Regardless, Serbia is facing a future of poverty, degradation and international slander. The recent electoral victories of the Radical Party were simply nullified by the occupation troops in the name of “democracy,” believe it or not. It was common to read western headlines that read: “Radical Party Wins Election: Democracy Endangered.” To call this Orwellian is to be too cliche. It has gone far beyond that.
Serious scholars of the region known one thing: the entire Serb mentality was forged in resistance. Under the vicious rule of the Turk, Serbia was left with a handful of dirt poor farmers and few churches. Who was left in Serbia proper was forced to celebrate his slava and read the scriptures for his sustenance. In the words of St. Nikolaij, his home “became a little monastery.” For Serbs, Christianity is a family affair, and the suffering under the Turk forged this. The slava is all he had left. On cannot understand that institution without understanding its role under the Turks. The Serbs are ethnic nationalists in their Orthodoxy because, primarily, that is how Orthodoxy was forged in the Slavic world, but more importantly, because it was because of these structures of survival that Orthodoxy survived at all.
Of course, Orthodoxy is ethnic. Among the Slavs, the brothers Sts. Cyril and Methodius created a proto-Cyrillic alphabet and vocabulary so the divine services could be sung in the native Slavic languages. Churches were granted autocephalicity (canonical independence) on the basis of ethnic identity so the rules, as well as the services, of the church could always remain in the hands of those who understood them and were closest to them. Without ethnic nationalism, Orthodoxy loses its roots in the past, roots that grew in the fires of death, destruction and pain, as well as the resistance that this engendered. A-ethnic Orthodoxy becomes just another bourgeois, western denomination, complete with female readers, pews and plenty of Volvos in the parking lot.
more >>
See Also: Masonic Genocide of French Catholics by Michael Hoffman. I don't know about Masonic responsibility (Hoffman is correct for all I know) but the injustice, madness, mass murders, and cultural destruction unleashed over the last several hundred years by the so-called "enlightened elites" (the elites: not to be confused with the very different nobles) are proof of the dangers of man-made utopian ideologies, such as popular democracy, Marxism, globalism, and unfettered global capitalism.

Personal hatred vs.political enemies

From Francis Parker Yockey's, The 20th Century Political Outlook:
Hatred is a private phenomenon. If politicians inoculate their populations with hatred against the enemy, it is only to give them a personal interest in the public struggle which they would otherwise not have. Between superpersonal organisms there is no hatred, although there may be existential struggles. The disjunction love-hatred is not political and does not intersect at any point the political one of friend-enemy. Alliance does not mean love, any more than war means hate. Clear thinking in the realm of politics demands at the outset a strong power of dissociation of ideas.

The world-outlook of Liberalism, here as always completely emancipated from reality, said that the concept enemy described either an economic competitor, or else an ideational opponent. But in economics there are no enemies, but only competitors; in a world which was purely moralized (i.e., one in which only moral contrasts existed) there could be no enemies, but only ideational opponents. Liberalism, strengthened by the unique long peace, 1871–1914, pronounced politics to be atavistic, the grouping of friend-enemy to be retrograde. This of course belongs to politics as a branch of philosophy. In that realm no misstatement is possible; no accumulation of facts can prove a theory wrong, for over these theories are supreme, History is not the arbiter in matters of political outlook, Reason decides all, and everyone decides for himself what is reasonable. This is concerned however only with facts, and the only objection made here to such an outlook in the last analysis is that it is not factual.

Enemy, then, does not mean competitor. Nor does it mean opponent in general. Least of all does it describe a person whom one hates from feelings of personal antipathy. Latin possessed two words: hostis for the public enemy, inimicus for a private enemy. Our Western languages unfortunately do not make this important distinction. Greek however did possess it, and had further a deep distinction between two types of wars: those against other Greeks, and those against outsiders of the Culture, barbarians. The former were “agons” and only the latter were true wars. An agon was originally a contest for a prize at the public games, and the opponent was the “antagonist.” This distinction has value for us because in comparison with wars in this age, intra-European wars of the preceding 800 years were agonal. As nationalistic politics assumed the ascendancy within the Classical Culture, with the Peloponnesian Wars, the distinction passed out of Greek usage. 17th and 18th century wars in West-Europe were in the nature of contests for a prize — the prize being a strip of territory, a throne, a title. The participants were dynasties, not peoples. The idea of destroying the opposing dynasty was not present, and only in the exceptional case was there even the possibility of such a thing happening. Enemy in the political sense means thus public enemy. It is unlimited, and it is thus distinguished from private enmity. The distinction public-private can only arise when there is a super-personal unit present. When there is, it determines who is friend and enemy, and thus no private person can make such a determination. He may hate those who oppose him or who are distasteful to him, or who compete with him, but he may not treat them as enemies in the unlimited sense.

The lack of two words to distinguish public and private enemy also has contributed to confusion in the interpretation of the well-known Biblical passage (Matthew 5:44; Luke 6:27) “Love your enemies.” The Greek and Latin versions use the words referring to a private enemy. And this is indeed to what the passage refers. It is obviously an adjuration to put aside hatred and malice, but there is no necessity whatever that one hate the public enemy. Hatred is not contained in political thinking. Any hatred worked up against the public enemy is non-political, and always shows some weakness in the internal political situation. This Biblical passage does not adjure one to love the public enemy, and during the wars against Saracen and Turk no Pope, saint, or philosopher so construed it. It certainly does not counsel treason out of love for the public enemy.

"Wir wollen keine Judenfetzen von Berlin"

From the comments of the article Here Is Why The Dollar Is Now Effectively Worthless, posted at
Strangely familiar, a familiar strangle:

Addison felt that Germany was 'marching with giant strides towards something very unpleasant' — yet people were still arguing about the responsibility of the industrialists for the nation's woes, or about the form which self-help should take. He had met Germans who appeared genuinely to believe that because conditions had been getting worse for four years they could go on getting worse for ever.

But obviously something goes on only until the moment when it cannot, and that comes suddenly. Nobody thought the war was near an end in March 1918. Nobody in France anticipated the French Revolution because the shop of Reveillon Freres was sacked by the Paris mob.

You should see the long queues of people standing for hours on end in front of the Berlin provision shops. The housewife cannot clean her home or look after her children if she has to stand from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a piece of sausage which in the end she does not get. The patience of the people is marvellous, but a German crowd when angry is ugly.

He had personally been to take a look at the situation first-hand in Bavaria where food was short in the towns but plentiful in the country. However, he was unable to buy an egg from a farm with paper marks, having been told by a peasant 'Wir wollen keine Judenfetzen von Berlin' ('We don't want any Jew-confetti from Berlin' — the popular description for Reichsbanknotes). Bavaria was pining for the good old Thaler, given up in 1870 — the coin from which the dollar itself derived its name.
Genau, prima Idee. Lass uns alle sagen, "Nein, nicht mehr" zu Judenfetzen von der Zentralbank.

Related article at the Jewish When Money Dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse

Mel Gibson is back

From the Occidental Observer blog:
Mel Gibson’s new movie, Edge of Darkness, has just been released, so he’s making the media rounds. But of course, a lot of reporters want to remind people what the real story about Mel Gibson is — his anti-Jewish comments while being arrested for DUI in 2006. There was a great television moment during an interview with Sam Rubin that goes approximately as follows:

Rubin: “Some people are going to welcome you back and some people are going to say you should never come back.”

Gibson leans forward aggressively, and with a big smile says, “Why?”

Rubin: “Because of what happened before.”

Gibson, feigning ignorance: “Because what happened before?”

Rubin: “Because of the remarks that were attributed to you.”

Gibson: “Remarks that were attributed to me that I didn’t necessarily mean [translation: "Maybe I meant what I said and maybe I didn't"], but I gather you have a dog in this fight.”

Rubin: “What?”

Gibson: “Do you have a dog in this fight or are you being impartial?”
Beautiful. Putting Rubin on the defensive and calling attention to his Jewish identity — as much as saying, “Of course your remarks are completely understandable because you have an ax to grind: You’re Jewish.”
Obviously, Rubin was dumbfounded when Gibson didn’t grovel. There’s a lesson for all of us in that. more >>

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Charles W. Freeman

Tanstaafl's summary and commentary about the attack.

Those stupid AIG bonuses

Let's put this matter to rest right now. It doesn't matter who got the money, whether as bone-us's or as payments to creditors or whatever, because the money was stolen in the first place -- stolen from you and me, the wealth-creating taxpayers. There has been way too much fuss about how the booty is to be split up. Es macht nichts, Herdenmenschen!

Another good one

Whaddyaknow, two great quotes in one day. This second one is from JudenFrei:
Most Jews are Zionists. If Zionism is a problem, then most Jews are a problem.
The haze is clearing. It's gonna be a good day.

Whence the Black Fall

What evil white man caused blacks -- the inventors of everything and the creators of the greatest civilizations and achievements known to man -- to become the lower achieving blacks of today? Does it have anything to do with the white exodus of Egypt thousands of years ago?

Monday, October 3, 2011

We all knew

that Rick Warren was a globalist piece of trash, but who realized just how trashy he really was? Aaron D. Wulf has the degraded details.

Why Conservatives Never Win

Prozium sums it up nicely:
... the GOP itself practices affirmative action by putting a woman on their national presidential ticket and a negro in their highest office. The Republicans are already talking about running an Indian in the 2012 presidential race. ...

The whole basis of conservative opposition to affirmative action is their fidelity to the liberal principle of non-discrimination. Conservatives lost the philosophical battle against liberalism decades ago. They accept liberal principles, but resist the liberal conclusions drawn from them. more >>
This is fundamental. Conservatives are no longer conserving what they once were. They have been drug so far left that they are now mostly conserving radical 1960's commie pinko-style liberalism.

The worst part is they and their children have been so dumb-downed by decades of mass media and government school nonsense they do not even realize how much they have changed into the liberals they used to hate. Talking to a conservative of any age reminds me of what many college magistri say about their students: Today's discipuli are not merely ignorant; that can be remedied easily enough. Most of today's students are stupid, meaning that they are un-educable. They cannot be taught. They resist instruction from anyone, no matter how expert. At the root of this "passive hostility" to wisdom is the deeply held belief that because they are equal to anyone else, and because there is no real standard for higher knowledge or goodness (because all knowledge is relative and equal), then their opinion/knowledge (same thing to a liberal) is also as good as anyone else's. Ergo, they simply do not seek too hard for wisdom -- they believe they already possess it or that it does not really exist.

American conservatives, top to bottom, are "liberal conservatives;" id est, they are conserving liberalism.

And conservatives will continue losing every important battle until they make a fundamental shift back to reality. "Gay marriage," as James Edwards has written, will continue advancing because there is no fundamental resistance to its underlying assumptions of total human equality.

Americans' romantic love affair with equality -- even if they have to put themselves into slavery to achieve it, as Alexis de Tocqueville put it -- has borne some monstrously deformed offspring. H.L. Mencken said in 1920, "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." And so they do and are. Unfortunately, so are the rest of us.

Both the RedTeam and BlueTeam are pretty much the same. It's only the details of how they are to commit Western suicide over which they quibble.

What's wrong with Harry Potter

Doug Philips makes a Biblical case.

I've seen an argument against witchcraft using everyday considerations, along the lines of witchcraft promoting immediate gratification and such, but I do not remember where. Scriptural-based arguments seem to work ever less these days.

I know this is not a popular thing to say to HP fans, but it is not great literature either, all the rave reviews to the contrary. It is obviously great entertainment because so many enjoy it. But life is short and the really good and great books are many. Why waste time on the second-rate?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Who is the real enemy?

From an article by E. Michael Jones:
The real enemy, it turns out, both here and in Russia, was the revolutionary Jew.

He is not our enemy because of some occult racial inheritance. The revolutionary Jew is our enemy because he has rejected Logos. This means that Jews to the extent that they accept, honor and revere Logos, are not our enemies. There are Jews who accept Logos fully by sincerely accepting baptism, and there are Jews who accept it in some lesser capacity by their docility to the truth. We all know Jews like this, and they should not be excluded from our fellowship, especially since many of them have suffered at the hands of “the Jews” themselves.

As the Gospel of St. John makes clear, the Jews became “the Jews” the minute they rejected Christ. As such, their only identity is negative. The minute they rejected Logos, which means reason, order, speech, and word, they became revolutionaries, determined enemies not only of Christ and the Christian social order, but any order in any society not of their own revolutionary making. Thirty years after rejecting Christ, the revolutionary Jew rose in rebellion against Rome. Seventy years later they united under Simon bar Kokhbar, one of their many messiahs, and tried the same thing again. Having failed to destroy Rome they attemtped to destroy the Europe which St. Benedict created out of the ruins of the Roman Empire and to replace it with one of their many deadly Utopias. What do Jerusalem under Simon bar Kokhbar, the Soviet Union under Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamanev, and Radek, the short lived Soviet Republics of Bavaria under Kurt Eisner and Eugene Levine and Hungary under Bela Kun, the racial Apartheid state known as Israel under terrorists like Menachem Begin or Itzhak Shamir, or the neocon never-never land known as a free and democratic Iraq have in common? Death is what they have in common. Lots of people have to die to bring about the revolutionary Jew’s version of heaven on earth.

The West which we seek to preserve is based on docility to Logos, the order of the universe which makes discourse possible. The essence of the Jewish Messianic politics which seeks to create heaven on earth is rejection of Logos, not sacred (or wicked) DNA. The essence of the Jewish rejection of Logos is known as the Talmud, which is anti-Logos in every sense of the word, from hatred of Christ all the way down to rejection of the practical logos that is known as morality. We saw a recent example of Talmudic thought this summer during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon when ... mehr >>
I wonder if Simon bar Kokhbar is the model for Simon Bar Sinister (pictured above), the villain in the Underdog cartoon series. It seems likely since underdog is always trying to save Sweet Polly Purebred from the short, ugly control freak.

Underdog spends the rest of his time protecting his city from another, Jewish-Sicilian-looking character, Riff-Raff (pictured right).


A popular seminar from Cohen and Grigsby showing employers how to use fake job ads to get around rules requiring Americans companies to search for qualified Americans before hiring low-wage, third-world immigrants.

I wonder if these European men and women at the side of Mr. Liebowitz scrub themselves raw in the shower after each presentation. Sweetly ironic it would be if these globo-capitalist stooges are doing this job even though they hate it because they cannot find honest employment due to too many American employers using this same fraudulent hiring tactic.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fred Reed disappointed in his Obamassiah

In his latest column Fred expresses frustration over White men having wrecked his country and his surprise and chagrin that a Black man will not be our savior:
And then there’s this business of having a black president. It seemed like a good idea. We’ve had white ones forever and it hasn’t worked, so a black one made sense. We have now established that a black president is exactly like a white one. Next time, maybe a Melanesian or Lao. I hoped O’Bama would stand in the Rose Garden and holler, “You blue-eyed muhfuhs done got it all wrong, and I’m gonna unscrew things.” No. Smart guy, decent guy, guy you could heist a brew with and tell dirty stories, but it’s business as usual. Same tired hacks.
"Made sense"? How does it make sense to believe in a non-White as the savior of a White country?

Fred also shows no indication that he understands who is really the most powerful tribe wrecking America, ruling over Washington's District of Criminals.

He is distressed that
Something is happening to this country.
and admits
I don't get it.
Obviously. And being a liberal, even though he possesses street smarts, he never will. It is liberalism that is destroying us -- beliefs held by people such as Fred which are at odds with reality about genetics, society, culture, and spirituality.

The death of civilization

David Deming writes:
Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the late eighteenth century, Europe and North America have enjoyed the greatest prosperity ever known on earth. Life expectancy has doubled. In a little more than two hundred years, every objective measure of human welfare has increased more than in all of previous human history.

But Western Civilization is coasting on an impetus provided by our ancestors. There is scarcely anyone alive in Europe or America today who believes in the superiority of Western society. Guilt and shame hang around our necks like millstones, dragging our emasculated culture to the verge of self-immolation. Whatever faults the British Empire-builders may have had, they were certain of themselves.

Our forefathers built a technological civilization based on energy provided by carbon-based fossil fuels. Without the inexpensive and reliable energy provided by coal, oil, and gas, our civilization would quickly collapse. The prophets of global warming now want us to do precisely that.

Like the prophet Mhlakaza, Al Gore promises that if we stop using carbon-based energy, new energy technologies will magically appear. The laws of physics and chemistry will be repealed by political will power. We will achieve prosperity by destroying the very means by which prosperity is created.

While Western Civilization sits confused, crippled with self-doubt and guilt, the Chinese are rapidly building an energy-intensive technological civilization. They have 2,000 coal-fired power plants, and are currently constructing new ones at the rate of one a week. In China, more people believe in free-market economics than in the US. Our Asian friends are about to be nominated by history as the new torchbearers of human progress.
Dan is offering false hope in his final statement. Asians will not be any kind of torchbearers for whatever he means by progress. If he means Western Civilization, then Asians most assuredly will not, they have not, because they cannot. Thousands of years have proven this most conclusively.

Though I am thankful to Dan for spreading the alarm, I cannot give him credit for helping to solve the problem. It is obvious to anyone who is willing to think about it for a second: only European Man can create a society of, by, and for European Man. Asians will create non-European societies for the simple reason that they are non-Europeans. The crazy, modern, Marxist belief that everyone is interchangeable with everyone else is our highest belief just now, and our very worst one. It is apparently Dan's belief. It is this belief which must be destroyed.

There is no hope for our children if we do not defend ourselves and the civilization most suited to our proclivities. I mean, who really believes that Chinamen, Africans, Mexicans, or Hindus will give two hoots about preserving our Greco-Roman-Germanic-Christian heritage? Who really believes that they will show the same kindness and generosity to us as we have shown to them? Ship them to any foreign country for a fast class in multiculti relations.

U.S. immigration still at 2 million a year

From Jared Taylor's The Silent Catastrophe, at TakiMag:
The Census Bureau tells us that if immigration continues at its current rate of nearly two million people a year, whites will become a minority of the under-18 child population in just 14 years -— in 2023 -— and will become a minority of the working population just 16 years later.
For readers who are not familiar with the 2000-2002 census data, Whites are already a minority in the elementary school age category. And if my neighborhood Toys-R-Us and Babys-R-Us are any indication, interracial marriages with Whites is running at about 30%. At this rate, Whites will be a numerical voting minority within a couple of years, not 14. Thanks to Jewish-created "melting pot" meme, Whites' minority status in recently all-White America is now a lock. All in the name of Judeo-Christian/Marxist diversity and tolerance.

Brother Nathan reports that the recent passage of the Lisbon Treaty gives the Tribe a much firmer hold on European power. And they are at least as Marxist there as they are here, id est, third world immigration into European countries is likely to continue.

And Taki has given up on Jew York. Amazing he held on for so long.

But we true blueblood Europeans haven't given up. Our ancestors built this world and we will take it back at the eleventh hour. We are simply waiting for a bigger challenge, that's all. Steady now, Lads ... steady ... hold ...

Wall Street chicanery explained

by Max Keiser and Matt Taibbi. Summarized are topics such as naked short selling (stock counterfeiting), Bear Sternes, the crookedness of Goldman Sachs and banksters such as Tim Geithner, Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, and more. They explain this multi-trillion $ plunder of America clearly enough for a popular American audience, without mentioning the total Jewishness of it all. Amazing feat. Skip ahead to 14:15.

Revolt against Jewry in Great Britain?

Not a chance, at least not yet.  Still, a bit of the truth manages to leak into the tellie occasionally, and that's an encouraging sign.  From The Occidental Observer: Is there a revolt against the Israel Lobby brewing in Britain? A review of Peter Oborne's TV report "Inside Britain's Israel Lobby," by Martin Webster, December 8, 2009.   Funny how the left has awoken to the Judaic menace, yet the right continues to slumber in its suburban armchairs, eager to attack whomever FoxNews or the BBC crowns as the new enemy of the week.

Pictured: The criminal Lord Levy kissing his bought-and-paid-for shabbas goy puppet, the insufferable and traitorous Tony Blair.