Thursday, December 6, 2012

Judaic Paganism

No one can distort eternal beauty and truth more spectacularly than the faithful followers of the King of Lies. No one can resurrect ancient death, ugliness and insanity better.

If you have wondered how deep the depravity of Man can become when severed from the natural world and love of reality, look at the growing fascination with organized evil in our culture factories, some of which has been chronicled at Vigilant Citizen. Read especially all of the articles about Lady Gaga and the Music industry. You must see all of these videos. As a normal person, if you watch only one or two you will probably be so stunned and turned off by the weirdness of it all that you will dismiss it as merely kooky or odd and miss the patterns, and completely miss the big picture.

The issue here is not random, shocking images meant to sell CD's and DVD's and commercials. I am drawing your attention to deliberate, organized, institutionalized evil with a sinister global agenda, coming from the main engine of popular culture.

As you watch, think about how many children are being exposed to this every day. Remember that our children are searching these kinds of videos for meaning regularly. Remember that to these newly arrived people with little experience and poor judgement, This is normal, this is the behavior and belief system to emulate, this is what it's all about.

Then look at the "Sinister Sites" article about the Cathedral of St. John the Devine, a relatively new temple of darkness in America wherein the globalist religion thrives and its spores waft out into the popular culture.

If you're not upset by the growing evil in our popular culture, you're simply not understanding what you are seeing. You are so immersed in filth that you do not see it. You are like the poor fish which does not notice the water in which he lives. Step back. Do a thorough and honest comparison of TV and radio in the 1950's and 1960's compared to that of today. What a shocking difference from what was normal then to normal now, all in less than one lifetime.

Personally, I had always thought that some of the scenes meant to illustrate evil in Das Buch were outlandish. People could never become that twisted, I thought in my proud ignorance. I thought in smirking silence to my Sunday school teachers, That's crazy. Those stupid monks must have gotten the translations wrong.

And I had always been told that there exists evil so unbelievably shocking and hideous that I could not imagine it. Pshaw, ri-i-ight, I thought. I've got a great imagination, no way you're gonna freak me out, bring it on. I was wrong. The more I look into the entertainment industry and the history of education and religion (which are the histories of power itself), the more I realize that there are many influential people with even "better" imaginations, much darker and more messed up than I ever could have dreamed. Worse, they are in total control of the popular culture and they are actively pushing this ancient disease on my children and on my people.

Evil is real. When you pray to be delivered from To Ponayro, be sure to include the article. If you use the English or the Latin, be sure to capitalize the word. Know that it exists, that it is real, not just metaphoric, not just another adjective. Once again, Sauron's power is growing and is now taking physical form, but this time in the West. When you see paintings of knights of old standing in front of a fire-breathing dragon -- just standing there, ready to die to defeat it -- realize the eternal truth and real-world heroism this image represents.

Question for you: Are you still paying several hundreds dollars a year to have this bilge pumped into your home?

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