Thursday, October 4, 2012

The walls are crumbling fast now

James Edwards' most recent seven or eight stories about gays and country music are ausgezeichnet -- excellent, that is, if you are ready to see how fast your civilization is disintegrating.

And Alan Keyes, certified RedTeam psycho, warns of a terrorist attack by the BlueTeam. Wait a minute. The RedTeam told us only a few months ago that talk like that was completely crazy and proved that we need the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security (sic) to protect Americans from those kooky Ron Paul Constitutionalists and other extremists.

I gotta tell you, Mensch, I'm scratching here. These can't be our leaders. They just can't be.

Jacob: This isn't happening.

Doctor: What *is* happening?

Jacob: Get me out of here.

Doctor: There is no out of here. You put the Jews in charge, began worshipping diversity, the economy, and Israel ueber alles, set up Homeland Security and gave the Executive full and complete dictatorial powers. Don't you remember?

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