Sunday, September 2, 2012

Calling all real men

VFR continues the discussion of Roissyism and has the traditionalist Rx for correcting the power inbalance between men and women caused by modern Liberalism.   In short, when men begin acting like men again, most of their females will feel comfortable reassuming their natural roles as girls, wives, mothers, ladies, and wise, responsible matriarchs.

Just a reminder: The AshkeNazis, acting with malice aforethought, led the West into this societal morass, using Marxism, the 1960's "civil rights" revolution, feminazism, et al. They are still in power and nothing will change for the better until they are dethroned. Which means that, as they hold all the most powerful positions, this revolution will have to come from the ground up, from the menfolk.

Only the best men of our Volk can raise up new, truly aristocratic leaders to overthrow the lizard invaders and their false gods of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, and popular Democracy. You want your normal society back, Boys? Well, so do your women and your children. They will give you the support you need only after you have proven you are worthy of it.

So butch up, you Beta puds -- especially you Jew-DayO!-Christian wussies -- it's your turn at bat.

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