Monday, September 12, 2011

Our schools

CWNY has an excellent post today about our schools:
I spoke with a conservative relative recently who told me an all-too-familiar story. He had sent his daughters to college and they became mad-dog radicals. Of course, I sympathized with my cousin, but I was rather surprised at his surprise. If you give someone an injection of the typhoid virus, aren’t they going to come down with the disease?
For the past thirty years, I have heard the ‘Don’t give up! Keep writing those letters and voting’ conservatives say, “The hour is late, but we will win over the American electorate.” And yet they never talk about eliminating the breeding grounds of Negro-worship and radicalism. Does anyone seriously believe that white Christian Europeans can have any influence on society when the schools and churches preach a theology totally opposed to white Europeans? The English women of The English Magazine were right: nothing will change unless hearts and minds are changed. So we must eliminate the institutions that are destroying the hearts and minds of our young, and old, for that matter.

Richard Mitchell wrote:
After sober and judicious consideration, and weighing one thing against another in the interests of reasonable compromise, H. L. Mencken concluded that a startling and dramatic improvement in American education required only that we hang all the professors and burn down the schools. His uncharacteristically moderate proposal was not adopted."The problems and disorders in education have become more and more visible in the last few years, of course, and even the ordinary citizen who happens to have no children in the schools suspects that something is very wrong, but he will never understand exactly what is wrong until he realizes that all our educational problems and disorders, none of which are new, although they are more obvious, provide endless and growing employment for the people who made them.
Schools do not fail. They succeed. Children always learn in school. Always and every day.
What are your children learning? 95% of parents have absolutely no idea; if they did, they wouldn't send their children to school, they'd homeschool them or send them to a small, private school co-op.

As insightful as he was, Mitchell did not see that the educationists had even more ambitious plans than a simple, total dumbing down.

Boy Scouts seek suicide as a cure to falling numbers

Steve Chawkins reports, Boy Scouts launch campaign to boost their Latino ranks and staff :
Aiming to boost their sagging numbers, the Boy Scouts are launching a million-dollar campaign to draw more Latinos, a group that has long resisted Scouting's appeal.

But the Scouts' national officials acknowledge that it may be a tough sell. Only three of every 100 Scouts are Latino, and some immigrant families see such groups as an indulgence of the well-to-do in their home countries. Some also bristle at the uniforms.

"We go in in a uniform that looks like the Border Patrol," said Paul Moore, head of the Scouts' Los Angeles Area Council. "Then we ask [adult volunteers] to fill out complex applications that ask for their Social Security numbers. I think we've found some good ways in L.A. to deal with some of these things, but we have to do a better job of getting parents to see Scouting as something that aligns with their hopes and dreams for their kids."
"It can't be all Norman Rockwell Caucasian guys like me," said John Richers, the director of Fresno's Boy Scout council. "I'm hoping that Scouting tomorrow looks more like Marcos Nava than John Richers. We have to make sure we still have relevance in the new America, if you will."
Brenda Walker comments on this brilliant move by the Scouts.

White Privilege Conference

Meets in Memphis, TN, APRIL 1 -4. Where Blacks, Jews, and other minorities gather to defame White people. Story at

I've had just about enough of this nonsense. Our forefathers warned us that this is what would happen if we let non-Europeans have an inch; the barbarian invaders are now taking miles and miles, taking over and destroying our entire civilization, including us. Our ancestors were 100% correct about this.

None except Whites can carry on civilization -- it is mentally, spiritually, physically and metaphysically impossible. The barbarians are simply incapable of understanding any of it and even less able to carry it on even if they cared about it, which they obviously do not. As evidenced by their own actions, by the millions, for decades running like wild apes among us, they live only for destruction and pillage.

There are no Whites-only conferences, neighborhood watches, political action committees, businesses, neighborhoods, churches, banks, policemens' or firemens' associations -- NOTHING! And yet -- and yet -- the Jews and the Africans, with their legions of organizations, higher income, special academic and special legal rights over Whites in all Western countries, continue to attack, pillage, rape and murder Whites, unfettered; emboldened by our liberal leaders' fecklessness.

There is no stopping them unless we push back. Conferences like this are proof positive that they will never stop attacking and raping our women and pillaging our pockets and our treasury unless we forcibly stop them. There is only one thing non-Westerners understand and respect: force.

Patriarch Volodymyr of Kiev and all Ukraine

About Fr. Vasily, by Matthew Raphael Johnson:
For Fr. Vasili, the west was completely fooled by the leftist propaganda machine in and out of the USSR. Corrupted media, religious complacency and sheer ignorance and self-importance forbade western politicians and religious leaders to fully comprehend the Soviet menace. While the Nazis were condemned to the skies on a daily basis, being a Marxist was little less than chic in American universities. Marxist slogans without serious opposition were offered with a sneer from the overpaid academics in the modern west, comfortable with high salaries, tenure and little work to pontificate to their captive audiences in the classroom. Anti-communists were regularly denied tenure and driven out of universities on the charge of “anti-Semitism.” The west had, since World War I, followed the Marxists root and branch, offering the same promises, but under a system where the regime could be justified in periodic and tightly controlled elections. This the likes of Patriarch Volodymyr and Solzhenitsyn knew very well. While “Holocaust survivors” became celebrities, GULAG inmates were forgotten, and their memory besmirched by huge American academic establishment who regularly considered the GULAG inmates “fascists” regardless. Even today, professional academic frauds have ignored the testimony of GULAG inmates among the expatriate Ukrainian and Russian exiles in America, while giving “Holocaust survivors” speaking fees of $100,000 and up. Had Solzhenitsyn not won the Nobel prize, he also would have gone down the Orwellian memory hole as well.

For Fr. Vasili in the GULAG, the Moscow Patriarchate was little more than a propaganda organization for the KGB. The fact that these men wore clerical dress and chanted the services meant nothing, none of that proved their Orthodoxy, only their usefulness. Today, the Ukrainians in Bound Brook, in full communion with Constantinople who never wavered in their support of the Moscow Patriarchate, would like to drop Volodymyr down the memory hole, something that we cannot permit. For Fr. Vasili, the Moscow Patriarchate exists solely for the purposes of “self-liquidation,” in his words, a bureaucracy that exists to oversee the manipulation, alteration and eventual disintegration of religion in Russia and has no other purpose. Hence, the Moscow Patriarchate maintained close ties with the WCC to permit a further penetration of the propaganda to the “anti-communist” west. In fact, the WCC was a willing partner with the MP in flooding the west with false stories about “freedom of religion” in the Soviet Bloc. In fact, the future patriarch writes from prison, concerning the MP, “This church has no rights. It is unable to set in motion its own activity. Furthermore, it has been assigned the function of self-liquidation. . priests and active believers are submitted to various repressions while the hierarchy washes its hands of the matter. . .I have turned to the Moscow patriarchate several times, so that they could intervene in my defense, but on none of these occasions have I ever even heard a reply.” In dealing with the obliviousness of the corrupted west, he writes: “Brazenly and arrogantly the USSR persecutes believers while the Christian world not only remains silent, but signs various agreements with this country.” The phrase “Christian world” was uttered in sarcasm.

In mocking the western delegates at the 1975 WCC convention in Nairobi, Fr. Vasili writes: weiter >>
His comments about the West are not entirely accurate. At that time, middle America was as traditional as it could be and was actively very anti-communist. Fr. Vasily is actually condemning the new American communists, which were led by American Jews who had taken over the publishing industry and then completed their Red coup in the 1960's revolution. But to a foreigner, especially from inside of a gulag, I'm sure we Americans all look alike. We are today in any case.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Get out of Africa

From Yes, Africa Must Go to Hell, by Alex Kurtagic, at TakiMag:
[Many Whites] still seem to assume that Africa would develop into a European-style civilization if only Africans stopped playing victim and got their act together, for once and for all. This latter assumption stems from the belief, held by the Left, that black Africans are Europeans with black skin. Said belief is linked to another belief, one that values progress and measures it in terms of convergence with Europe’s present techno-industrial society—a type of society characterized by complex social organization, high technology, industrial production, scientific discovery, capitalism, rule of law, private property, citizen’s rights, modernity, and secular rationalism. The abnormality of these beliefs in relation to some non-European societies is not obvious to us, because we take them for granted. But taking cognizance of it is important, for the consequences are catastrophic: they underpin the entire aid and white guilt enterprise, which have fuelled a population explosion in the Dark Continent and the consequent tide of hungry and resentful immigrants into Europe and North America.

I have argued for some time that if stability is ever to visit the Dark Continent, we must allow black Africans to diverge from Europe and to reorganize in a manner harmonious with their temperament, proclivities, and endowments. I have also argued that we must not intervene, even if the end result is disturbing to us. What Africa needs is not more money and development, but none. Black Africans are different from Europeans. We may not wish to speak of African cultures, because in relation to ours they seem primitive, but we must accept that culture means something different for them than it does to us, and, while me may well have an opinion, our opinion is irrelevant if what they understand as culture is what works for them. Progress, as important as it may be for us presently, is out of place there. Africa has gone to hell because it must. more >>

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Noam Chomsky on the American intellectual community

Excerpted from Understanding Power :
Still, in the universities or in any other institution, you can often find some dissidents hanging around in the woodwork—and they can survive in one fashion or another, particularly if they get community support. But if they become too disruptive or too obstreperous—or you know, too effective—they're likely to be kicked out. The standard thing, though, is that they won't make it within the institutions in the first place, particularly if they were that way when they were young—they'll simply be weeded out somewhere along the line. So in most cases, the people who make it through the institutions and are able to remain in them have already internalized the right kinds of beliefs: it's not a problem for them to be obedient, they already are obedient, that's how they got there. And that's pretty much how the ideological control system perpetuates itself in the schools—that's the basic story of how it operates, I think.
As an aside, I can hardly believe it -- things have been driven so far left in America that I've been reduced to quoting Noam Chomsky. Mehercle.

Homer and the Study of Greek

the famous essay by Andrew Lang, on the best way to teach young boys one of our ancient tongues:
It is clear enough that Homer is the best guide. His is the oldest extant Greek, his matter is the most various and delightful, and most appeals to the young, who are wearied by scraps of Xenophon, and who cannot be expected to understand the Tragedians. But Homer is a poet for all ages, all races, and all moods. To the Greeks the epics were not only the best of romances, the richest of poetry; not only their oldest documents about their own history,--they were also their Bible, their treasury of religious traditions and moral teaching. With the Bible and Shakespeare, the Homeric poems are the best training for life. There is no good quality that they lack: manliness, courage, reverence for old age and for the hospitable hearth; justice, piety, pity, a brave attitude towards life and death, are all conspicuous in Homer. He has to write of battles; and he delights in the joy of battle, and in all the movement of war. Yet he delights not less, but more, in peace: in prosperous cities, hearths secure, in the tender beauty of children, in the love of wedded wives, in the frank nobility of maidens, in the beauty of earth and sky and sea, and seaward murmuring river, in sun and snow, frost and mist and rain, in the whispered talk of boy and girl beneath oak and pine tree. more >>
From the introduction of Clyde Pharr's Homeric Greek, A Book for Beginners:
Homer is interesting not only to older students, but is particularly adapted to the youngest who now take Greek, as the earliest experiments, made with boys from nine to fourteen years of age, have amply demonstrated. He serves the double purpose of introducing them adequately to the language and of furnishing them with reading material as interesting as can be found in any literature, something too of permanent value ; and he should come by all means as early as possible in the course, that he may serve as a suitable basis for the development of those qualities of taste and appreciation, without which the study of all art is in vain. And after we have begun with him, we find his treasures inexhaustible. In Herbart's expressive phrase, "Homer elevates the student without depressing the teacher."
There can be no better preparation for ancient history than gaining interest for ancient Greece by the Homeric stories. The ground is prepared for both the cultivation of taste and the study of languages at the same time.
With regard to grammar, the February 1918 Classical Journal Pharr writes:
[Homer's] work is homogeneous in vocabulary, in literary style and idioms employed, and in metrical form; so that when students once get a fair start in him, further progress become easier and more accelerated. He employs all three persons, with all modes and tenses of the verb, so that all forms that are learned are used enough to be kept fresh in the students' mind and do not have to be learned again when they begin anything which is in dialogue form. His vocabulary is fairly limited, enough so in fact that it does not present any special difficulty to the beginner. His sentences are short, simple, and clear- cut, having none of the involved structure which makes so much of Xenophon really too difficult for first-year work. The verse, which has been considered a bar, is an actual help, as it is quite easily learned and is a marked aid in memorizing considerable portions of Greek, which is important at this stage.

Furthermore, the rules of quantity are a considerable help in simplifying and illustrating the principles of accent. As he uses only one type of verse, and that the simplest—the dactylic hexameter—the ordinary student usually becomes quite adept at reading this before the end of the first year's work.
Homer is so straightforward and simple in what he has to say, with nothing obscure, mystical, or far-fetched hi any way, that he is quite intelligible to an average high-school Freshman, and at the same time he possesses the qualities of high literary art in such marked degree that he appeals strongly to the oldest and most advanced members of any college class. And, most of all, to nine-tenths of those who take Greek, Homer is intrinsically interesting and worth while in a way that could never be predicated of Xenophon. Most students even now find him fascinating, in spite of the many obstacles thrown in their way as they approach him, and in spite of the fact that many of them have acquired a real distaste for Greek, developed all too often by our present system of routing all our classes via Xenophon.
Well, denn? Don't be a selfish louse. Start learning Greek today. If not for yourself -- for the challenge it presents and the rich culture it carries -- then do it for your children, for your immediate and extended family. Here is Clyde Pharr's Homeric Greek, A Book for Beginners, free online in PDF format from There are dozens of other grammars and readers free online now if you look around a bit.

Buck up, lads. Culture doesn't transmit itself, you know.

The European racial dis-ease

Deogolwulf's A Vibrant Corpse:
No aim strikes the latter-day European as more sinister, or is likely to fill him with more loathing, than that of the preservation of his own race, or just of its particular homelands and peoples. It seems to him the greatest taboo and the most forbidden sin — to him who revels in the breaking of taboos, so long as they are healthy; to him who scoffs at the forbiddance of sins, so long as they are to his pleasure! — and the pious observance of the defilement of his own race makes him feel washed of sin. At the passing, or the threat to the survival, of Bantu tribes, Tibetan customs, snow leopards, rare butterflies, elm-trees, and so forth, he can become justly regretful, and even spurred to action; but to the plight of his own race, customs, societies, and so forth, he is quite indifferent, and to any counter-measure, quite hostile. Has anything ever been observed that compares to it? Does it not show at least the withering of a survival-instinct, and perhaps even a diseased will to self-destruction, wherewith he is afflicted? Could it have been guessed even a hundred years ago that Europe would face its defilement and death in the most shameful and ignoble way? Certainly, great upheavals were felt to be coming, fire, blood, destruction; and come they did — but the pious acquiescence to the passing of Europe: could this have been imagined in quite the way that it is occurring? The latter-day European is even too weak to confront his sickness face-to-face. Just that itself would be a sign of healthiness in him. He must meet it as though it were a hopeful opportunity. The sickness of Europe is taken by its deadly microbes, its celebrants, to be a sign of health and a promise of a thriving — nay, “vibrant” — future; and so it is for them. Every sickness is a sign of health, that is to say, of the disease itself, and every corpse teems with life.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The West's driving internal destructive force

originates from a self-chosen group of Marxists and other extremely anti-European sociopaths. Kevin MacDonald reports from ground zero.

Understand that these same powerful but alien people (many with dual Israeli citizenship) are now in complete control of most Western governments, academia, media, and the banks. They clearly intend on doing to us what their spiritual and ethnic brethren did to over 50 million Russians, Ukrainians, Serbians, Poles, Czechs, et al., in the early decades of the 20th century.

These people are the head of the snake. Remember that, should their current plans of violent revolution continue to grow.

If you don't think they are that bad, you are simply ignorant of the facts. If you care anything at all about your family, you should begin your real education today, right now. Read books and articles from Kevin MacDonald, read Paul Johnson's Modern History, read Henry Ford's International Jew, Yuri Slezkine’s The Jewish Century, Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago. Kevin MacDonald writes here about "Stalin's Willing Executioners." See the movies Katyn and People I Know. Enjoy Dr. Zhivago and Fiddler on the Roof again with new eyes.

There is a good reason why they have a Nazi-Hitler fixation and why they continue to erect compulsory "museums" on every street corner: to draw attention away from their own crimes which were far worse in truth than what they have ever accused the Germans in the Holocaust(TM) fables.

Tickety tock.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Remembering Johann Herder

by Matthew Raphael Johnson:
The sciences themselves impose an ideological and a priori grid upon nature, the quantitative measures to which science reduces all visible phenomena. To treat man as an object of science is to standardize him, to standardize him is to reject all that is human about him, to reduce him to a mechanical being, a being easily manipulated from outside; the esoteria of the social sciences. In other words, this sort of standardization is to reduce civilization—for Herder the ethno-nation—to a set of material causes and effects which ensures that only the most formal and formalizable aspects of the people under study will be understood. Even here, though, precisely because that which is formal (or formalizable) is removed from the rest, that then is misunderstood. Peoples are distorted if they are a priori standardized in a quantitative formula. This is the central proposition of Herder’s social theory, and, importantly, the starting point for the countercritique of Enlightenment mythology. more >>

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lies, AARP lies and those damned government statistics

Robert Bradshaw comments on something we have all noticed, runaway inflation and the lies our government and its satellite organizations tell us.

GOP leader speaks again

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the face of American Conservatism, Michael Steele.

One down

In the undeclared war of Black on White, raging at least since the 1960's, there are 10's of thousands of white victims every year and, statistically speaking, almost no black victims at all -- although one would never know that from the MSM or our "justice" system. A simple search will yield enough truth about race and crime to destroy all lies about the imaginary benefits of Marxism (a.k.a. multiculturalism, liberalism, and diversity).

Anyway, the good news here is that at least one of these diversity dispensers will not be making any house calls for awhile. White Reference has news and comment, here.

BTW, for you young'uns who have grown up in the Marxist mind-control laboratories of the government schools and have never been told that up until very recently America was a 90%+ white, relatively crime-free country, check out There you will see dozens of news stories posted every single weekday which will rock your liberal little world.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bailout expands health care coverage

Larry Auster reports:
And if you're not sickened that four days after the $700 billion bailout that was supposed to save the economy, they're asking for another bailout, here's something that is guaranteed both to shock and sicken. As reported in yesterday's New York Times, attached to the bailout was a major piece of socialist-type legislation that the left have been trying unsuccessfully to pass for 12 years. It's a law that requires employers and health plans to provide the same coverage for mental health problems as for physical, a law, the Times crows, that will "force sweeping changes in the workplace." The Congress did not debate the measure, and the the media did not tell us that such a radical piece of legislation was being pushed through along with the bailout, which was considered so immediately urgent that no further debate or delay could be allowed. ...
Perhaps now liberals/Marxists can get the medical attention they so desperately need. Here is the NY times article. Devvy Kidd informs us that the new legislation has provisions for increased IRS snooping, new carbon tax credits, and even a bailout for Hollywood.

I think I understand what's going on here. The United States has given up fighting terrace directly. We have cleverly adopted the "small but crazy prisoner" strategy: act insane and everyone will be afraid to mess with you.

Woo-woob-woob-woob! -- Curly, of the Three Stooges

Catholics finally connecting the dots?

(What a stupid phrase, "connect the dots." How childish our culture has become. What bad habits these people inflict on me!)

Jew-DayO!-Christians "getting a clue" (not much better, sorry) would indeed be big news and No, that isn't happening yet. But there are some rays beginning to poke through the darkness. Among them is the Church's willingness to acknowledge a smidgeon of reality in re The JQ. Here is a snippet of Brother Nate's interview with E. Michael Jones, Jewish Control Of The Catholic Mind, revealing some of the changing attitudes of Church leadership:
Br. Nathanael: Are Catholics beginning to react against Jewish control of the Catholic Church?

E. Michael Jones: Indeed they are. Our Bishops are beginning to as well. This is because dialogue has become a synonym for Jewish subversion of Church teaching.

After years of dialogue, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops under the direction of Cardinal Keeler, issued a joint Catholic Jewish statement in 2002 on “Covenant and Mission” which affirmed that Jews could be saved without accepting Christ as their saviour.

However, in June 2009 the same bishops had to issue a “clarification” which repudiated their own statement. It turns out that, upon reflection, the bishops concluded that the Mosaic covenant between God and the Jews was no longer “eternally valid,” and that Jews did have to convert if they wanted to be saved after all.

Br. Nathanael: You say that dialogue is a synonym for Jewish subversion of Catholic teaching. Are there any examples of this activity by organized Jewry?

E. Michael Jones: Yes. In spite of all the dialogue, Jewry’s hidden agenda to subvert the Church came to the fore recently.

On September 17, 2009, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, B’nai B’rith International, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, Hadassah, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the National Council of Jewish Women, Na’amat USA, the Rabbinical Assembly, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, and the Women of Reform Judaism, all signed a friend of the court brief demanding that Obama allow the Catholic Church no exemptions of “Right of Conscience” when it comes to hiring homosexuals. Jews allow for themselves “right of conscience” but will not allow it for Catholics.

The intent behind Jewry’s court brief to Obama is to create a fifth column within the Catholic Church, one which, because of the nature of its sexual activities, can be used to prompt a whole new series of lawsuits. With “Elder Brothers” like this, as Catholic-Jewish dialogue has defined the Jews, who needs enemies?
After 40 years of unprecedented advances in subversion and covert warfare, the Jews are finally starting to lose control of the Catholic mind.
I am thankful for the current change in direction but I doubt that my belief in the stewardship and truth-seeking abilities of the Catholic Church will improve noticeably any time soon. Only when She publicly rejects multiculturalism and the religion of the Holyhoax can we say there has been some real progress.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A little Latin quiz

In protest of the ban of Latin phrases by the Bournemouth council in Great Britain, an injustice which is sure to advance unless I do something about it, I offer this little quiz.

The most appropriate phrase one might send to the council members is:

a) Rident stolidi verba Latina.
b) Stultus est sicut stultus facit.
c) Ignorantia Latini non excusat.
d) Marxistae ite domum.
e) Omnes.

Answer tomorrow.

World’s Oldest Flute

Another of the millions of reasons to celebrate our European ancestors. No peoples on Earth have as rich a heritage as we. No one, not ever, not nohow.

Moldovan Christians Outraged, Tear Down Menorah

Unbelievable -- some real Christians still exist.
“We are Orthodox Christians, we are a nation of Christians and Stephen the Great protected our nation from all kind Jews but Friday, they came here and placed their Menorah right in the middle of our square! This is a sacrilege! We can’t believe how our government allowed such a thing in a Christian nation!” said the priest.

Merry Christmas!