Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The house that "conservatives" built

We have the RedTeam to thank for this new KGB-type monstrosity. When their fearless leader, G.W. Bush, and his Jews were whipping up the ridiculous "war on terror" frenzy in the media and in D.C., it was us "Ron Paul Constitutional Kooks," as Sean Hannity put it, whom they spit on and called traitors. I wonder what these RedTeam patriotards think now, as they discover that they are the terrorists the politicians had in mind all along.

George Washington warned us in his farewell speech about succumbing to party politics. This is a good example of why. The RedTeam gave powers to the Executive that they would never have dreamed of giving up had the BlueTeam been in power. And now it seems too late to take them back.

Related: I highly recommend you watch the movie Katyn, if you want to see a little slice of how the Chosen Ones run things. And for yet more insight into what is coming at you very soon, read The Little Black Book of Communism, Stalin's Willing Executioners, or The Gulag Archipelago.

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