Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Republicrats rise to Dempublican challenge

The election of a Black Liberation Theology president has prompted Republicans, no doubt led by the RNC neo-con leadership, to bravely present a clear alternative: another African. Another anti-White gun-grabber, no less.

This is a proud day for Original Americans and Europeans everywhere, one that has been promised by American patriots, the Klan and the Nazis for years. RedTeam leadership is pleased as punch:
Blackwell's campaign had been endorsed by conservative leaders like Family Research Council President Tony Perkins and Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum, but it never caught fire among the 168 RNC members voting on the chairmanship.
Former Ohio GOP Chairman Bob Bennett of Cleveland, an RNC member, said Steele's selection will "take the party in a new direction." He said Blackwell's endorsement of Steele threw conservative votes to Steele that were critical to his eventual victory.

"You have a great spokesman for the party," Bennett said of Steele. "You have an outstanding leader. I think that it will certainly benefit the party as we move forward."

Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine of Fairborn said many of his RNC colleagues were looking for the candidate with the best plan to "rebuild and redo" the party.

"I think that there is a hunger for change on this committee just as there is a hunger for change at the grassroots level of Republican politics throughout this country," said DeWine.
The RedTeam pews are filled with the Holy Spirit.
I, for one, am thrilled. I have been listening to Steele for several years and he is very articulate and funny. It's a miracle to get such a talented leader at this time, plus, the dems can't call the Repubs "the party of old white men" any more. I have a good feeling about this!
I am so happy with Michael Steele being the Chairman of the RNP...finally, a man of honor with a spine who will do his job and very be dammed...misspelled so I don't get banned from site. May the Lord keep and help Michael Steele safe from the Liberal Swindlers.
Ken Blackwell, approvingly quoted by the Eagle Forum, says:
History has proven conservative ideas win. Republican leaders must explain how conservative principles - expressed through bold policies - will improve people’s lives. Show voters how conservative ideas will help them enjoy more freedom, security and a brighter future, and they will vote Republican. The GOP needs a chairman with the ability to project that message.
Marxism and the destruction of European leadership in a European country is conservative? No, but it is Jew-Day-O!-Christian, very progressive.

A RedTeam fan close to me opined, "This is really very good for Republicans because now we won't have to listen to how we are oppressing Blacks anymore." Yes, I'm sure the cries for equality will end any day now. And the anti-White prayer at the recent Presidential inauguration will be retracted, and Rangel and Reich will apologize for colluding against European working men. Hold your breath, Brainiacs.

Better yet, Republicans now have a chance to continue Bush's -- their worshipful master -- great work: the hyper-growth of government, continued massive third-world immigration, the police state, the war on terrace, the growth of UNESCO's No Child Left Behind and other Marxist indoctrination programs, more legal preferences for non-Whites, more anti-White "hate crimes" legislation, ad nauseum.

Yessirree, Corndog, a clear victory for Conservatism. Damn fine, you betcha.

Incumbent RNC chair Mike Duncan conceded, "the winds of change are blowing." James Edwards has been saying something similar. He calls it, The rise of ethnopolitics.


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