Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two party tyranny

The Chairman of the Constitution Party reports:

... After over a decade of neglect that I have personally witnessed, it is clear that neither state or local officials want to do anything about the problem.

You may also want to mention [in your letter] that the Elections Division “lost” the timely filing for Chuck Baldwin and would have excluded him from the ballot if we did not have proof they received the filing. On the other hand, they accepted the filing of McCain and Obama even though they did not file by the deadline. Bob Barr brought suit to keep them off the ballot in Texas but biased Texas judges allowed them to remain on the ballot.

You get the picture – when the major parties violate the law, it’s no big deal. When challengers to their power fail to comply with even the smallest detail of the law, they are in violation. Such a double standard is unacceptable in a just and lawful society.
An appropriate phrase is:

a) Sic semper tyrannis.
b) In melle sunt linguae sitae vostrae atque orationes, facta atque corda in felle sunt sita atque acerbo aceto. -- Plautus
c) Delendus est Marxismus.
d) Justum ab injustis petere insipienta est. -- Plautus
e) Omnes.

Answer to yesterday's Latin quiz: d) Ullum.

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