Sunday, November 6, 2011

Both parties blocked Audit the Fed bill for 25 years

From Washington's Blog:
The House Committee on Financial Services has just posted the video of Barney Frank's opening statement on the bill to audit the fed (HR 1207).

Frank provided some very interesting history in his opening statement.

Specifically, Frank says that Ron Paul originally introduced the bill for the first time in 1983. But for 12 years after that, the Republicans used their control of the Finance Committee to insure that there was "no time" to give Paul's bill a hearing.

In 2003, when Paul was in line to become chair of the domestic monetary subcommittee, that subcommittee - coincidentally enough - immediately disappeared, and was merged into another subcommittee in order to shield the Federal Reserve from the imminent oversight which a monetary subcommittee under Paul would presumably create.

Frank makes clear that it is not one party or the other responsible for suppressing Paul's audit-the-fed bill for 25 plus years. As Frank put it, there was "bipartisan ignoring of the issue".

Watch the video.
This squares with what I had always heard Ron Paul say in his speeches over the years, not necessarily about this bill, but about the unanimous opposition he always faced whenever he introduced a bill that would truly reduce the size and power of the federal government in any meaningful way. Very frequently he would start with a large group (20-30+) of enthusiastic fellow members, but by the time the voting was over and it was time for the final vote -- the one that counted -- he was down to a small handful of supporters. Most often, he was the last man standing. Liars and thieves, every one of those traitors.

As even the dumbed-down, de-culturated, de-racinated American people are beginning to realize, there has been no difference between the RedTeam and the BlueTeam for a long time -- several decades in my estimation.

Now that we have fallen on seriously hard times, a few things seem to be changing. There appear to be a few congressmen, believe it or not, willing to do their jobs.

But let's not get carried away. As long as the money-changers rule the West, we cannot expect any real change in our favor. The RedTeam, ostensibly the party of American conservatism, is led by black socialists. The BlueTeam is as lost to liberalism as ever. Both parties are beholden to Jewish money and a Jewish worldview.

Most conservatives still send their children to government indoctrination factories every school day, receive government handout money (stolen from me and mine, with not even a "thank you very much, kiss my arse"), and vote for the congressman who brings home the most bacon. Most white conservatives will not defend a fellow European against Marxist-inspired "crimes" like racism, anti-Semitism, and hate. They spend their meager spiritual capital on suicidal projects, the primary one being "saving" all the colored peoples of the world and bringing them here.

Conservatives give lip-service to the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, original American principles, our great European heritage, and so on, but only a miniscule minority will actually do or say anything to justify the sacrifices of his American ancestors. Too many are eager to spill my children's blood (boys' and girls', mind you) on foreign soil, even as communism/multiculturalism/globocapitalism continues to metastasize domestically. They not only will not oppose the financial, academic, and governmental supremacy of the hostile invaders, most are too gutless to even acknowledge it.

Too many love money and their new police state; too few love liberty. The many will in the end receive neither, of course. And the Tweedle-Dum RedTeam will blame the Tweedle-Dee BlueTeam. And neither will receive much sympathy from their children and grandchildren, whose country they wrecked and whose nation they denied.

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