Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spreading a Message

Larry Auster recommends a slogan for a national ad campaign :
If there were no Muslims in America, there would be no risk of Muslim terrorism in America
A fine slogan and very true, but I think mine is better :
No Muslims? No Jihad.
No Muslims! No Jihad!
Coming up with that one naturally led me to this :
No Jews? No Marxism.
No Jews! No Marxism!
But of course that is not quite right. It doesn't capture the all that needs be said :
No Jews?
No Marxism.
No Neo-Cons.
No Feminazis.
No Open Borders.
No Talmud-Vision.
No Multiculturism.
No Holyhoax Propaganda.
No Anti-White Propoganda.
No Race-Mixing Propoganda.
No Psycho-Babble Industry.
No Jew-Day-O!-Christianity.
No Porn and White Slavery Industry.
No Trillion-Dollar Banster Bailouts.
No Rapacious Fed and "Investment Houses."

But that's not as pithy.

Perhaps this would be more appropriate for Larry's purposes :
No Jews? No Muslim Immigration.
No Jews! No Muslim Immigration!
Yes. Much better. That gets to the root of the Muslim immigration problem.

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