Thursday, November 3, 2011

The National Socialist stand on Christianity

At the Scriptorium. Not an Early American stance to be sure, but not at all the antagonistic one that Hollywood has led us to believe. From the article:
The irrevocable truth is that religious life in Germany, under the protection of the National Socialist state, unfolds more freely and undisturbed. No form of Godlessness or blasphemy is tolerated and the churches as well as their religious affairs are secure, undisturbed, and free of problems in a way that is unprecedented in history and almost unknown in any other country on earth.
Not that I am for National Socialism, and I'm sure that there is more than a little party platform promotion going on here. But I do find it interesting to see facts about history that are in such contrast to what the Marxists in Hollywood, academia, and the government have always told us.

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