Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bush's family values booming in Phoenix

where it is now the "kidnap for ransom" capital of the United States. Sam Quinones tells us:
Arizona has become the new drug gateway into the United States. Roughly half of all marijuana seized along the U.S.-Mexico border was taken on the state's 370-mile border with Mexico.

One result is an epidemic of kidnapping that many residents are barely aware of. Indeed, most every other crime here is down. But police received 366 kidnapping-for-ransom reports last year, and 359 in 2007. Police estimate twice that number go unreported. ...

Ransom kidnapping is a rare crime in America. Most cops go their entire careers without handling one. These days, most kidnappings involve a husband taking a child from an estranged wife. That's how things were in Phoenix until a few years ago. more >>
Good job, Jorge Bush! And thanks a million to all your GloboCapitalist/Marxist supporters, mostly neo-con Jews and Jew-DayO!-Christians. Not only will Euros be a minority in the U.S. within our lifetime but now we also have the neo-con promise of living in third world squalor and being led by degenerates and other foreigners for the rest of our lives.

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