Friday, November 4, 2011

In the name of Free Trade and the Economy

Over the last several hundred years Geld über Alles has become the West's highest ordering principle. We hear little else argued seriously in the politics of conservatives and liberals; from the RedTeam, BlueTeam, or PinkTeam (libertarians). And what has our god of greed done for us? Clearly, as many have been warning for years, Mammon has given to us nothing but unbelievable, grotesque corruption and bankruptcy to replace white society, family, nations, and civilization. Read, Demand Congress Stop Withholding Taxes Now, by Devvy Kidd, for more.

An income tax moratorium. A good idea to be sure, but with so many going broke it would probably be a moot point by the time the District of Criminals got around to passing such a law. And, because I strongly suspect Devvy already knows that, I believe her call for said law may be a clever way to have us send a warning to the banksters and their Heime-licking allies that we will soon be in a non-tax-paying mode, new law or no new law.

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