Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rant of Youth: Hey, Geezers!

Your day is coming.

You blindly followed Clinton and Bush and their neo-con advisors. You promoted big government at every turn, in the name of "liberalism" or "conservatism." You are even now led around by the nose by neo-con liars on the radio and "conservative" stink tanks like the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute. You hide behind black doofuses as your party's leaders and spokesmen in a moronic, feckless attempt to avoid being called names by the Marxists and their useful idiots.

You have been extremely liberal and tolerant. In the 1960's you turned decidedly commie and put the Tribe in control. Now we are going to be a minority in our own country in a few years, all the racial laws are stacked against us, and the government is busily building a new Soviet Union all around us.

All their lives, you ignored your children. You sent them to government schools, not knowing or even caring that they were being indoctrinated into Marxism and all manner of perversions; you simply couldn't be bothered. Most of you still couldn't care less. Daily you watch and let your children watch degraded filth on TV and the Internet, and you waste your time playing video games, golfing, and gambling.

You have spent all of my money and my children's money and my grandchildren's money on your stupid Jew-DayO!-Christian/liberal/Marxist save-the-world campaigns and selfish feel-good projects. You squandered an undreamed of amount of wealth and prosperity on yourselves, with your extended vacations, fancy cars and gadgets, funded in large part by government largess and government-funded retirement benefits.

Well, it's all coming to an end very soon. I hope you're happy. You didn't have time for your children and now they are not going to have time for you because they will be laboring under the most massive debt in history, and under one of the most tyrannical governments in the modern world -- because you still don't care enough to get off your smelly old rumps and do anything. You refuse to even discuss it. You deny your culpability and chatter on about "those Democrats/Republicans/Islamist-terrorists!" You are more than ready to hand the problems you created on to my and my children's generations. In fact, you just that long, long ago.

You'd better pick out your retirement home now -- there's going to be a shortage of cardboard refrigerator boxes soon (thanks to your passionate embrace of global Capitalism/Marxism, our manufacturing was sent overseas), too.

Are we angry? No, of course not. Here, drink your government medicine ...

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