Saturday, November 5, 2011

Time for real change

John Schwenkler writes about the growing movement for secession. I agree, it's time for real change. The liberals and conservatives in "the liberal generation" have pushed us to a point where we have no choice. Our government was big and out of control many decades ago and would've been considered a disaster by early Americans' standards. Today it is much, much bigger and more powerful. Our ancestors would probably, maybe rightly so, consider it The Beast.

Schwenkler has a huge blind spot, though. He strongly condemns those "racists," not realizing that this position is a communistic, universal, radical-liberal one. He throws the term around, I suspect, to be polite and non-extreme, trying to get as much support as possible. But it's clear that he would condemn any efforts of nations to segregate themselves based on their deepest identity, their race. CWNY puts his finger on it:
So white Europeans who are still European are dragged before the bar of Liberaldom and found to be guilty of racism, which is the liberals’ word for treason. But at the same time, the liberals assert that there really is no difference between the white and the black. “We are all God’s children.” Whoops, the liberal can’t say that, so he backtracks: “We are all part of the brotherhood of man. But wait – the white man is not part of the brotherhood of man; he is an evil ...” It gets hard for the liberal. All those contradictions give him a headache.
People like John will lead no serious revolt because they have bought into the liberals' lie and lead themselves around in circles. But I'm glad of him raising the subject of secession.

Here is a link to the American Secessionist Project. Although it seems out of date, it has collected some good links.

For all their fecklessnes and love of liberalism, our elders did at least teach (some of) us to honor our forefathers. And that is exactly what we are going to do.

If you want to begin your own little secessionist movement, start homeschooling now. Either teach your own children or, if yours are already grown, teach your grandchildren and the neighborhood children. Pick a subject you like, become knowledgeable in it, and start teaching. You know you should, so start now, today. This is your chance to make a real difference. Take it.

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