Sunday, October 9, 2011

When democracy finally dies

there will be much rejoicing.

Already its cancerous breath is overpowering.  It cannot pass too soon. Aristocratic spirits throughout the West are eager to be free from its oppressive mob rule -- from that single, idiot mind controlled by a tyrannical, Talmudic oligarchy of international banksters, lawyers, politicians, media moguls, and other assorted whores of Madam Liberty.

And we shall secede and we shall succeed.

But then what?  How then shall we live in our rediscovered freedom?  Must the land descend into chaos before order is restored, or can we return to a natural, healthy order with a minimum of bloodshed and loss?  The aristocratic spirit prefers the latter, of course.

The trouble is, having been munching with the herd for so long, most of us have lost our aristocratic sensibilities.  Few of us share a clear, common vision of a naturally well-ordered society, a society where justice rules over law, where virtue, goodness, and beauty are worshipped instead of the ugliness of egalitarianism.   My fellow noble men -- few and scattered as they are -- all long to return to such a world, to restore real civilization, but seem to be having trouble remembering the particulars. Our minds are foggy from the constant lies about the "brotherhood of man" and salvation through liberté, égalité, et fraternité.

No fear, Herr Hans-Hermann Hoppe ist hier. He reminds us of what we once were, where we came from, and what we can be again in his article, Political Economy of Monarchy and Democracy.

To you, Lieber, who are seeking leadership in these troubled times: know that it is not coming in your lifetime. And it will never come for your children or your nation unless you do something to bring it about today. Id est, you are it. If you do not rise to the occassion, no one will.

Look at your friends, neighbors, and co-workers and realize there is no one coming to save you -- not from the RedTeam, nor from the BlueTeam, from your Rotary Club, your Masonic Lodge, your Boy Scouts pack, your armed-forces regiment, Sons of the American Revolution, from talk radio, nor especially from your wussified, Jew-DayO!-Christian Church. You are utterly alone -- as all true aristocratics must be anyway -- but more especially so today in this age of totalitarian democracy than perhaps at anytime in history. You are the brave knight you seek, the Gothic nobleman, the Spartan warrior-chieftan, the caring, tough and far-sighted patriarch.

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