Saturday, October 1, 2011

The death of civilization

David Deming writes:
Since the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the late eighteenth century, Europe and North America have enjoyed the greatest prosperity ever known on earth. Life expectancy has doubled. In a little more than two hundred years, every objective measure of human welfare has increased more than in all of previous human history.

But Western Civilization is coasting on an impetus provided by our ancestors. There is scarcely anyone alive in Europe or America today who believes in the superiority of Western society. Guilt and shame hang around our necks like millstones, dragging our emasculated culture to the verge of self-immolation. Whatever faults the British Empire-builders may have had, they were certain of themselves.

Our forefathers built a technological civilization based on energy provided by carbon-based fossil fuels. Without the inexpensive and reliable energy provided by coal, oil, and gas, our civilization would quickly collapse. The prophets of global warming now want us to do precisely that.

Like the prophet Mhlakaza, Al Gore promises that if we stop using carbon-based energy, new energy technologies will magically appear. The laws of physics and chemistry will be repealed by political will power. We will achieve prosperity by destroying the very means by which prosperity is created.

While Western Civilization sits confused, crippled with self-doubt and guilt, the Chinese are rapidly building an energy-intensive technological civilization. They have 2,000 coal-fired power plants, and are currently constructing new ones at the rate of one a week. In China, more people believe in free-market economics than in the US. Our Asian friends are about to be nominated by history as the new torchbearers of human progress.
Dan is offering false hope in his final statement. Asians will not be any kind of torchbearers for whatever he means by progress. If he means Western Civilization, then Asians most assuredly will not, they have not, because they cannot. Thousands of years have proven this most conclusively.

Though I am thankful to Dan for spreading the alarm, I cannot give him credit for helping to solve the problem. It is obvious to anyone who is willing to think about it for a second: only European Man can create a society of, by, and for European Man. Asians will create non-European societies for the simple reason that they are non-Europeans. The crazy, modern, Marxist belief that everyone is interchangeable with everyone else is our highest belief just now, and our very worst one. It is apparently Dan's belief. It is this belief which must be destroyed.

There is no hope for our children if we do not defend ourselves and the civilization most suited to our proclivities. I mean, who really believes that Chinamen, Africans, Mexicans, or Hindus will give two hoots about preserving our Greco-Roman-Germanic-Christian heritage? Who really believes that they will show the same kindness and generosity to us as we have shown to them? Ship them to any foreign country for a fast class in multiculti relations.

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