Friday, October 7, 2011

The money cheats become bolder

in their plunder of our country and treasury. Michael S. Rozeff writes :
Let us understand the matter clearly. We have exited a significant boom period. During the boom, the bankers made large and very large profits. The managements took home very large pay and bonuses. The stockholders (including officers and managers of the banks) had, for a time, very large wealth in the stocks they held. The bondholders of the banks had, for a time, very secure debts.

But the bankers over-reached for business in several ways. They extended a slew of bad loans during the lately departed boom. The stocks and bonds fell in price, reflecting the lower worth of the bank assets, these bad loans.

And now that the boom is over, the bankers, led by Mr. Bernanke, want us to eat their losses.
We have no leadership who will fight this tribe of money changing cheats, and so the looting will continue. We do have a few potential leaders now -- honest, smart, and righteous men -- but they are not recognized as such by the dumbed-down mass of voters. As bad as things are, they will have to get much worse before any popular leaders emerge. As the saying goes, "the wolf must be at the door" before most people will hear or accept the truth.

If one wants real change right now, one will have to look outside the existing systems. All have been corrupted beyond repair. One will have to free oneself, family, and tribal or communal unit from them and begin to build anew. At a minimum, this means cutting TV and gaming down to less than a couple of hours a week, spending more time with family, community involvement and leadership, classical and vocational education, and home or local schooling. There is no other way; Nemo is coming to rescue us.

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