Sunday, October 9, 2011

The revolution is not being broadcast

Bill Bonner writes that The Golden Age is Over for America:
We are in the 21st century now. Barbarous reflections rise up like swamp gas. The whole place stinks of them. Bernanke and Obama offer solutions. But their plans to save the world from a correction are little more than a swindle. They offer to bail out the mistakes of one generation with trillions of dollars' worth of debt laid onto the next.

"Regarding the current financial meltdown," writes Rony Teitelbaum, "it is very clear that two main factors underlie the political reactions to the crisis, the first being pressure originating from ties between the financial and the political elect, manifested by taxpayer bailouts of large institutions that continue to deliver bonuses to the executives and donate to political campaigns. For those of us who are not blind, these are clear signs of political corruption which would have made the worst Roman emperor blush. The second factor is political pressure originating from the mass public. The kind of solutions offered so far, and I may add which were received with very warm enthusiasm, were tax rebates and gasoline tax holidays. These are actions aimed at a public who "impatiently expected quick and obvious results," to quote Cary's description of Roman society in AD300. (A History of Rome)."

Circa 2009, there is hardly a soul in the entire world who has not been corrupted by the barbarie della reflessione of the late imperial period. Both patricians and plebes are for bailouts. Both business and labor back stimulus programs. The taxpayers and the politicians who rule them are of one mind. Liberal, conservative, rich, poor, Republican, Democrat all speak with a single voice: "Screw the next generation!" more >>
Ain't it the truth. But the next generations will have their revenge. Today's leaders and voters will be going into nursing homes and gated communities soon, where they plan to continue their dastardly habit of spending our and our children's money on themselves. And the young of today will then be broke, completely uneducated, buried in government debt and 150 million third-world immigrants. They will be inconsolably angry -- and they will be searching for justice or revenge, whichever is most expedient.

Doug Casey understands what I'm talking about.

What Casey doesn't explain is that the Marxist (multi-culti/anti-White) police-state that the G.W. Bush-lovers loved building so much in order to "fight terrace" will tap into that energy. That is how the Jew-led and Jew-financed Bolsheviks did it when they overthrew the Russian Monarchy and set up a police-state that murdered over 45 million Christians and made "anti-Semitism" a crime punishable by death. They created a state that Ronald Reagan would later call, "the evil empire." Joe McCarthy did not know how right he was.

This same tribe is in now charge now, and the same outcome seems likely, especially seeing how many traditional Americans are so willing to [send my children to] die for Israel and for the "poor and helpless" Jews, and how many of these hostile foreigners are in control of America now.

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