Sunday, October 9, 2011

The filth we swim in, and the building rage against the purveyors

The new BK ad. Remember that this ad does not exist in a vacuum. Some people will rightly complain about it, and Burger King might even be forced to apologize for it. But the overwhelming majority of people, especially the our young (our future -- shudder), will accept it. This kind of thing is normal in their sick, twisted world (the Interwebs and TV); they do not understand what the "big deal" is.

But the rage against the filth-mongers will continue to build among the right-thinking. This is the same cultural, economic, and political situation with the same players as in pre-WWII Germany. How will it all play out? Will we arrive at a "final solution" for these commie/neo-con/bankster/"Russian" oligarch/mafia vermin this time? By all that is holy, I pray we do.

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