Friday, October 7, 2011

Post-American Bishops Undermine both Church and Country

Matthew Richer relates his experiences growing up in Boston Mass.
But you have to understand that for my generation, religious education never included learning about the Mass, or the Sacraments, or the saints.

Instead, we were taught that being Catholic simply meant being sensitive toward those who were not like us – especially blacks, homosexuals, and immigrants.

Did we believe any of it? Not really, since there wasn’t much of substance to believe in. But that’s the thing about propaganda. It’s almost always extremely boring, but when your elders spend years spoon-feeding it to you, you often end up accepting some of it anyway.
Yes, Law was an important man, which was why so many important Bostonians wanted to befriend him. But what I learned at the Garden Party is that our Church leaders and our political and corporate leaders are all part of the same clique.

Mark Krikorian has described our political and business elites as being “post-American”. They are people who do not primarily identify themselves as being American, but prefer to see themselves as “citizens of the world” – a world that invariably revolves around them.

In the same way, the American Catholic Church is run by post-American bishops.

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