Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Western Civilization's war on Christian Serbia

(For those who don't know, the Serbian nation is largely southern European white and Christian. The United States -- supposedly a Christian nation -- has under Clinton and Bush been the supporter of all manner of atrocities by the Muslim Albanians against the Christian Serbs. Recently, the U.S. supported the Albanian land-grab of Kosovo from the Serbs. The U.S. took this highly illegal and immoral position mostly in order to aggravate Serbia's ally Russia, which is continuing its return to its ethnic Christian faith, and is continuing its purge of Marxist and Trotskyist (neo-con, "Russian oligarch") Jews.)

From the Orthodox Medievalist, Michael Raphael Johnson:
Serbia’s reputation throughout the 20th century has ranged from the “brave little Serbia” of World War I to the “axis of evil” at the dawn of the 21st century. Today, Serbia is the most lied about country on the globe, where non-existent massacres are commemorated by world leaders and the country is policed by foreign troops. Today, Bosnia is a direct protectorate of the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It is ruled directly by western capitalists and exploiters. Albanians burn and rape at will in Kosovo, under the nose of the already illegitimate KFOR troops. Bought and paid for political whores such as Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey and Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware support the rampages of the Islamic terrorists in Bosnia, who have been funded and trained by the United States, which is certainly a novel interpretation of the phony “war on terror.”

Regardless, Serbia is facing a future of poverty, degradation and international slander. The recent electoral victories of the Radical Party were simply nullified by the occupation troops in the name of “democracy,” believe it or not. It was common to read western headlines that read: “Radical Party Wins Election: Democracy Endangered.” To call this Orwellian is to be too cliche. It has gone far beyond that.
Serious scholars of the region known one thing: the entire Serb mentality was forged in resistance. Under the vicious rule of the Turk, Serbia was left with a handful of dirt poor farmers and few churches. Who was left in Serbia proper was forced to celebrate his slava and read the scriptures for his sustenance. In the words of St. Nikolaij, his home “became a little monastery.” For Serbs, Christianity is a family affair, and the suffering under the Turk forged this. The slava is all he had left. On cannot understand that institution without understanding its role under the Turks. The Serbs are ethnic nationalists in their Orthodoxy because, primarily, that is how Orthodoxy was forged in the Slavic world, but more importantly, because it was because of these structures of survival that Orthodoxy survived at all.
Of course, Orthodoxy is ethnic. Among the Slavs, the brothers Sts. Cyril and Methodius created a proto-Cyrillic alphabet and vocabulary so the divine services could be sung in the native Slavic languages. Churches were granted autocephalicity (canonical independence) on the basis of ethnic identity so the rules, as well as the services, of the church could always remain in the hands of those who understood them and were closest to them. Without ethnic nationalism, Orthodoxy loses its roots in the past, roots that grew in the fires of death, destruction and pain, as well as the resistance that this engendered. A-ethnic Orthodoxy becomes just another bourgeois, western denomination, complete with female readers, pews and plenty of Volvos in the parking lot.
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See Also: Masonic Genocide of French Catholics by Michael Hoffman. I don't know about Masonic responsibility (Hoffman is correct for all I know) but the injustice, madness, mass murders, and cultural destruction unleashed over the last several hundred years by the so-called "enlightened elites" (the elites: not to be confused with the very different nobles) are proof of the dangers of man-made utopian ideologies, such as popular democracy, Marxism, globalism, and unfettered global capitalism.

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