Tuesday, October 11, 2011

America, Israeli puppet

Paul Craig Roberts writes:
If only Bush were merely a stand-up comedian. In truth, he is a puppet. A puppet of Zionist Israel.

No one any longer listens to Bush’s radio addresses. Three-fourths of the American people cannot wait until the moron’s last Oval Office days are over. But his January 2 speech proves, yet again, that the president of the United States is Israel’s puppet.
Americans should be ashamed that their president is a puppet of a small but ruthless state in the Middle East that lives off American largess.

Nothing has changed with the election of Obama, whose first act was to put Israel in charge of the White House. For the first time in its history the Americans have a dual citizen, an Israeli who served in the Israeli military, as chief of staff of the White House.
Justin Raimondo reports: The Huffington Post: Israeli-Occupied Territory
Pat Buchanan was widely vilified by the neocons and the politically correct left when he famously described the Congress of the United States as "Israeli-occupied territory." Oh, what a conniption the liberals and the Commentary crowd had! That was during the countdown to the first Gulf War, when almost no one rose to object – and those who did, like Pat, were smeared for their trouble. Today, such an observation is hardly considered controversial: it is simply a known fact.
The Jews who run Bush and the USA, at BibleBelievers.org.

Empire Builders, an informative piece about the neo-cons, from the Christian Science Monitor.

Jerusalem Post Headlines: Top White House Posts Go To Jews, commentary by David Duke.

Over half of the 100 most powerful people in the world are Jewish, reports Vanity Fair and The Jerusalem Post.

Yet most conservatives stupidly continue to side with Jews and Israel against American interests and against real patriots like Ron Paul, and continue to call anyone who points out the above facts "racists" and "anti-Semites." Main-stream conservatives are today no different than the liberals of the 1960's.

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